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Auto Removal of Unusual Characters when Making Page Names from Links

When Wikispaces creates a page through the process of making a link it takes the text of the link. If the text includes unusual characters (e.g. [{(,.%$#@!/>;':', et cetera.), it makes for an ugly and not very user friendly URL. How about a tool that would automatically remove unusual characters from URL creation.

If Wikispaces want Friend Requests!

If wikispaces want friend request edit everybodys profile and put friend request word if want to do it!
- 55-Nicholas 55-Nicholas ? :S

See All When You're Looking at the members of a space

Once, I've tried to upgrade people to organizer and it took me plenty of time to find those people's names. If there were a see all button, I could use CTRL+F instead of loading every page one by one - KoL2

Built in Picture Editor?

I think it'll be really useful to have a built in picture editor in the file area because if someone posted/uploaded a picture and it wasn't at the right side, we could use the basic cropper/picture editor built in Wikispaces File System instead of downloading it to your computer, cropping it, then uploading it again. - rekhyt rekhyt Jun 23, 2008

Lock and unlock pages password

let's say that you are the organizer of a wikispace and you don't wan't members editing your page then you just set a password to unlock the page, this is what you do you lock the page and let's say a page comes up saying set the password to lock and unlock pages this is a perfect way to secure your pages from being editied from members and can also block them from unlocking the page even if they get the organizer username or password just use a different password to lock and unlock pages on the specified wikispace note the password only supports single wikispaces just set the password and your off and your pages are more secure. - matty_94 matty_94

Option to block or unblock pages an allow members and organizers to get through with a simple password

  • it is good you can lock pages so members of the space can not edit them but if you don't want anyone that visits to see it in the submenu add the feature on every page to block it and then come up with a page that says if you don't want anyone viewing this page accept for members and organizers then type a 6 digit password that members and organizers of this space will know. also if you want to unblock the page after only organizers can unblock the page all they do is enter the 6 or more including numbers digit password then hit unblock organizers can always change the password of the blocked page if someone knows it like another member of wikispaces then simply go into submenu and hit change password then enter your old password then your new password and then confirm it and then hit change password note this only changes the password for the blocked page unblocked pages don't have a password when you block it you creat the 6 digit or more password then when you unblock the page the password gets deleted same thing happens when you change the password for the page.- matty_94 matty_94
  • I second this - profeSusi profeSusi Mar 24, 2008
  • I third this. At the very least, allow teachers to hide pages until they decide they should be seen by students.

Lower Ranks (moderators)

  • It would help if there could be moderators because If I add someone and they turn bad and I could not be able to remove them. It would be cool if there would be moderators so admins could remove them at the request. Thanks! - pooh-bear pooh-bear
  • I think it would really help in the administration of a wiki to be able to selectively give users certain administrative powers; for example, giving a user the ability to delete pages without the ability to block users or edit style settings on a wiki. - InShaneee InShaneee Mar 6, 2007
  • Umm, about this moderators thing, I think you should select some wiki users that have been here for a long time and that can be trusted to moderate the home page forum. Because often, when I go to the home discussion, there are a lot of off topic posts and it makes it hard to look for posts that could benefit me or others; and I just want to be able to move them to the open discussion. It often takes about 2-3 hours to get them off. - MrNos MrNos Jun 22, 2008
  • I second this, this is actually the main reason why I haven't signed up for plus (yet).- Nightvision Nightvision Jun 24, 2008

Read Only Access

  • Read only access is mentioned in page group permissions (below)... but it's really a different request and deserves its own section. For education especially, we need a member class that can read a space but not make changes. We also need the ability to switch someone back and forth at need (I often want to take away a student'd editing permissions for a week due to some inappropriate edit.) Thanks! - chandler-parker chandler-parker Oct 23, 2007~
  • I second this - profeSusi profeSusi Mar 24, 2008
  • This is critical. I need to be able to lock students from content. It would prevent pages from being copied, printed, downloaded, stolen, etc. - Peapaud Peapaud Oct 21, 2008LongwoodRoom3- Peapaud Peapaud Oct 21, 2008

User Time Logged On

  • I would also like to add that I'd like to see "time logged on" because some of my students are logging onto the site, but they aren't contributing or they're using the email for personal reasons.- Raabster Raabster May 1, 2007
  • I second this - amysaundersbigelow amysaundersbigelow
  • I'll definitely agree with this. I would really like to know exactly when my pupils are accessing their homework exercises. 1191111282
  • I'd also like this. It's very usefull, specially with homework tasks.- profeSusi profeSusi Mar 24, 2008

Images accidentally overwritten

  • If an image is uploaded with the same name as an existing one, then the original is deleted. This happens often because digital cameras often name files like pict0003.jpg or DSC000010]].jpg - Phil2000 Phil2000 Oct 10, 2006

Managing files

  • Uploaded about 100 files now. It's a pain to manage file. Would love to have function: file attached to a page, and can be deleted from that page. So we can have a clue to find, and manage files. (- vietanh vietanh)
  • Yeah... It is very difficult to manage files the way it is. If we could sort by name, for example... Yeah yeah, managing files is an important function for Wiki-for-work. Wish Wikispace will have it soon.
  • upload files to folders: When sharing files between users, it is difficult to keep track of what is related to what. I.e. if i want to upload 5 scripts that call each other they get lost in the marass. - zan_science zan_science
  • I agree that being able to upload (and then link) to files in subfolders would be great--it's crazy to have to manage dozens or even hundreds of files in one folder--I don't do that on my computer, why would I want to do that here?- pherold pherold
  • Was wondering if there is anything in the works to up the size of uploadable files? Are there any plans to incorporate an FTP client to Wikisapces? I wish I could just embed large files off my 'puter ^_^. - Emme Emme Oct 19, 2006
  • I second that- maslen maslen
  • Another vote to improve file management features (probably via the introduction of support for folders). - jskater jskater Apr 19, 2007
  • Too many files in big wikis. We need to create more order to manage large sites. Create folder on that page would help. Check out the Moodle software and how it is managed there.- bbamusic bbamusic Jan 24, 2007
  • Need a way to list images to know the pages they are linked to. Also to jump to numeric names. - JAustinRB JAustinRB May 23, 2007
  • As a minimum the file list should indicate the number of links to the file, so that orphans can be identified. - shufnagel shufnagel Jan 7, 2008
  • Now that my wiki is getting more files on it, it is becomming super difficult to easily move through them in the file page. Plus, a feature to delete multiple files at once would be really nice..- mrknuffke mrknuffke Aug 2, 2007
  • Suggest a simpler list view of uploaded files. Working on a wiki that has lots of non-image files, so the icon view is not too useful. Also, list view might be an easy way to get a lot more usable pagination through a large set of files.- jayf64 jayf64 Aug 2, 2007
  • File names should show up in search results.- jayf64 jayf64 Aug 2, 2007

