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Wikispaces Private Label for Business is a secure, dedicated wiki environment with central administration, Single Sign-On, flexible security options, and all the wikis you’ll ever need.

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$1,000 / year per 100 users.

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What is Wikispaces Private Label?

A Wikispaces Private Label site is a secure, dedicated wiki environment — like a clone of, but with your organization’s DNA mixed in. You get unlimited wikis (and everything you need to manage them), plus tools to integrate the site with your other systems and support your users.

In just a minute, you can start a free trial site and get to know Wikispaces for Business.

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Every Wikispaces site gives you the tools you need to manage all your wikis, users, and activity.

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How does Wikispaces work?

Unlimited Wikis

With unlimited wikis you can

create wikis for every occasion

Add new wikis for every team, every event, every meeting, and every project.


Use discussions and comments to

promote engagement and discussion

Make a discussion forum for the whole wiki, hold Q&A for a page, or invite feedback on any passage.


Adjust your permissions and

determine your site security

Decide who sees content and how they use it with site-, wiki-, page-, and file-level permissions.


Enable SSL and

keep your data secure

Give your content an extra level of security by enabling SSL encryption for your site.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited storage makes it easy to

share files, docs, and videos

Make a valuable shared resource by uploading the files and documents that everyone always needs.


Add videos and widgets to

build rich, appealing content

Widgets like video, calendars, and and news feeds can make your wikis more engaging and useful.


...and more!

  • Multiple authentication options
  • Central administrative dashboard
  • Wiki and page templates
  • Wiki exports
  • Customizable themes
  • Email notification
  • Editable navigation
  • Full API
  • Tags
  • Full-text search
  • Custom domains
  • WebDAV

What can I do with my Wikispaces site?

Collaborative projects

Employees across departments share information and files in an easy-to-update, easy-to-access online space.

Community portals

Your customers can trade tips and stories, and you can learn from customer experience and interact directly with your community.

Discussion forums

Internal boards and customer-facing forums create a collaborative atmosphere, promote shared resources, and lead to creative solutions.

Document sharing

Instead of trading countless emails and trying to keep track of dozens of file revisions, employees can always find the most recent version of documents.

Public Web sites

Public-facing information can be kept up-to-date as quickly as the product evolves, with no IT bottleneck.

Project management

The entire project, from brief to development to production, lives in one secure location that's easy to access, update, and review.

Why choose Wikispaces Private Label?

Easy to set up

It all starts with a no-obligation, full-featured, 30-day trial. Right away, you can set up integration with many popular systems, including Google Apps, SAML, and LDAP. You can even enable multiple authentication options to essentially automate user management.

Easy to use

With the push of a button, you can start creating new wikis. The visual editor on those wikis will let users easily add links, text, images, video, and other media to create dynamic, great-looking wikis. Your site also comes with unlimited storage, so they can upload and share as many files as they need.

Easy to manage

As site activity picks up, you can return to your administrative dashboard to manage all your wikis and users, and to update your site-wide settings. You can even promote another user to Site Administrator and share the responsibility for your site.

Who uses Wikispaces?

Tens of millions of users and tens of thousands of institutions use Wikispaces:

Starbucks Buffalo Bills Astrum Solar Amerivest Realty Pickering Interfaces Paragon Chicago Stock Exchange Argos Soditic HealthTronics Sysco
Starbucks Sage Science Paragon Space Development Corporation BP Global Wiley Rein LLP
Choice Hotels International Sleepy Giant Entertainment Forge Consulting Buffalo Bills Amerivest Realty
Chicago Stock Exchange Sysco Eastern Wisconsin Fearnley Procter Group Chadbourne & Parke LLP World Steel
Philadelphia Scientific Dooney & Bourke The Modellers HealthTronics Lundin Mining Corp
Benthic Geotech Radion Global Powerlink Queensland M-MOS Semiconductor Astrum Solar

What our users say.

Being able to embed files, links, html coding, videos and other media so easily has meant that Wikispaces has made a great home for me on the Internet. Wikis can be slowly built up and added to from humble beginnings and grow into something quite wonderful.
— Martin Burrett
The ease of publishing to a group, allowing easy edits, facilitating discussions, attaching files, etc. makes Wikispaces invaluable.
— Jordy Whitmer
Wikispaces has been exceptional — always available and dedicated to supporting us.
— Maurice Matiz