Read what our community members are saying about Wikispaces:

"Thanks for Wikispaces. It is an amazing Web 2.0 application which keeps getting better and, as I just learned, technical support is super quick. Wikispaces has helped three of my non-profit clients to: a) record Open Space notes from a conference on Sustainability; b) agree on primary objectives and design components for a joint research and support facility (for children with special needs and their families), and c) form a coalition of Canadian organizations defending human rights overseas. As a consultant and social activist, I really appreciate the tool!"
- Larry Colero

"I love Wikispaces. It's so easy to use, and it's very satisfying to centralize all the IT and personnel information for my nonprofit."
- Katie Johnson

"Thanks for constantly considering educators' needs and making adjustments!"
- Justin Ellsworth

"I want to say how much I appreciate what you folks do. I sampled many of your competitors before settling on Wikispaces and I have never regretted it. I found the ease of use and the functionality to just be superior. So thanks for providing a really valuable service."
- Tim Dowd

"Can I just say what a fantastic service and tool Wikispaces is! We have come into it a little late but have been amazed at how liberating it has been for our teachers and most importantly for our students. Wikispaces has to be the simplest yet most satisfying product I have come across. The opportunities it has given our students to do some very exciting and challenging work have been nothing short of inspiring. Students love visual learning, and the opportunities to embed flash, video and mp3 files have made the potentially very dry subject of e-safety come alive!"
- Gideon Williams

"The public nature of the Wikispace is an inspiration for students because they learn from each other as they can see, access and comment on each other's page. They can also respond in their 'language'- what better way to talk about acting than to get them to embed a YouTube clip and comment on the aspects of acting they're impressed by. I've had three reluctant 'pen and paper' students who have written more in two weeks than they did in an entire year. For them, it's like an extension of Facebook or My Space. It's also great for me as an 'old school' teacher because in an instant I can see who and who has not done the work and post a 'threatening yet educationally sound and socially responsible' comment on their page. I'm a great fan and thanks again."
- Brendan Duhigg

"Thank you so much for your help and for providing this invaluable service. Being able to build a wiki this quickly (and with no prior experience!) has already been a tremendous advantage! Our class has been struggling to create a common document and failing miserably. In one day, thanks to Wikispaces, we've already gotten data from several students incorporated into the document."
- Danielle MacCartney

"Everyone at school is so impressed with the Wiki, even the ICT support! So pleased, it will be a great resource to use. I can't wait."
- Cécile Coudert

"*THANK YOU* for the free wikis for teachers! I am a Technology Facilitator in a middle school and previously was a Junior High Tech teacher and I do not know what I would have done/do without this awesome tool. It is a great way to teach children how to collaborate online and responsibly. It also is a great way for teachers to get feedback from their students, and to get themselves and their students acclimated with Web 2.0 technology!"
- Debra K. Segiet

"Thanks for a great service. As librarians, we are using a number of your wikis as adjuncts to our web page; we find it an incredibly flexible and easy way to keep our information updated, especially with our educator's account, which allows us to have ad-free, child-friendly wikis."
- Jenn Still and Sue Giffar

"I want to thank you for providing Wikispaces free for teachers. So far it is easy to use and I actually think it's fun to do. Thanks so much! I will certainly be sharing this with my colleagues!"
- Andrea Eyre

"I am very impressed by your quick and detailed responses. I am setting up a wiki for our department and our students at school and am very impressed with it, a real asset to our resources!"
- Cécile Coudert

"I'm very impressed by the speed and quality of the help I get from Wikispaces. I'm glad I chose your site to host my project, and if this grows into a paid site, I know I will get my money's worth. Thanks again."
- Cicely Combs

"Thanks for all the great work you guys are doing! I love my wiki and have gotten lots of positive feedback about it!"
- Mina Kim

"I'm so impressed with your service and quick response. I can't thank you enough. I'm a lifelong Wikispaces fan."
- Wendy Drexler

"I think that Wikispaces is one of the best things that an educator can use! There is just so much potential in this program to help learners and the teaching community as a whole. What you guys are doing is just great!"
- Ryan Lim

"The teachers who are using Wikispaces at our school are thrilled with the site. It is easy to use, the students are excited about the possibilities, and we are figuring out more ways to integrate it into the curriculum each day. In addition, the support we have received has been prompt and helpful."
- Vivianne Bagwell

