CAT 250-002
Computer Education: Curriculum Development
Spring 2008
Three (3) Undergraduate Credit Hours

Instructor: Cassie Raulston
Office: 324 Bibb Graves Hall
Phone: 348-4454

Class location: Graves Hall 107 (Computer Lab)
Class Meeting times: Thursday nights from 6:00 until 9:00 PM

Dr. Margaret Rice
204 Wilson

Course Catalog Description, including all prerequisites
Application of IBM computer technology to modules of instruction via CAI (drill and practice, tutorial, simulations, and problem solving).
Prerequisites: CAT 200 No exceptions will be made even if you are not an education major.

University Core Designation, if appropriate
Core Curriculum: C

Conceptual Framework
Preparation of Professionals as Reflective Practitioners and Ethical Decision Makers: Experiences in academic programs are devoted to developing individuals' understanding of knowledge construction, learning, pedagogy, and responsible professional practice in the contexts of education. The University of Alabama 's College of Education seeks to prepare professionals who value and demonstrate reflective practice and ethical decision making through respecting diversity, honoring difference, and promoting social justice.

Course Overview
This course is the cumulative course of the CAT sequence. In this course, applications of current and emerging instructional technologies are demonstrated through the creation of a technology infused unit-plan. This plan will also provide a forum for students to demonstrate the appropriate use of technology for their audience. Important assumptions are made that students at this level have mastered basic computer use and possess a general knowledge of software applications used in this course.

Course Methods
Throughout the course students are asked to reflect on their beliefs about technology in teaching, participate in authentic learning tasks, develop instructional materials for classroom use, and critically examine their work.

Course Requirements
1. Students are required to use eLearning for all submission of class assignments as well as for online communication with the instructor.

2. The instructor is available during class time and by appointment.

3. Students are expected to spend sufficient time in and out of class to achieve the stated outcomes.

4. Students may work in the computer lab in 107 in Graves Hall from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm on Mondays or Thursdays or in other available College of Education labs when they are open.

5. There are several Open Labs across campus, meaning that any student from any college on campus may work in the computer lab.

6. There are Lab Assistants in the computer labs who are there only to provide technical assistance.

Student Responsibilities
This course is based on several important assumptions, including that the student will be expected to:

1. complete all competencies to complete this class.

2. assume personal responsibility for completing the Information/Instructions/Reading required for each topic to acquire the knowledge and/or skills covered in the topic.

3. have mastered the basic use of computers and have a general working knowledge of hardware and operating systems

4. have mastered the basic skills associated with tool software

5. accept responsibility for acquiring assumed skills if, for some reason, pre-requisite experience didn't include basic skills

6. provide their own method of saving information