Page Locking During Concurrent Editing

  • Second this one as it is almost a bug in a multi-user system like this. A simple time-delay-lock could suffice I feel to stop the problem by disabling new edits for a short time :) - ansell ansell Jul 6, 2005
  • I don't like the idea of time-delay - some edits take much longer than others. How about warning the user when they submit a change about edits that happened since they requested the edit page? You could even add merge functionality .. - phaedrus phaedrus Aug 5, 2005
  • I sixth the request. Is it possible to lock the edit feature so that only one person can be in edit mode on a given page at any given time? I.e. if you click edit and someone is already editing the page, you're told try again later. - cahorton cahorton Feb 14, 2006
  • problem with locking the edit is that you could lock edits to a page (not a bad thing in itself sometimes, see below :-) by just opening an edit and leaving it on... - zukizuki zukizuki Apr 19, 2006
  • Alow the lock to be stolen if the page has been locked for more than fifteen minutes. That keeps people from just leaving edit-windows open to be pissy. - ElementalKnight ElementalKnight Apr 20, 2006
  • MySQL based applications seem to have a way to deal with this issue... my sense is that the DB can allow multiple people to edit simultaneously, creating ghost copies of the existing sourcepage so that two different users can simultaneously edit, then merging the results back into a single document so that the versions don't fork. This would result in some strange entries, so perhaps a few business rules would then define that where there are simultaneous edits, BOTH would be included on the merged result, with a flag indicator showing that there ahd been a simultaneous edit. Most users in a community would figure out amongst themselves what to do next, or, simple asynchrony in people's editing going forward would leave the double-entry for someone else to clean up - ringsix ringsix Jun 3, 2006
  • I'd love to see concurrency in the order of what exists in - chin-a-rut chin-a-rut Dec 29, 2006
  • I think there should be a main page which is not changed until the wiki organizer ok's changes. Any pages that are changed get listed somewhere in order that they were changed. People can preview those changes in case they relate to the same content that they want to add. This would bring continuity of valid contributions from one change to the next. Invalid contributions would never reach the main page. - jadarite jadarite Mar 15, 2007
  • Page locking in a necessary feature for the wiki due to sometime late or missed notification that another member is currently editing the page. - isbscience isbscience Aug 21, 2007
  • Would a system where you could check out the documents be useful, this could also apply to the editing of the wiki pages, it could even have some sort of forced check out or shared checkout system that tells how many simultaneous edits are on the go. Oh and this is an easy fix for a minor niggle, could I also suggest a blank field in the drop down menu for adding web links (http, https, blank) it would just save a lot of back deleting.- hambudge hambudge Nov 23, 2006
  • I've only just started using Wikispaces but this is a real problem that is pushing me to find another solution for forums on the net. Surely the easiest thing is not to edit the page directly but that when you click on 'edit this page' you write your text/insert your images into a separate little window that you then 'save' and it gets inserted automatically into the page. That way no-one's contribution goes missing. (And here I am writing like mad as fast as I can so that I can get out of editing mode in case I block someone else's contribution to these requests!! Very stressful!)
  • This feature is present on something like PBWikis, but I don't like PB Wiki - I like my wikispaces wiki! This would be awfully helpful to me in the classroom, because it doesn't matter that I explain to students they can't be in a page at the same time as another student or group - they won't hear it or they'll ignore it or they'll make a mistake and they'll open the page and overwrite each other's changes just about every time. - Mr. Sheehy
  • Have a merge feature when more than 1 edit has been made at the same time. ~~Dola~~
  • How about automatic save and page refreshing like google-docs, then it doesn't matter if several people are editing at once as it update all the time, not when you press save. - forensicked forensicked May 28, 2008