"I find Wikispaces to be a really useful tool. I just submitted a big federal review report using a wiki, saving hundreds of dollars in copying and overnighting costs; my colleagues I work with were very impressed and plan on using Wikispaces in this manner. I also use Wikispaces to plan conferences and workshops. And, outside of my regular work life, I am using it to promote various musical groups I work with. I love how easy it is to use and how I can centralize information, discussions, calendars, etc. all in one place."
- Rich Ribb

"I just wanted to say thank you for making your plus option available to teachers for free. My students are so excited about having our classroom wiki. Thanks for helping me to make learning fun and meaningful!"
- Jamie Davis

"I LOVE Wikispaces and recommend it to all of my colleagues. I am particularly pleased with the way you continually add features without disrupting the basic functionality of the system."
- Chris Clark

"I want to thank you guys. I had not had success before getting teachers to use the web to communicate with parents, but the wiki is working! A third of our teachers are now editing their wikis at least weekly!"
- Karen McIntyre

"You guys are an AWESOME resource for educators."
- Scott C. Martin

"This is terrific! The few times I've e-mailed you all, your responses have been fast and helpful. I've attempted to use many different types of wikis, and yours are the easiest and best looking that I've found. Thank you for all of your help!"
- Amy Ballentine

"Our wikis have transformed the way we teach our students; we are connecting with schools across the country and overseas through the use of wikis. Thanks for making such a valuable tool available free to students!"
- Anne-Maree Moore

"I am a HUGE fan of Wikispaces for its ease of use and its endless options for collaborative projects and have been encouraging all my teachers to create a wiki for their class."
- Krista L. Rundell

"I think Wikispaces is part of a revolution taking place in education and I am so grateful that you exist!"
- James Happer

"Thank you for providing this very valuable resource. It has been a joy working through the website and allowing my students to be creative with our class content."
- Skylar H. VanSteenis

"My students are absolutely loving the way Wikispaces allows them to collaborate online. We've tried other vehicles and they like Wikispaces much better. They're even lobbying their other teachers to start using it now!"
- Usha James

"The wikis are fantastic for kids; they love being able to share pictures, work with their parents, and are always so proud of themselves when they publish something on the Internet."
- Fiona Dauncey

"No esperaba que fueseis tan amables al atender mi ruego. Debo felicitaros por ello y por la magnífica idea y servicio que ofertáis con Wikispaces."
- José Antonio Moreno

"Thanks so much for being such a user/teacher/student friendly tool. I just love my wiki and what all my students can do with it."
- Cathy Schiding

"I have had great success motivating students to read and write using the wiki. They love it (some have even figured out the system and started their own)!"
- Ben Rengstorf

"You guys have great customer and technical support--about the best I've experienced since the Internet began in fact."
- Mary Spaeth

"I am a happy user and fan of Wikispaces. I have created a number of wiki spaces to facilitate environmental projects and I think the tool is outstanding for organizing projects with multiple organizations."
- Dave Kellam

"My students love Wikispaces; I love it too. It simply motivates my reluctant and struggling readers and writers to read and to write.
Wikispaces is making a real impact on student learning, and as we get smarter with it, the sky's the limit."

- Art LaRue

"I love the website and my classes are having a great time using it. And unbelievable as it may be to them - they are actually learning something at the same time!!!"
- Jane Carver

"I'm using the Wikispaces for a class I am teaching and the students really like it. What a great tool!"
- Mark Brunner

"I've begun doing some training with our teachers on using Wikispaces, and they are seeing such big potentials in using it with their students! Several have jumped right in and are doing some really neat things!"
- Melinda Waffle

"Wikispaces is such a marvelous notion!!"
- David Hardy

"I am currently facilitating an online, professional development course on "Web 2.0 Tools". Last week we were reading and learning about wikis. I was singing the praises of Wikispaces. I will continue to do so!"
- Susan Cornett

"Thank you for making this valuable technology available to my students and I. I launched my wiki in March of this year and the feedback from students and parents has been nothing but positive. Thanks again!!"
- Scott Felton

"Wikispaces is the perfect online collaboration tool for our high school's Aerospace Design team to work with other teams from around the world designing futuristic space colonies."
- Damian Nash

