Career Development Team 4


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Team Project

Some Details:

  • A group presentation to be done towards the end of the course, in weeks 12 and 13.
  • Must decide to pitch on a game concept for the PC or a console or a website. --- I think we might have already decided this.(Ron)
  • 10 minutes presentation to pitch our games/website to the rest of the class.
  • 5 minutes question and answer period.

A Must:
  • Presentation must in powerpoint
  • Handouts Provided Includes: --- I am not sure if its handouts to the rest of the class or just one for Zuby. I assume its the latter due the details we have to put in it.(Ron)
    • Propectus for company and product
    • CV's of each member --- Most of us have done this during the course so it shouldnt be an additional hassle.(Ron)
    • Synopsis of individual member contributions. Each member writing down what task(s) they have performed on the project (approx 150-200 words)
    • Peer Assessment Form
  • Work Log --- Created another page to simply log our work here.
  • NO: Question and Answer period after each persenation

You're free to jot down/edit anything on this wiki space. ie. Pitch ideas etc (ron)
Also it would be nice to use the "discussion" tab above this page.(ron)