  • Perhaps some sort of ability to deal with persistant vandalism attempts, such as user or (short term) IP banning from a given space. (Classified as 'Nice to Have' because it can probably wait until incidents occur.) - JDVyska JDVyska Jun 2, 2005
  • (JDVyska, this has happened, on my space jbw1291-essays. I am moving this request to "critical", because I see a potential problem. Two "guests" came in and completely vandalized my page. Adam had to go in and edit it - - I did not even know it happened until I looked at the history of the page. I am in favor of permanent IP banning . . . a person who does the kind of thing that "guest" did does not deserve to ever edit again. - Jbw1291 Jbw1291 Jul 8, 2005) We are (kdice wiki) also constantly harrased again and again from the same IP, would really be an ease to be able to ban that. We don't want to close the wiki to protected just because of one imature. - Axel1 Axel1 Apr 10, 2007
  • but what about people who vandalize from public computers? - jesse jesse Jul 11, 2005
  • That is a difficult quandary. I think that we should ban IP addresses temporarily, thus preventing someone on a public computer from vandalizing again during the duration of their stay, but not disallowing innocent people from editing. Hopefully this would also fool guilty people on privately owned computers into thinking they have been permanently banned, and they will go vandalize somewhere else. - Jbw1291 Jbw1291 Jul 12, 2005
  • You also want to be extremely cautious to not ban proxy servers that may be hiding the best part of a subcontinent behind them, when only one person is the vandal ;-) - mikro2nd mikro2nd Feb 23, 2006
  • I would like to request the ability to change an history entry which has been entered as guest to a valid user name, If the signed in member has the same IP address as the guest entry then the user can change this. if it is different then I would need to be verified by the help admin - infotaker infotaker
  • May be a security issue, force sign out, force sign in, (force logout, logoff, login) when some members of my space forgot to do it in an Internet Cafe. See also the discussion at Thanks. Marco - MarcoRudin1961 MarcoRudin1961 Nov 21, 2006
  • The cautions about banning ips and public computers are all well and good, but that should be an organizer's call, just like it is for message boards and chatrooms. If we have a problem, we need that ability to ban, and if that means locking out a few people then that is our choice. - CatTales CatTales Feb 19, 2007
  • WikiMail Spam blocking: Add a wikimail username block to prevent wikispace spam messages from filling the mailbox. - Pat_Murman Pat_Murman Mar 18, 2007
  • I agree with CatTales. Large scale wikis require the ability for Organizers to set perm bans based on IP address. Heck, it would be great if wiki admins could use DNSBLs to auto-block edits from known proxies (SOCKS, HTTP, etc) as well as Tor nodes. This would enable the wiki admins to have a wiki that the general public can edit but vandals can be reliably blocked from. This sort of IP-based blocking by wiki admins is necessary for the wiki to have basic protection against vandals. Let us face it, vandals, using bots, can spam faster than we can delete/revert it. They're bots, we're only human. IP-based bans are essential to the security of any large wiki. Wikipedia figured this out long ago -- and they now use IP bans extensively. I have heard they also block edits from known open-proxies like Tor. We should learn from their example. - Softly Softly Apr 2, 2007
  • A list of "forbidden words or links" would help keep commercial-type spam at bay; their bots tend to mindlessly add the same links and text over several dozen wiki systems at once all over the internet - they often enough won't bother to modify their bot to help spam on just one wiki. This list of forbidden thingies needs to be space-specific to allow the discussion of say, Viagra, on the proper space. - relaxrelax relaxrelax
  • Could it be made easier to lock pages, as the current method involves going throughall your pages to find the specific one you want to lock. My idea is that their should be a little check box in the top right corner (near all the tabs) on the edit screen, that would either only be visible to the moderator, or that would just give other users an error. My idea also consists of two types of locking - user locking, and administrator locking. User locking would be so that only users would have the privilege to lock or unlock that page, and an administator page, that the site adminstrator and a few select others could edit.
  • There should be different levels of users. In example, basic users, who can view all pages, Advanced users, who can manage and lock pages, and Administrators, who can change all pages, as well as the level of different users.
  • If you didn't want a guest vandalising your page, couldn't you just change the space to Protected, or get the deal for K-12 education sites(only if your site has something to do with K-12 education, of course)? - Baudelaire13 Baudelaire13 Nov 30, 2007
  • IP Ban would be nice. I do have friends that always put their nose in things... - fyrevortex fyrevortex


  • Tags are great for creating 'index pages'. This will also help give navigability and structure to a wiki. Can we have a link to the "Tag:xyz" page which ONLY shows the pages tagged in the current wiki. Then by simply including a link to this page in the navigation panel you have effectively created a self generating index. For example I have a page for each member of my family tree on my wiki. I place a tag called 'person' on each page. In the Navigation panel i then create a link to the page [[tag/view/person?s=all|]] (except with 'all' replaced by say 'current') clicking on this link will then take me to an alphabetically sorted list of pages which bear the tag 'person'. (- TSM TSM Sep 26, 2006)
  • Excellent suggestion. Yes, I'm trying all kinds of ways to self-organize my space using tags. I'd like to be able to use boolean tag views. For example, I'd like to see a list of pages that contain the "people" tag AND the "work" tag, like this:
  • I'd like to see the ability to open a tag and add multiple pages to it, rather than have to open upwards of 100 pages individually and edit to add a tag. - CatTales CatTales Feb 19, 2007
  • I'd like to echo the above requests - it would be great if tags acted as categories, and an advanced search would let us search tags, titles, or full text, as the user chooses.- dpanitz dpanitz Feb 26, 2007
  • Second the request for a search function and/or tag listing page that intersects two or more tags. - Fullburn Fullburn Oct 4, 2007
  • Category backlink macros: Manually maintaining category pages is a mess, and something like MoinMoin's FullSearch()
  • Macro would be a real help. Being able to make proper wiki category pages would be a great improvement over the current tag system (especially since there is no way to insert a list of pages matching a given tag into your wiki text). - crackmonkey crackmonkey Oct 11, 2005
  • I would also very much like to be able to use categories. - canadagarden canadagarden Jun 21, 2006
  • Categories would be extremely helpful for my wikispace. - pyxis pyxis Sep 3, 2006
  • Categories would be really nice if possible. - Mikebloke Mikebloke Dec 28, 2006
  • I agree. I would really like to see categories.
  • Is it possible to see a tag cloud for the whole so that users can have another view of what's going on in wikispace? On front page could be useful.... (love the minicharts on the left, btw) - average6421 average6421 Jan 26, 2008
  • Would like to have tags shared and editable by all users (i.e. another user can delete a tag I added and vice versa) - markyoung markyoung Mar 13, 2008
  • I'd like to see full-content tag views... i.e. a results page that "includes" the content of each page tagged with a certain term. - romzombie romzombie Mar 18, 2008
  • Space badges are helpful, and seeing the "latest" changes useful. What would be even more helpful is a badge that you could insert anywhere else that would render the space's tagcloud (with the links all leading back to the tag's page in the space).
> - nessman nessman
  • Awesome progress! Only thing still missing for my purposes is a simple toggle to make all tags visible (instead of through custom themes only), and letting people delete tags added by others (people keep doing it wrong! ><) - Fullburn Fullburn Oct 4, 2007

Hide from Recent Changes

  • Ability to hide your space from the whole site's Recent Changes page - ansell ansell Sep 11, 2005
  • Wipe history or only show it to organizers, higher rankings, ... - fyrevortex fyrevortex