"Your site is a marvelous addition to the tools I use for my classes. With the direct links and customizable features, this system makes it seem like I create the power behind it. I'll be spreading the word."
- Rick Robb

"I am such a huge fan of Wikispaces. I teach teachers (and students) and my goal is to get EVERYONE to have a wikispace. Unparalleled customer support, great product, you guys ROCK!"
- Candace Stocker

"Thanks for providing this great service for FREE - we are just at the beginning stages but are beginning to see LOTS of great opportunities to use your site."
- Becky Atwood

"Wikis have completely changed the way that I teach. It allows for an almost paperless class, a place for students to discuss outside of class, a place for parents to see what is happening in class, and for my colleagues a place to post interesting video clips and assignments. Thank you so much for providing these sites."
- Hans Huizing

"Using Wikispaces as part of my instructional strategy is the best thing I've done in my 18 years of teaching!"
- Barry Brooks

"Many thanks for all you do. It has changed the way we teach and revved up our students' interest in learning."
- Rebecca Richardson

"You are fantastic! There are many teachers here in Sweden who love your work. Keep it up!"
- Ylva Lundin

"The whole process has absolutely transformed my teaching as it is simply wonderful to have such a user-friendly, engaging resource - and for free!...My students absolutely love it and their parents can't believe the engagement of some previously uninterested children in learning through their own class wiki. Quite a few of my students are leaping out of bed at 6.00am and rushing to their wiki to read and post messages to each other and to me as their teacher. Sometimes I receive 30 messages a day! Thanks again for providing such a great resource."
- Paul Kelly

"THANK YOU for this wonderful opportunity. I and my set up is the envy of the other teachers in my unit at this campus."
- Carla Edwards

"YOU GUYS ABSOLUTELY ROCK!!! Thanks for your continued support of education!!!"
- Charlene Chausis

"A commitment such as yours to K-12 Education is seldom seen in the business world and I just wanted to say that your team ROCKS!"
- David Truss

"You guys rock and I am so thrilled with your commitment to those of us who are educators! I have been using your site for a year now and tell everyone how much I love it! THANK YOU!"
- Cari Wilson

"What an excellent service you provide! It has been super to work with you and I hope to continue to do so."
- John Oversby

"Wikispaces is a wonderful system and you have done an amazing job. My pupils are very lucky. And in my experience from the few times I've needed help, there is always a quick answer and a useful explanation. It doesn't matter that you are in America and I am using the wiki in Holland; you are much faster then the help desks in the neighborhood of my town!"
- Peter van Steenwijk

"I am giving a presentation at the NC State Gifted conference on the use of wikis in the classroom and the EASE of setting them up and manipulating them! THANK YOU for making me look like the expert!"
- Leslyn Davis Hardee

"I just have to tell you that you have revolutionized my job! Since starting with the wiki I put up this summer for a course I was teaching, I have used Wikispaces to set up scheduling for my library and I just began overhauling the library website in Wikispaces. It has become a tool I use every day. Thank you so much for your commitment to education."
- Barb Fecteau

"I love your site and so grateful to you for all that you do AND all your help. THANKS...THANKS...THANKS from all the teachers whom you've helped improve teaching for through wikis!"
- Deb Cotter

"Thank you so much for the wiki service - I thoroughly enjoy using this resource with my students. It has totally changed and influenced my teaching for the better. Thank you for your continued support and interest."
- Nicky Rogers

"Thanks for all you do in making my job more appealing to my students as they learn in the digital age."
- Gary Klingman

"You guys are AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!"
- Aly Tapp

"I just wanted to let the staff at Wikispaces know how much your service has changed my teaching and classroom. By being able to maintain a Wikispace, my students are exposed to more material and have easy access to review and tutorial resources. I use it to conduct class when school is on holiday and to carry on discussions and debates that might not be feasible or successful in the normal classroom setting. Your service is also allowing me to prepare my students for college by introducing them to the online learning experience. Thank you so much for your commitment to education and to the teachers who utilize your site."
- Glenda Wheatley

"A big thank you for your endeavors. I use the site for staff development resources at a poor inner-city Catholic School where I volunteer to do technology. I am using it also for five schools that received a grant for interactive board training to help them share and ask questions. None of these schools have the funds to get costly programs and we are so grateful that you value education!"
- Sr. Mary Therese Freymann, BVM

