In the simplest possible terms, Wikispaces Private Label is a complete wiki environment for your business. From the comfort of your administrative dashboard, you'll be able to customize an entire secure network of wikis. You can set the permissions, the look and feel, decide who gets to participate and how. And every one of those wikis is a Wikispaces wiki, so you know your employees are getting the most powerful, easiest-to-use wikis out there.

The Problem

Your employees are sending emails back and forth, communicating with their team with one tool and their clients with another. Some post information to your difficult-to-use intranet and others work on documents in desktop or web software. You're starting to use web tools but have no way to tie them together, keep track of what everyone is doing, or manage their activity. You want your employees to be productive and effective, and you don't want to spend a lot of time implementing or managing the tools they use.

The Solution

Wikis are powerful and efficient tools for bringing people and resources together in a manageable space. They serve simultaneously as a communication channel, a place for collaboration, and a repository for all your data (including documents, contacts, links, and more) — all easily accessible, with access and permissions that you can set to meet your company's needs.

A Private Label site will let you offer easy-to-use wikis to your employees with very little investment of time or resources. Wikispaces provides a secure, hosted environment that you can populate with as many wikis as you need. Your central site dashboard makes site-wide administration a snap, and advanced features like Single Sign-On and our full SOAP API let you integrate your site with the authentication and data systems that you are already using. In short, Wikispaces Private Label gives you all the security, functionality, and customization you need to run your company's own comprehensive wiki platform.

Single Wiki versus Private Label

Wikis in Action

Since wikis are such an easy way to collect text, links, files, and more from all kinds of sources, you can use them in every facet of your company's business:

Company intranets: Create an environment where people can share documents, find calendars and videos relevant to their projects, and monitor the work of their teams.

Project management: Start a new wiki for each project, and keep all your project-related work — briefs, calendars, communications, and more — in a single, central, easy-to-reference resource.

Bulletin boards: Create a central resource for company policies, information for new hires, and other general announcements.

Knowledge bases: Give your employees a place to gather information, links, videos, and documents about customers, markets, and emerging trends.

Event planning: Plan and manage conferences, workshops, and trade shows.

Customer communities: Add a social networking channel where customers can give feedback, share their stories, and support others.

Professional development: Educate employees about emerging technologies, trends, and best practices in your industry.

Wiki Fundamentals

Every wiki on your Private Label site will have all the features of a Wikispaces Super-plan wiki, so they're ideal collaborative spaces. These are just a few of the features included in every wiki:

Visual Editor

Visual Editor

Edit text, add pictures, upload files, and add videos and widgets with ease.

Full History

Wiki History

Look back at every saved change of every page, so you never lose any work and can easily revert to an earlier version.

Discussion Forums

Discussion Forums

Ask questions, provide answers, and talk about the work while it's being edited and developed.



Set up email or RSS notifications for any wiki or page you want to monitor.

Wiki Permissions

Wiki Permissions

Set membership and permissions at the wiki level or the page level — so it's easy to control who uses the wiki and how they use it.

Central Site Administration

The heart of your Private Label site will be the Site Administration section. From here, you can manage and monitor your wikis, users, permissions, and so much more. Here are just a few of the tools that will help you turn your Private Label site into the ideal wiki environment for your business:

Site Dashboard


Get a snapshot of who is using your site and how they're using it so you can keep tabs on whether you're getting the participation you hoped for, and look at ways to improve.



Manage site-wide settings, including look and feel, site permissions, advanced integration features, and more.



Keep track of wikis as they are added and changed, or use the bulk delete option to clear out quarter's wikis with the click of a button.



Create, approve, delete, and manage users individually or in bulk.

User Creator

User Creator

Save set-up time by creating accounts for your employees in bulk.

Full Integration

In addition to being the best and easiest-to-use wiki platform available, Wikispaces Private Label provides everything you need to integrate your wiki site with your existing infrastructure. Take a look at these advanced options for transforming your Private Label site into the ideal wiki environment for your business:

A Branded Look

Custom look and feel: Give your entire Private Label site a custom look that leverages your brand identity — or let every wiki determine its own layout or colors.

Custom domain: Let your Private Label site live at any web address you already own; your employees, vendors, and customers will be able to work in wikis without ever leaving your domain.

Single Sign-On: Integrate your authentication server's user database with your Private Label site. That way, your employees will be able to log in using their existing usernames and passwords.

Full API: Use the information in your existing systems to automatically create and populate wikis as new projects begin.

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  • Easy to use: Millions of people call Wikispaces the best and most user-friendly wiki out there.
  • Easy to manage: The central administrative dashboard gives you convenient oversight of all your wikis and user accounts.
  • Fully integrated: Single Sign-On and our full SOAP API integrate with your existing authentication and data systems to create a complete and seamless information environment.
  • Branded: Fully customizable themes and a custom domain mean your wikis feel like a natural extension of your company.
  • Secure: SSL encryption, a fully redundant cluster of servers, real-time monitoring, local replication and remote encrypted backups ensure that your data is secure and always available.