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We're home to millions of wikis used by individuals, community groups, small teams, big businesses, non-profits, government agencies, and people like you. We help people communicate and work better together.

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Collaboration without the learning curve.

Easy Visual Editing

Our visual editor lets you work easily and collaboratively with no training required. Use content from anywhere on the web and easily track, provide feedback on, and review each other's work.

Completely Secure

Your wiki is private and secure by default. Modify permissions to allow different people to see different content and share only with people you choose. Or make your wiki public for open collaboration.

Organize your Wikis

Make it easy for your team to work individually or in groups. Create projects and assign people to them in seconds.

Full integration available

Our Private Label service offers single sign-on, your own domain, and central reporting and administration. Keep full control over the wikis in your organization while making it easier for your people to work together.


Our packages, available annually or monthly. Free for 30 days.

All packages include the best customer service in the business

100 / Year

2 Gb

Secure workspace for a small group.

400 / Year

5 Gb

Customizable workspace for a small group.

Starting at 2,000 / Year for 100 users

1000 Gb

Unlimited workspaces for organizations.

Tens of millions of users and tens of thousands of institutions use Wikispaces

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