"You guys are always so helpful. I can't imaging teaching without a wiki now."
- Cathy Laguna

"You folks should know that the service you are providing for someone like myself is fantastic! I teach at a rural high school in western Pennsylvania, and teach 11th grade World Cultures. The amount of freedom you have allowed me as an educator to turn my students onto wiki possibilities is simply invaluable...Thanks for being so progressive and thoughtful. I really believe I'm able to reach more kids, turning them onto learning thanks in part to Wikispaces."
- Cullen Farrell

"I have found your wiki service to be excellent and a fantastic example of the huge potential of Web 2.0 to revolutionize teaching."
- Matt Plummer

"Thank-you for everything you do and provide. As an educator I have been looking for something like this for years and you have finally delivered it at no cost to me."
- Scott Young

"As a not-very-tech-savvy teacher, but one who uses the web frequently to research curriculum materials, finding your site was like a divine gift. Thank you a thousand times for empowering both teachers and students!"
- Anna Boudreau

"Thanks, it's great to have a real-life coach in the midst of the techno-jungle."
- Ben Silliman

"WOW, that's just the kind of customer service that makes you (and your product) a real winner!"
- Candy Stocker

"We love Wikispaces - they have changed the way I teach, for the better."
- Estelle Pizer

"Wikispaces is by far the most intuitive and user-friendly wiki out there!"
- Oliver Hack

"Thanks for ALL that you do for us! I continue to be amazed at the frequency and quality of the upgrades and all the teachers to whom I've recommended Wikispaces are amazed at the immediacy and personal nature of the support they receive. I hope you realize that your efforts are truly transforming education!"
- Cherice Montgomery

"Since I set up a wikispace for my classes I have received nothing but positive feedback from parents, students and other faculty members. I have found a new resource that is easily accessible by students and parents. It allows parents to find out what their son or daughter is doing in my courses. Thank you."
- Blair Simms

"In case no one has told you yet today, you folks are awesome! I wish everyone provided the level of customer service Wikispaces does."
- Cassie Hemphill

"I cannot thank your service enough for the educational wikis you have offered. You solution is both easy to learn and functionally rich."
- Mike Baker

"Either you know how teachers operate or you have a crystal ball, but I really kind of needed to have these students to have accounts by tomorrow and to see them all in there already is such a fantastic sight to see!"
- Dan McCarthy

"I have to also say that I am totally amazed at the level of support that your team provides. Numerous times, I have asked questions and gotten quick and accurate responses."
- Kevin Amboe

"You guys are the absolute best. I have never come across an organization as efficient as Wikispaces. Thank you!!!"
- Julienne Lee

"Great service and I've greatly enjoyed using it for the past two years. Wonderful job and a great way for me as a teacher to have my students work together and post information collaboratively about experiments they are working on."
- David Thesenga

"We love your product. I also have access to Mediawiki and the Blackboard wiki module but Wikispaces is just much more intuitive."
- Elisabeth Tully

"The teachers I work with have taken this technology up with huge enthusiasm. They can't believe how easy it is and it changes the way they are communicating with staff and parents as well as kids."
- Heather Bell

"I have been using your service with my students and staff for over a year and am thoroughly impressed."
- Jennifer Dorman

"Wikispaces is the best collaborative environment I have found. You have done a great job, thanks for that!"
- Rodrigo Zuñiga

"Your customer service is OUTSTANDING! Wikispaces ROCKS! Thanks again!"
- Marcie Hull

"Thanks for the great work on Wikispaces. It is very useful to our organization in coordinating our work between staff in US and in Vietnam."
- Robert Catherman

"Let me say how impressed I am with your service. It always amazes me that such an organization still has that personal touch."
- Westley Field

"This space is becoming a central part of our lesson planning in my science department. We can collaborate in a way that teachers usually can't, being isolated in our own classrooms with little common time to share and discuss. Thanks for supporting our work!"
- Scott Cox

"One thousand thank-yous. Wikispaces is an absolutely fantastic educational resource for schools. Best I have seen."
- Huw Derwentsmith

"Thank you! This is the best on-line service I have EVER received!"
- Francine Vollman

