What can I use Wikispaces for?

Wikispaces is great for any kind of group website. It's for families, classrooms, sports teams, community groups, book clubs, fan clubs, party organizers, wedding planners, and more. Learn more about what Wikispaces can do - take a tour.

Keep a family scrapbook

A wikispace is a great way to build a family website that the entire family can work on. Put up family news, stories, and pictures and your family members can then update, add, and comment helping it become the place you go to for family news. Wikispaces is so easy to use, everyone can participate.
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Energize your classroom

Need somewhere to work on essays together? A wikispace for a class is a great place for students to post their work so that teachers and classmates can correct, improve, and discuss their work.
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Organize group activites

Got a softball team, scout group, or book club? A wikispace lets you post schedules, plans, and lists that the rest of your group can update and edit any time they like. Your group members can also be notified of changes as they happen so that they never miss out on updates.
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Share your passion and learn

Love wine? Or French restaurants? Or vintage Porsches? Keep track of what you've learnt about your latest passion in a Wikispace. By inviting others who share your interest to the space you can build a better website than you ever could alone.
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