Export content to work off-line

  • A limitation to usability is not being able to export the wikispace to work on it off-line (then replace the changes to the site). Often a good time to work on documentation is while on travel, which doesn't always allow a network connection. Saving individual pages as text is OK, but far from optimal. stg_mgr 1/31/07
  • YES - sometimes I need to make a change on all pages. Would be great to download the whole space, make all changes (i.e. apply a script to change a company name) and upload space w/ changes. - sdix sdix May 24, 2007
  • YES! - being able to mirror my wikispace on my own computer, and thus work on it whilst offline, would at least triple the ease and efficiency with which I could maintain my site. I would use wikispaces a LOT more if this was possible. See the Unplugged feature of Socialtext. - gus gus Aug 23, 2007
  • YES - better integration with TiddlyWiki (used in Socialtext Unplugged) would really help me. - GregWolff GregWolff Oct 21, 2007

Spell Checker

  • Spell checker: Editing would be reduced to grammar and content after that instead of searching through each others pages for spelling mistakes. - ansell ansell Aug 30, 2005
  • Using GoogieSpell? - damianvila damianvila Mar 31, 2006 Googlebar (on windows) or Konqueror (Linux) do that just fine on Text Edit mode. - zukizuki zukizuki Apr 19, 2006
  • Firefox 2.0 now has a built in spell checker:
  • I second this - hayesp hayesp
  • Yea. Firefox does a good job at that. - icevortex icevortex

Categories and Templates

  • And specifically, let me edit the 'new page' template which users see when they click a link to a newly created page. - yish yish Jul 9, 2006 I vote for this - it would be extremely helpful - chrisrust chrisrust Jan 21, 2007
  • Definitely need the above. Better still, I would like to be able to create links which let my visitors create a new "type" of page using a template that I have predefined for that particular link. This would bypass the "new page" button and thus the option to use some other (or no) template, giving me much more control over the standardisation of pages in my wikispace. A nice-to-have would be if I had the option to hide the "new page" button on a particular page, given that I have provided an alternate "new X-type page" button in the menu.- amena_f amena_f Mar 19, 2007
  • When a new page is created, a welcome message with instructions is displayed. It would be nice to be able to customize this message within a space, to be able to give space-specific guidelines to contributors. - Barry_Desborough Barry_Desborough Dec 27, 2006
  • I like this idea! I changed the template - which worked somewhat - but this would be more efficient. - Raabster Raabster Aug 2, 2007
  • These are all excellent ideas- haugenka haugenka Jan 11, 2008
  • Yes, customizable default template, please. But was initially suggested in 2006, so probably isn't likely :( - peacearena peacearena Jun 7, 2008
  • What I would find very useful is if non-members to my wiki can create a new page. This would be very helpful. - vallabwiki vallabwiki


  • Ability to define a SiteMap which will automatically drive navigation elements. The idea is to be able to define the hierarchy of site pages and this then drives the NAV area and the other navigation aids like breadcrumbs.
  • Ditto this- haugenka haugenka Jan 11, 2008
  • I love the Wiki concept and WikiSpaces in particular, but I am constantly disoriented in Wikis because of the lack of visible site strucutre.
  • I call this the pinhole effect. One is generally only aware of the current page and any explicitly linked pages. I firmly believe this is one of the main issues stalling greater adoption of Wikis and that having this would ignite a strong surge in Wiki use. None of the 10 top Wikis I have investigated has this feature! The Navigation area was a very nice addition, but it takes too much effort to keep current. I want to be able to take the site page list and to specify the hierarchy of the pages. This then could be used to automatically generate the Navigation list to a specified level of the hierarchy (1=first level only, 2=first and second levels, etc.). I would also like the ability to have the Navigation area expand to a greater level for the section of the Wiki that I am in, so I could see an overview of the area just by looking at the Nav menu. Further, you could combine this with some JavaScript so the Nav Area was active and I could collapse and expand levels without needing to go to that section. This allows for exploration of the Wiki/Site space without incurring load on the server. In conclusion, why do we like street maps and GPS systems? Because they give us a higher-level perspective of our physical world. The virtual world requires the same ability for people to feel more oriented and for them to explore more easily. I am happy to converse with you about this and other ideas. - DanielEndy DanielEndy Oct 15, 2005
  • Ability to define place holder Pages while defining the site strucure - A secondary problem in creating a more ambitious Wiki site is to lay out a structure and then begin filling in the content. Good site design starts with structure, then you add content, then you tweak the structure and add more content. When working on Wikis, the lack of strucure makes it difficult to get engaged. I view the world in a structured way and need structure first. As an analogy most people wouldn't just start coding a new program. They consider the problem and structure a solution. The best Web sites are structured information, not just linked information. - DanielEndy DanielEndy Oct 15, 2005
  • Can you not just create a simple page with an explanation as to why it doesn't have content? - ansell ansell Oct 15, 2005
  • There's some really interesting stuff on your site, but it's hard to just browse around. It would be nice to set up a hierarchical organization for your directory (maybe adding filters by overall activity / recent activity / size / pageviews) - dan dan Sep 16, 2005
  • List links: Similar to the "List Pages" functionality, in that it produces a list of pages, but, in addition, lists the links contained in each page. Related, I guess, to other requests for "sitemap" functionality. Would help tremendously in getting navigation between pages coherent. - mikro2nd mikro2nd Feb 23, 2006
  • Hierarchical tags would solve easily many of the aforementioned problems, but I'd also like to second the request for easy creation of hierarchy index pages. - oscarmv oscarmv Oct 24, 2005
  • Being not very technical, I have found a simple way to create a hierarchical structure of pages, in coordination with my Navigation Menu (NM), which at the same time, automatically provides a "site map". To achieve this I have done the following: I have created a "Site Map" link on my NM, by making it link to the "Page List" wikispace page (Manage Space List Pages). I then allocated a page "indexing number" to each of the links on my NM (1 for the first link, 2 for the second link etc - I noted this on paper, not on the NM itself) Then when I create pages, the name of each page that corresponds to a link of the NM, starts with the indexing number that had been allocated to it. And, any sub-pages of a page are named in the usual index numbering format, e.g.: 1.1; 1.2; 1.3; 1.3.1; 1.3.2 etc. You can even use/combine letters of the alphabet, and the "Site Map" will always be hierarchically structured and "updated" when you create/rename pages. If the number of sub-pages is going to be greater than 9, you will need to prefix the number with a zero, in order to maintain the hierarchical structure (1.01; 1.02; 1.12 etc).
  • At present this means that my page titles have to start with a number, and sometimes a long one (e.g. 5.04.02). The feature that would really be useful: is in the "Make a New Page" page, to have an additional box where I can enter an indexing number separately from the page title, so that only the page title appears on the page, but both the indexing number and page title appear on the "Page List" (which doubles as my site map on the Navigation Menu).- raymond56 raymond56 Apr 24, 2006
  • PS: I just realised that there would need to be a page indexing number feature in the "Rename" function as well. - raymond56 raymond56 Apr 24, 2006
  • I don't if this would help much or not, but being new to Wiki I had to create some kind of structure so I didn't get lost. I created a main Table of Contents and sub-toc's. For example, let's say on my nav bar I have the page "TOC," When you click on that, I have a listing of main topic categories. One of the topics is "Programs." Click on Programs and there is a list of all the programs I'm keeping information on. Like PhotoShop, There I'd have tips and tricks, links to stock photo sites, names of graphic designers I've worked with and links to my favorite PhotoShop related sights. In my Favorites (web sites) Where I list graphic programs, I'd have a link back to my Photoshop page as well as my other art pages. If I'm really lost, I'd look at the page list which works like an index. Also, if I know I have a page called Photoshop of course I can enter that directly. I admit this would not work as well for a multiuser site and it does take some time to setup. But the book structure is one were all familar wih. I would love to see a site map but I don't know how it would work with everything being cross-linked. Seems like it would be like trying to have a site map for the Internet. The only way I could see it working is if it had a graphic element so you could see the links. - kirk_gonzalez kirk_gonzalez Jun 2, 2006
  • I second DanielEndy's two previous requests in this section. A page heirarchy and page place holders are a necessity for wikis that require a lot of structure and have a lot of information. The lack there of will make things difficult as my site grows and develops. Also, I'm not entirely sure what DanielEndy's idea of a place holder is, but in defining new page links before a page exists, I would like to see a graphic (similar to the graphics placed automatically next to external page links), or have the link show up in a different color (like wikipedia does) that indicates that an associated page doesn't exist for this link yet. This is necessary for my wikispace for collaborative purposes so that my group can see, from a large list of links on a page, which links need attention and associated pages. - uscurtin uscurtin Jul 20, 2006
  • Agree with above - color text would be useful for edits in the absence of a proper word like "Track changes".
  • I'd like to save my pages into folders. So, I could define the hierarchy of my site pages. Something like this: Is it possible?
  • The "embed a list of pages" menu allows me to "show pages tagged". I would like an option to "hide pages tagged". As users create new pages I want them to become part of the navigation pane but I want a way to remove them form the list. I would like to create an "archive" page on the Wiki and have links to retired pages on it but have the pages vanish from the navigation pane by simply adding a tag like "xxxArchivedxxx" - DickT DickT Jun 4, 2008