"Your Wikispaces site is great. My class has created information pages, choose-your-own-adventure stories, sports pages, book reviews and many more pages. They find the format easy to use and I am impressed by the security feature available where I can see who has edited each page."
- Toby Peck

"We have been very pleased with the capacity of Wikispaces and I've been bragging about your services to all my colleagues."
- Chris Conley

"You guys are my new favorite technology company. I can't wait to see what you do next."
- Steve Anderson

"Thank you for offering such a great product. I was very impressed with the simplicity, the features, and the usability of this wiki and would like to continue using it for this and other projects."
- Karen Eckberg

"Thanks! The site is WONDERFUL - I've never seen these kids work so hard on something before."
- Jody Raabe

"Wikispaces is a real benefit to our students and has increased their engagement in their learning, and I just wanted to say thanks!"
- Kristian Still

"I presented at the Delaware Instructional Technology Conference on using wikis in the classroom. I used Wikispaces as my recommended hosting site and for my workshop modeling. You have a great service. I spoke a lot about how I choose hosting sites based on the support they provide, and yours has been nothing but excellent."
- Abby Shubert

"Thanks so much! You guys are wonderful. We are having great success with the classroom wikis here at New Paltz High. Your Wikispaces are terrific."
- Joanna Arkans

"You guys have a great product for educators!"
- Rick Biche

"Wikispaces has been a fantastic environment to allow us to collaborate and share learning. The ease of posting and editing, adding images and videos has allowed us to do many things without having to spend hours upon hours on tech issues. And now the use of the discussion areas for discussing and evaluating each other's work has added a new dimension to student creativity."
- Reuven Werber

"Your site is fantastic for classroom collaboration!"
- Kevin Randolph

"THANK YOU. Wikispaces is opening up communication between our students and the classroom while supporting them in ways we haven't been able to before. Our school is for students who often struggle with learning elsewhere, and the wiki has also given them a space where they can be recognized for their hard work and accomplishments without being immediately identified as learning differently. Thanks!!!!"
- Amy Barto

"WOW! Thanks. I honestly thought my email to you guys was going to be a shout into the night like it is for most places - but then you responded right away. I needed to post my homework assignment for my students and got it up onto the site in time because of your quick response. Thanks again and thanks also for hosting a great website. It has become indispensable to what I do."
- Matt Dilley

"I just want to thank you for all that you do over at Wikispaces. I LOVE what Wikis have done for my students and for me. It has changed the way I teach!!! The students at my school have never been more motivated thanks to Wikispaces!!!"
- Marcie Faust

"I have been very happy with Wikispaces and have been promoting wikis in my school district. Thank you for the great opportunity to collaborate with other teachers and students with this great concept!"
- Gina Marmolejo

"I love Wikispaces over several other sites I've used. It is so user-friendly, organized, and includes features that embellish the site nicely (images and videos). Thank you, again."
- Michele Davis

"I had 80 kids register for Wikispaces today in class. Almost all of them said they were going home to make another one for personal use. Great tool, keep making it better."
- Gregg Halkuff

"I'm taking a grad class this semester that deals with computers and we had to compare wiki sites and make recommendations. Whenever Wikispaces was compared with some others in the list, it was always the one recommended. You received high praise."
- Penney Letbetter

"Thank you so much for all you are doing for educators! Your site is by far the easiest to use!"
- Jeanne Simpson

"I have been looking at Jotspot and a few other solutions, and liked yours the best. I will make sure to recommend your service to anyone I know in need of a wiki."
- Jean Moniatte

"I think wikispaces is one of the best things on the web for free. The usability of the site is unparalleled in my view. That's why I keep hassling you to buy a copy of the software to use inside our corporate firewall."
- Matt Allington

"We all see such great instructional potential with using Wikispaces as a
collaborative learning tool."

