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More about the Westwood Wikispace, Space of the Month for December 2005...

The features I like in particular are the ability to comment on a page and have the students reply to that comment. I subscribe to my comments and have them sent to my e-mail automatically. This allows me to evaluate comments.

Also, I like the history feature which allows me to see what students are editing. I can see who has added or deleted content. If material is inadvertently deleted, we can go back to a previous version and copy the material that was removed and paste it in the current page. I stress to the students the importance of meaningful and relevant material. I also stress the importance of summarizing information and linking to the source. I do not like material to be copied and can see who copied material directly and did not summarize.

With the new features being added, I plan to have my students link their podcasts and PowerPoint presentations. By the end of the semester, they will have a compendium of material for an easy review. The AP teachers want to create a 4 year wikispace to allow AP English students easy review for their AP Exams their senior year.

I was stunned and exhausted after introducing wikispaces to my class. They have taken their knowledge and applied it to every class that they take. Other teachers acknowledge this as a very useful tool that they will integrate into their classes. I haven't needed technical support, but the Wikispaces team have contacted me to check on my experience. I am beyond excited about the possibilities for using this most engaging educational tool.

Wikispaces Update Index