Links In New Windows

  • Another useful feature: would be the ability to make a link open into a new window. Currently you can identify a link as an external one but it doesn't give the option to have that link open in a new page. The external link opens in the same window. - tcoombs tcoombs Jul 20, 2006
  • Option to open external link in new window this would be a great help to ensure that people stay in your wiki and don't lose their place - usually an external link implies a new thinking activity and a different information structure so it's best to make the new window the default - as both a user and site owner I've always preferred that. - chrisrust chrisrust Jan 22, 2007
  • AGREED!!!!! Especially when you have side nav links to an outside page.[user:khokanson]
  • Allow the setting of the target on wikilinks (per - jonke jonke)
  • Allow the use of the "target" attribute in links - I have a frameset and need to use the 'target="_parent"' tag in my wikispaces frame. - jonke jonke May 7, 2006
  • Simply a way to auto load link in a new window - lizkz lizkz
  • Open links to new windows would be extremely helpful for users- moses1 moses1 Nov 1, 2007
  • I agree that external links in new windows would help keep people on a wikispace without having to remember to click the back button. Here is a work-around that achieves the same functionality. Click the "Insert Widget" icon from the Editor toolbar (external image embed.gif), then choose "Other HTML" at the bottom. Type your HTML code in the box:
<a href="" target="_blank">Google</a>
  • Click "Save" to insert the link or click "Preview" to test it first. The only downside to this work-around is that the links aren't very obvious while editing, however, they work perfectly for users. Here is an example: Google - smrthyme smrthyme Jul 29, 2008
  • It would be great if this facility could be added to the dialog box for adding links ... PLEASE!!!!!

Chess Diagrams

  • [[code format="PGN"]]: Highlith format to PGN chess games... [[code format="PGN" viewer="true"]]: As I told in the discussions at the code-page, I made a highlight to PGN file formats that I shared with you. Then, thinking in this to tags, say "code" and "media", I was wondering that if we could call the PGN-Viewer directly from the code tag, than it will not be necessary to upload a file! It is more difficult to implement this way, but it will really make this wiki a must to chess players! :) Thanks, - beco beco Jan 10, 2007.
  • Chess Diagrams: A chess FEN position like rnbqkbnr/pp1ppppp/8/2p5/4P3/8/PPPP1PPP/RNBQKBNR w KQkq c6 0 2 could be transformed in diagram... Like wikipedia use to show chessboard positions. The tool to make diagrams from FEN positions can be found here. It is a way to draw a board without needing to upload a image. You just say where the pieces are, and the wiki generate a chess board. Please, take a look at this to see if it can help you implementing it here. Ther is also this other 2 examples: zefrank and DokuWiki. Thanks. - beco beco Jan 10, 2007. Update: This can be solved if we can integrate this site: Thanks. - beco beco Oct 18, 2007