- Toni Barone

"Wikispaces makes so much sense and is the epitome of cross-curricular teaching and an integrated approach to learning."
- Rebecca Richardson

"I gotta say, you are giving great support. I've submitted about three questions already in my first couple months, and every time you've replied fully within 24 hours. That's so important, and so EXCELLENT!"
- Duncan Moore

"Your wiki hosting site is so much better than the others. I love the way we can create our own template and add our logo. Thank you for a great wiki hosting site."
- Shobana Kubendran

"We have tried MediaWiki, PBWiki, Seedwiki, and a few others, and we like the interface that you have designed above all the others."
- Troy Hicks

"I've been using your fantastic service to break in my co-workers to the idea of using a wiki around the office. Everyone loves your WYSIWYG editor and customization features, and they've taken to both the idea and to your space"
- Sean Reinhart

"I'm a sixth grade school teacher in Raleigh NC and have had great success with a wikispace that I've created. In fact, in a recent survey of my students our wiki was widely described as one of the best things about my classroom."
- William Ferriter

"[Wikispaces is] really changing the way I run my classroom and the kids love it. You are doing excellent work. Thank you."
- Steven Masson

"I love your site."
- Terrance O'Neil

"Thanks for such a brilliant tool!"
- Alex Savage

"I am really excited about using wikispaces with [my students]. You have an awesome product."
- Richard Smart

"We are beginning to think of Wikispaces as the better alternative for almost every project we work on. It is a wonderfully flexible and yet rich tool. And we admire your work and appreciate your conscientious customer care."
- Nan Hawthorne

"Thanks for such a prompt response. I never expected it be done so fast. Your site really is great! It is highly sophisticated and very easy to use."
- Arindam Basu

"Our students love the idea of using the wiki to connect with students from other countries. It has been a huge success. I've found Wikispaces to absolutely superb."
- DJ Noll

" I have just started using Wikispaces to build a private website for the use by our Board of Directors. I chose it after reviewing many other wiki and collaboration services because of cost (we are a small nonprofit); because we have lots of files to upload in archives and for reference, and your storage policy is excellent; and because your service is very easy to use, and most on our board are not sophisticated users."
- Lawrence D. Weiss

"I have had my class logging on and publishing their own revision notes online. It has certainly brought a new dimension to studying for them!"
- Mark Tennant

"We have found [Wikispaces] to provide an ideal platform for the collaborative learning experience. [It has] incredible potential in particular enabling our students to work with teachers to be part of the teaching and learning experience."
- David Sinclair

"We're planning a fairly large conference at the Johnson Center for Philanthropy in Grand Rapids Michigan. [...] We're very happy with the system. Most of us are tech savvy, but there are a few newbies and even they can do it. The site is easy and best of all, fun!"
- Ashima Saigal

"I have chosen your Wiki system because it was easy to configure and it's easy to use, for me and the pupils. It also looks nice."
- Thomas Karp

"I have tried other wiki sites and I much prefer the ease of your site. My hat is off to you for making it so easy for old fogies like myself."
- Kate Cummings

"Your application never ceases to impress!"
- Raphaelle A.

"Thanks for providing this service. [...] I think it is AWESOME!"
- Matt Montagne

"My kids have been really excited to use this technology. I believe wikis are powerful tools to use with students and hope to create many more in the future. I am the tech specialist for our Middle School and I really like your easy to use interface."
- Troy Hager

"I really appreciate how the wiki creates a running record of [our students'] progress. When we are doing other work, there are many calls for "a wiki day". [...] Wikis motivate [our students] to take their writing more seriously because it is going to be read by many people. [...] When they start peer-reviewing each other's statements and pointing out confusing portions it helps them think about their own written communications. So, thanks for your service. I looked at several wiki options before I found yours and it was definitely the easiest to get started with."
- Joshua Abrams

"Thanks for providing this great site for educators. It has really been helpful for my students, parents, and me."
- Thelma Long

"Thanks for designing and making available the easiest to use wiki that I've seen!"
- Susan B.

"Thanks for such a great product! I have played with many wikis and used most, and I always come back to Wikispaces."
- William Kjellstrom

"Gosh, I love it!! I have found this site to be user friendly for me..and for my students."
- Michele Davis

"The service is great; best & easiest-to-use Wiki project I've found so far."
- Kevin Derby

"Of all the sites I have explored, you have by far the best layout and easiest features in terms of creating links, inserting media, etc."
- Scott Meyer

"I find your Wiki the most intuitive of any that I have worked with."
- Cathy McLeod

"I would like to pay you a tremendous compliment: I'm really impressed by what you offer, and I'm certain that my students will benefit tremendously from the various wikis I'm setting up for them."
- John Potz

