What's Going On

In July and August, we've been working to improve the look and feel of Wikispaces focusing on navigation in spaces. We're now looking for your feedback on our ideas - we want to hear where we're going wrong, what we've overlooked, what you like, and how the new design feels. Please have a look at these three screenshots and drop us a note in this page's discussion area. Thanks - jbyers jbyers & - adam adam

Overall Changes

  • The new UI has rounded corners, hopefully easier to look at than our old sharp edges.
  • Spaces can make their own menus in the left side bar.
  • Tags have moved out of the left menu.
  • Tags no longer appear on the left menu, they now appear in the page details menu.


Navigation Menu

  • Spaces can now build their own navigation / information section in the left bar!
  • Editing is done on a special wiki page, "space.menu". Click "edit" next to "Navigation" to get there quickly.
  • All regular wiki formatting is supported, the only change is that lists in the navigation menu don't have bullets.

Left Menu

  • The top part of the left menu is now focused on actions that can be performed in the current space. These are:
    • Create a page
    • View recent changes (both posts and messages)
    • About the space (detail about and management of who's a member of the space, file lists, popular pages, etc.)
  • My Page has been moved to the top right - see below.
  • Tags have moved into the page menu - see below.

Search, Top Menu

  • Search now defaults to searching the space you're in instead of searching the entire site.
  • The root of the navigation bar ("jbyers >> home") is now the space you're in rather than www.wikispaces.org.
  • Your username on the top right leads to My Page (formerly on the left menu).
  • The only link back to www.wikispaces.org is now the "a Wikispaces Community" button below Settings, Help, ...


Page Menu

  • The standard page menu bar hasn't changed much but we've made minor wording changes.
  • Clicking on details >> leads to your tag list as well as page history details.
  • History is now a link that you can see in the page menu without having to click on details.


Front Page

  • For fast navigation, you now have a list of the wikis you belong to in the left menu when you're on the front page (and when you're anywhere in www.wikispaces.org).