  • Blockquotes.- rsholmes rsholmes Aug 5, 2005
  • Support for blockquotes will definitely be useful. - pyxis pyxis Sep 3, 2006
  • Some form of indentation (blockquote?) of text. - JDVyska JDVyska Jun 6, 2005
  • I'll second that. You can use [[code]], but you have to wrap the text manually. - ndrailusers ndrailusers Aug 30, 2005
  • Yes, yes, yes! I really need blockquotes for my space. Please either provide a wikitext version, or let us insert HTML. I can get a left indent for each paragraph with the greater-than character, but then the right indent is not changed and adjacent "paragraphs" are so close vertically that they blend together. A possible alternative would be to extend the [[code]] definition to let us specify line-wrap. - SealWyf SealWyf Jun 14, 2006
  • When a [[blockquotes]]??. Pleeeeeaaaasssssseeeeee!!! I NEED it! - MariaJesusR MariaJesusR Aug 1, 2008

Strikethrough, Subscript, Superscript

  • We need a standard formatting package. So, in addition to current feature set, we need Alignment, Colored Text, Highlighting, Strikethrough, Superscript, Subscript, and a [Clear All Formatting] button. Should change the name of this section to Formatted Text. - sdix sdix May 24, 2007
  • superscript and subscript capabilities - sachem sachemfeb 23 2006]]
  • Strikethrough text, for ToDo items... - damianvila damianvila Feb 25, 2006 I agree with this one! Though should be available for all text. maybe checkboxes for to do? - emorymed emorymed Mar 8, 2006 yes. this woudl be nice. - ryusen ryusen Sep 20, 2006
  • I vote for formatting (specifically StrikeThrough). - ripper234 ripper234 Jan 2, 2008

Style Classes

  • Could we have a user-defined "class" parameter on the code tag (eg [[code class="letter"]], so that the class gets passed to the browser as , which we could then modify using our own CSSs? - NeilSunderland NeilSunderland Aug 20, 2006
  • Inserting a CSS class -- partly me, and partly ideas ideas picked up from SealWyf. Syntax for inserting CSS into the standard wikitext formatting. Simply naming a CSS class would provide many new design options. Could look something like this (the {= means insert CSS class here):
&gt; ==={="green_on_blue"}Native Coastal Trees===
&gt; This would give you a number 3 heading <h3> styled with class="green_on_blue". - BaltoCo BaltoCo Jul 25, 2007
  • Another CSS variation might be something like this:
&gt; ==={"color: green; background-color: #ccf;"}Native Coastal Trees===
&gt; Again, this would style an </h3><h3> heading (only). Similar syntax would style bold (only) etc. - BaltoCo BaltoCo Jul 27, 2007
  • Dont know if it fits here- but there seems to be no easy way to select the same colour over and over again for text colour... annoying if you want the titles all the same colour etc!- forensicked forensicked May 28, 2008
  • OK, I have my own CSS classes embedded in my page - ya! - but I'd like to be able to include spans in my code sections. Unfortunately in your code processing, all html-looking stuff gets escaped. What I want to do is format code, but make some lines standout with a style I define. How, oh, how? - BrettSchuchert BrettSchuchert Oct 14, 2008


  • Enable Wikispaces in other languages. I am developing a space in Bulgarian and it looks kind of awkward to have text in my language and then the "Actions", "Navigation" and others in English. I am sure people will be willing to help you with the translation of the interface. It would be nice to have translated at least what an outside viewer sees on a space. - Proba Proba
  • yes, i support that - Paulovsky Paulovsky Dec 28, 2006
  • Better support for internationalisation : Possibility to change the title of [[toc]] / Possibility to change the default text of an empty page for a space / utf-8 support for page titles - arammisch arammisch Jan 18, 2006
  • You may consider using gettext to create .po files. - damianvila damianvila Mar 31, 2006
  • Now that the regular editor appears to support superscripted characters, I'd like to make two other requests in a related vein. First, it would be nice if we could set the start page to something other than "home". I'd like to be able to set the default page to "hejmo". "home" is English, of course, and I'd prefer not being forced to use it. Second, it would be very nice if page names also supported the superscripted characters. I certainly understand if it can't be done due to some http technicality, and if so I'm happy to use the ascii method of identifying superscripted characters with an "x". But it would be quite nice if I could use the "real" letters in page names. - mrransom mrransom 14-May-2006.
  • translations and internationalization are an excellent bona fide wiki kind of project. It would be great we all got together on that one. Set up a space where translations for the different elements are submitted by users. - zukizuki zukizuki Apr 19, 2006
  • Yes, please please at least provide the interface language in espanol for those of us in Estados Unidos
  • I'm using the site for university science classes and need to use greek letters. - STLovett STLovett Mar 18, 2007
  • I would like to use wikispaces in my elementary classes, and really need to translate the interface to Hebrew so that my students would be able to find their way round easily.- tzairi tzairi Oct 19, 2007
  • If you are an Spanish user, you can see my theme for Spanish wikispaces. Then, you can customize all you need: spanish_theme 1. It's based in another GREAT theme, excellent for Education: spanish_theme 2. I hope they can help in your wiki interface. But it will be better a new full editor in other languages. Many times I offer my help to translate English text into Spanish. Now, I offer it again. - MariaJesusR MariaJesusR May 10, 2008
  • Yes, supporting multi-language in all the user interface is a must for us also.