"Wikispaces is quite inspiring, in fact, I am finding it to be more fun than all the work I've put aside...."
- Carl Franz

"Seattle Tilth is a small non-profit. We use our private Wikispace daily and are rapidly finding it indispensable."
- Elizabeth Katz

"Our research team has benefitted from using our wikispace, iqwstpd, a great deal. We used the wikispace to plan a professional development workshop for eight teachers that will be field testing a new science curriculum this year, and the workshop was a success in large part because we (the PD leaders) were able to align our plans so effectively. We are continuing to use iqwstpd to design our in-year workshops as well."
- Jay Fogleman

"After researching many wiki sites for educational and school use I have found wikispaces to be by far the best. I will be plugging your wiki space to my colleagues and other schools. Keep up the good work."
- Dale N.

"Wikispaces is our wiki of choice; it is so easy to use, and there really are no barriers. [...] Thanks, again, for providing a wonderful place to share ideas. I am a huge fan."
- Beth Lynne Ritter-Guth

"I like wikispaces very much, it's quite a useful site for anyone needing or wanting an easy to setup and use wiki, and I'll be using it again in the future for my wiki needs."
- Wolf359

"I am attempting to port a manager's intranet from JotSpot to Wikispaces, and while you guys lack some of the bells and whistles of Jot, your code seems much more solid & dependable, and your customer service seems light-years ahead of JotSpot. I assume you will be continuing to grow the feature set intelligently, yet maintain your customer focus, and I will support you in this effort."
- Tom Graf

"I will continue to promote wikispaces as the best wiki solution for education (ad-free, easy to use, great features.)"
- Graham Wegner

"Wikispaces is a wonderful tool for educators. I do keynote presentations at many of the educational technology conferences for teachers and I plan to start using wikispaces my 'first choice' for teachers. Your prompt, well-informed response to my technical problem makes all the difference in my confidence level. Thanks! Keep up the great work."
- Annette Lamb

"Your product is excellent and a must have for teaching and learning."
- Tony Whittingham

"Wikispaces is awesome in its elegance and ease of use. I am a big fan."
- Rona Roberts

"Many thanks for your quick responses to my emails and the great wiki site you have created."
- Adrian W.

"I am using wikispaces and wanted to thank you. It is a wonderful implementation of the wiki concept. Close enough to the fast, lightweight wikis of yore but you've added just enough functionality to make it really powerful. I've tried any number of free and commercial wikis in the past, but this is the one I want to stick with."
- Azeem Azhar

"Wikispaces are a great idea and a wonderful teaching tool. Thanks for making them

- Suzanne Fleming

"Wikispaces rocks! I'm glad that it's becoming easier to use every day. Thank you for all your long hours and great work!"
- Nathan Vickers

"We have been very satisfied with our wikispaces. We've tried other tools and this was the easiest. Good work."
- Paul Ide

"I just wanted to say that I am always singing the praises to teachers about your site. I love my wikis (I have multiple). Thanks for a great product."
- Brandi Caldwell

"I'm well into building a wiki space for a joint project, and I have been astounded at the ease of use of just about everything I've needed to do."
- Rona Roberts

"Thanks for making it so simple for my fellow classmates and I to connect. We've got a 20 year reunion coming up, and there's no better, easier, and fun way than through wikispaces. I truly appreciate your efforts!"
- K Costa

"I am really thankful. Wikispaces saved our class from needing a text book because in effect we created our own."
- Suneet Gautam

"I thourougly enjoy your service.In fact I was allergic to wikis not so long ago but you've changed all of that!"
- Francine Lévesque

"Thank you for the amazing service. We did a survey of all the wiki farms that we could find, and yours is by FAR the best."
- Elizabeth Whitworth

"We used to host our school wiki on an internal server, but I'm so impressed with your site that we decided to host it with you."
- Bill Knauer

"Thanks for your TERRIFIC tool! It is greatly appreciated by our church family!"
- Sue Jacobson

"You guys are doing a great job providing the wikispaces service, and we are finding it to be a brilliant way to achieve results. I'm glad that you seem to get as much satisfaction out of providing this great wiki-farm as I do using it."
- Lachlan Rogers

"...really great progress on wikispaces...the new features are great and more steps along the road to greater navigation and accessibility.....thanks very much..!"
- Adrian McO-Campbell

"I think you have made a terrific site for building content that is easy to access and easy to use. I'm grateful that you're so responsive to suggestions, and think that 'Wikispaces' is a wonderful example of how the internet can be used collaberatively and constructively by people with relatively little computer expertise to build sites with real value to their communities."
- Marc Colbeck

"[My students] created a place to post projects and assignments and invited each other to their wikispace. Then, they created links to the websites that their fellow students had created to help them study/ review/ complete the project. They are used to copying notes for one another -- but now they can collaborate on notes! The results are astonishing!"