HTML importer

  • if you really don't want to allow embedded html: if you paste html from another source it looks nice in the editor, but after saving, you end up with a mess - pannous pannous Feb 9, 2006
  • There might be a very good reason why HTML is not allowed, but whatever the reason, reconsider it. I've spent hours trying (unsuccesfully) to make pages look visually appealing and functional for something that would have taken 5 minutes in HTML. I dont know how things work on wikipedia and other wiki systems, but the code system now is ridiculous if you want to have any control whatsoever. Maybe an option HTML for advanced users, and the current code system for people who don't know HTML. If some one could even give me a good explanation of WHY even basic HTML is not allowed, it might put my mind at rest...- JohnMazz84 JohnMazz84 Mar 24, 2006
  • Count mine as another vote - properly formatting a table seems to require HTML, even if it would be more difficult to edit later - techmonk techmonk
  • I'm also having trouble editing. HTML support would help. - kohlgill kohlgill May 8, 2006
  • Count me in, either HTML support or a more capable system for page layout formatting and tables would do wonders for me. - kcasar kcasar May 13, 2006
  • HTML support where you can just type in HTML into the text editor is a must have and would sort out a lot of the styling issues mentioned elsewhere on this page (eg, image captions, text alignment). - matthewoliver matthewoliver Jul 12, 2006
  • I'll add my $.02 worth--this would be a really nice feature. Perhaps something similar to your "code" bracketing tags, like an "html" bracketing set. You could "punt" on most formatting requests on this page and just tell folks to do it in HTML, which many if not most of us know.- pherold pherold
  • yes, yes yes. It would be different if wikitext was as widely documented and flexible as html (as much it pains me to say so), but so far either wikitext can't support the page layout options that make for great web design, or the documentation is just difficult to find. there's lots of great things a non-techie can accomplish with automatic html generators out there, but because the wiki doesn't support html, the functionality offered by this code can't be used. and isn't the whole point to create a powerful, easy-to-use interface?- greatrivercitynetwork greatrivercitynetwork Aug 26, 2006
  • add in my support for this feature. other than text alignment and tabel layout, what would really help with readability of my pages is the blockquote tag or something that has a similar function.- ryusen ryusen Sep 20, 2006
  • Embed media is fine, but if you want to modify and re-use a bit of embedded code, you have to start from scratch. Also, an embedded media key ID is not very meaningful for maintenance purposes. Editable markup would be just the job! - Barry_Desborough Barry_Desborough Dec 22, 2006
  • Re. my preceding comment, extending the 'media' markup to include content="{markup}" might be the way to go. It wouldn't cause problems with existing content. - Barry_Desborough Barry_Desborough Dec 23, 2006
  • Yes. Add HTML support for tables, or simply improve the table controls provided. This is a much desired feature.
  • I second this - hayesp hayesp
  • I couldn't agree more -- the ability to use HTML in the text editor is a must. I didn't realize that I couldn't add HTML in a page until recently and it's making me regret my decision to use wikispaces. The only other wiki I've used extensively before is pbwiki and that platform allows you to use HTML tags within the text editor.

No break lines code

  • If writing long line like putting in links and image in a table, there should be a code for not breaking the line. an example below. could be "nobr", "nobreak","-","," - klasbricks klasbricks Mar 27, 2006

More page types

  • More page types (blogs, calendars, table sheets)
  • Awesome idea! It would be more than a normal average wiki! More schools would use it! :) - fyrevortex fyrevortex
  • Without making your product as confusing as jotspot's, I would really like you to add new features to the site, that would make wikispaces more usefull for my team (we use it as an intranet). These would be: A simple blog template, A calendar template and some kind of template that would enable you to do simple budgets and stuff (something like jotspot tracker jenspoder jenspoder
  • A guestbook would be useful - daryush daryush Aug 6, 2006
  • A page showing broken links/pages that haven't been edited/created yet would be useful - Mikebloke Mikebloke Dec 28, 2006
  • Yes, a calendar! We're documenting a joint project for a university class and putting deadlines on a calendar would be wonderful. - STLovett STLovett Mar 18, 2007

RSS Feed

  • To have text removed in beginning of a channel and in description could it says the description management the space. - klasbricks klasbricks Jun 16, 2006
  • Could we have an additional, simpler feed of recently-changed pages, that only includes a page once even if it has been edited many times, and that links to the page itself rather than a differences report? - NeilSunderland NeilSunderland Aug 5, 2006 I second this! It is a right pain to edit a page 4 times and see every diff listed as a separate link. - PaulGear PaulGear Apr 19, 2008
  • A big fix that needs making is fully-qualified links in the RSS text. I link to the feed from my web site, and because the text contains relative links, they refer to non-existent pages on my site rather than to the correct pages on - PaulGear PaulGear Apr 19, 2008
  • I would love a RSS for terms recently entered in the search box, for most recently clicked page(s), and recently used tags. And I echo the above requests.
  • How about a way to encapsulate video and audio for podcasting into itunes... now that would be a fantastic addition (see - forensicked forensicked May 28, 2008

Page Renaming

  • It would be nice if, when renaming a page, it is possible to optionally make the system rename all the references to the old page name - something it now only warns it won't do. - rsrado rsrado


  • Backup only selected files / pages. useful if you have alot of files and only want to backup the new additions.
  • Import Backup / Restore wiki to a specific state. - amoebios amoebios Dec 20, 2006

Section edit buttons

  • On pages that are really long (like this one!) there should be sectional edit buttons, so that you don't put the whole content of the page at risk all at once, nor do you confront the simultaneous-edit problem as often, since more people can edit different sections and not conflict with each other nearly as often. Wikipedia has this... - ringsix ringsix Jun 3, 2006
  • Agreed. -- Derik Derik Jul 18, 2006
  • Yes -- I was just about to add this request -- glad to see others agree. And, as noted above, the ability to edit sections would also help deal with the problems associated with more than one person simultaneously editing a document. If, say, there are 20 sections on a page, each with their own edit button, it is much less likely that more than one person will be simultaneously editing the same section. Also, it is simply much easier for the user to do their edits on a smaller section. - guest ( guest ( Aug 23, 2006memills
  • Yes this would be helpful too. Right now, the work around it so have lots of includes, but that is a pain sometimes. - ryusen ryusen Sep 20, 2006
  • Wikipedia also has a feature that would be extremely useful if you could put it in: an "edit bar". At the end of each section, there is a horizontal rule and a link to the editor. If you could include a bit of wikitext to do just that (example: [[editbar]]) it would be awesome. - Jbw1291 Jbw1291 Jul 1, 2005
  • Section edit would be a very nice addition. - chandler-parker chandler-parker Oct 23, 2007~

Form support

  • ability to add forms for folks to submit information, if they'd like to be in touch with the wiki host org (but don't want to leave their contact info on the wiki for all to see). eg collect email addresses, etc. this would DEFINATELY make wikispaces a hot commodity for nonprofits/community orgs who can't afford to host their own spaces.- greatrivercitynetwork greatrivercitynetwork Aug 26, 2006
  • Agreed! Just to answer a few required questions, some of which may have drop-down menus of pre-determined answers.