"I am totally blown away with this service. So simple and clean. Just the kind of place I can invite my extended family and friends to participate on. And fast too. Just great !"
"What I see in your service and site is really smart. It is obvious you guys are thinking hard about the UI. Keep it coming!"
- David Friedman

"I have to applaud [Wikispaces] for creating a Wiki that really is very, very intuitive, and fun to use. It also produces very nice url's."

"I have tried a lot of wikis and wikispaces is by far the best. Congratulations to the team on a great job and keep up the good work."
- Davide Bacci

"I love Wikispaces. This place is so open and easy. I get turned off if I find barriers to entry, financial, cultural, organization or otherwise. Here really I have found none of substance. They let me do my work with a nice simple pleasing interface. It is not overly complicated. Wikispaces is a good Wiki farm with a lot of interesting sites and seems to engender a mature philosopy of 'live and let live'. Highly recommended."
"The 'flavor' is about perfect in my opinion. The user interface is friendly, simple and appealing."
- msbluebells

"I picked Wikispaces for the following features:

  • fully online service (no downloading software)
  • nice clean interface (similar to Blogger)
  • simple RSS feed
  • automatically has Creative Commons license for posters
  • there are lots of examples that appear to support a community of contributors over time
  • completely free (read the fine print of other "free" wiki services - there is usually a time or user number limitation)

"I use Wikispaces for a closed intranet for my development team, and I have been very pleased with the usability of the product. Your approach is very different than many of the usual wikis I have been using, where hard-to-explain conventions from the wikiworld is taken for granted, making the product useless in a corporate environment where the geek level is low. Your version is easier to explain to colleagues, and this is a major issue."
- Jens Poder

"I would like to say that wikispaces is a great website! It is exactly the thing I needed to get a project off the ground that I have had on the back burner for months. Since I have been here, I have found a couple of other spaces that are very useful and that I can participate in."
- Wesley Jackson

"I have been your evangelist at almost every meeting and conference I go to."
"My colleagues were taken aback by the impact wikis could have on nearly everything they do in academic life."
"We have tried a few wikis, ... but wikispaces was just heaps easier."
"No doubt about you guys at wikispaces, you make me very happy to be a part of the process. It's looking great, really. I don't know if I've told you yet, but wikispaces is by far the easiest of the wikis to use."
- Leigh Blackall

"I've just signed up for your wonderful wiki service. I love how clean, organized and easy to use this site is-- fantastic!"
- Leigh Ausiello

"Just a quick 'wow, I'm impressed' and 'thanks' for providing such a well designed service. I've used and installed a variety of wikis before, and found they seemed to lack or badly implement certain features, and the end result almost always looked 'ugly'. Not only does wikispaces do heaps of neat technical stuff (automatic subdomain, upload icons for spaces/users, visual editing) its actually simpler, clearer and prettier than any other wiki I've ever used! If Google did wikis, it would look like this! :)"
- Andrew Greig

"Love the site! It's great and easy to use. I'm telling everyone I can about it. Please keep it simple."
- Sean FitzGerald

"Thank you so much for your wonderful site. I have tried 3 other wikis and yours is the most user friendly. And the format just looks better than most."
- Retsin77

"The people behind Wikispaces have really thought about how to create a finished wiki product out of the myriads of existing wiki practices: simple, nice interface, but still feature-rich enough if you dig deeper."

"They're doing something terribly useful -- they're making wikis for the rest of us."

"What I wanted you to hear is that I LOVE WHAT YOU'VE DONE, and you've hooked me. I plan to be an evangelist."
"Just to let you know... I've had a real blast using"
"FYI - I love"
- Mark Epstein

"Wikispaces totally rocks and their customer service is crazy amazing."