  • Google Groups Beta combines e-mail distribution with a rudimentary wiki. Running a regular e-mail newsletter with links is the only positive (not passive) way I know to propel readers on to the wikispace, and it works a treat. Having the two together is irresistable. New projects will therefore go to Google Groups Beta. But wikispaces is much smarter and more developed in the pages and files department than Google Groups are ever likely to be. So first prize would be to have a decent e-mailing-to-list facility in wikispaces. - dominic dominic Oct 18, 2006
  • I really agree. As a very new user, I have invited a lot of people to join, but would like to be able to send messages around them easily to encourage them to actually contribute.- guest ( guest ( Nov 24, 2006
  • I agree. This seems to me to be a much needed - Klein46282 Klein46282
  • I wholeheartedly agree. I have a very recalcitrant group of users that I'm trying to get to use a wiki for minutes and document collaborating. I also am looking for a way to archive discussions, create a chronological structure so we don't end up with a lot of "crossed in the mail" items, and also have a record of (and improve the likelihood of the right people getting the right info) who got what. I started using Google Groups for this piece, but I see the advantage of combining this piece with the wiki. All the pieces are covered now by the "discussions" tab, EXCEPT being able to e-mail a post to people. To have any hope of getting people on board I'm going to need to e-mail them stuff that links to the wiki. Otherwise I keep having to e-mail them and they don't have any reason to use the wiki. So, for example, I could post a proposal to my discussion page and simulaneously send it to the people I've invited to join my wiki who haven't yet; and if they reply, it gets posted in the discussion as well as going to everyone via e-mail. I'm not sure how I'm going to get them to go the rest of the way, but at least they are half-way there and we have the chron record. - JoelW JoelW Mar 6, 2007
  • A definite must have to get people using this brilliant technology. I am stuck with trying to get folk who are so use to MSOutlook and emails they don't bother unless pushed to a discussion that is on the wiki. The big issue is that authenticated feeds cannot be read by MSOutlook2007 and Wikispaces does not Monitor (email) discussions, only page edits. We definitely need the option to be able to push discussions via email. - Tomt2U Tomt2U Jul 26, 2007
  • I definitely agree with the comment above and see the same problem with my community. I think this is a critically need! - johnfb johnfb Aug 22, 2007
  • Yes, yes, yes. When you're working with others who aren't used to using a wiki and you're trying to get them to adopt a new way of sharing information, email is a key (and often necessary) hook.
  • Yes, please, I'd like to be able to email members and all the reasons above apply. - bastiani bastiani Sep 26, 2007
  • I am currently set up to receive "space wide" email notifications of any changes made to the space. If someone reverts to a previous version of the page, I am still emailed about the change but there is no indication that the only change was a "revert to" page. Please provide a "REVERTED PAGE" note in the notification email when the page has been reverted. 1205340976
  • I think it is essential that we have the ability to email to our members on our wikispaces. Can you please advise how long it will be before this feature is added. Thanks
  • If you use e-mail subscription to a page it could be useful not to receive any change automatically. So, could it be possible to include an option to save a page without sending e-mail notification about that change? - JulenIturbe-Ormaetxe JulenIturbe-Ormaetxe Oct 8, 2008

Referring page link

  • Even just when editing and creating pages it's nice to be able to have a link back to the referring page. If you're deep in the wiki the only way back - that I can see - is to start over from the top. Not good. For me this is a critical oversight. - jgates513 jgates513 Nov 17, 2006
  • A smart "back to previous page" link:

Page-Group Permission Levels

  • Please add the ability to HIDE certain pages from members. I do not want my students seeing (and getting distracted by) topics until we get to them. This is a make or break feature for me. I was amazed that this isn't possible for a classroom.
  • I would very much like to see a workflow system where the teacher can choose to be notified of edits, review the edits, and approve the edits. This would be different than editing permissions since the students would all be able to edit, but would require approval of the teacher before going live.
  • It would also be great if each page could have a moderator where groups can work on their pages without worrying about other groups interfering. This is covered in some of the postings below but not exactly how I was thinking about it.
  • Critical for education: The ability to create a single classroom wikispace, with a single administrator, and grant individual students or teams of students editing access only to a single page or group (which would include additional pages they create "under" the initial page). Right now, the need to create (and administer!) separate wikispaces for each student, project, department, etc., is just ridiculous - particularly when other wiki products provide group-level permissions. I just don't understand how this is anything but a top priority for wikispaces, given its attention to the educational market (incidentally, these are features that are also important to businesses and larger non-proift organizations) - and given that at least top-level hierarchical permissions are offered by most of your competitors, from socialtext to pmwiki. It is frustrating for us wikispaces fans to have to use other products for the education market, of all things! - galiel galiel Apr 8, 2007
  • I agree, I actually started reading this page to find a solution to that particular problem. I wanted to have one space but have separate pages for different classes. As of now, it would give all the classrooms access to other rooms. That could be a problem.(prandolph 08 April 2007)
  • I, too, would like to see improved access controls. At very least, there should be a read-only user type. Ideally, however, access would be specifiable at the page level and there would be support for groups. It should be possible to disallow even read access to certain pages for some users (without having to create a separate space). - jskater jskater Apr 19, 2007
  • Teachers need to be able to create and edit accounts for students. I need the ability to change individual permissions as well as groups. Some students should not be allowed to email or comment while others should have that permission.
  • It would be nice to have a member level that's a read-only member. We have some teachers that don't want to make their wikis open for anyone to read, but would like for parents to be able to see what's going on. - dalyj2 dalyj2 Mar 19, 2007
  • I second that. I have a website for friends with photo's and some private information to keep the friendsgroup informed about the vacation we are planning each year. I would like to tranfer this site to wikispaces as my current free provider only gives 100 Mb and several other disadvantages. Wikispaces gives us more Mb for photo/files but is always open to the public to read. Private site (members only) would be very nice. Jroeterd 30 march 2007
  • I was just thinking, maybe it would be possible to make each page have itss own status- Locked, Member Edit, and Public edit. I also wanted to ask about the possibility of allowing no-members to create pages, as it's possible (or at least with my wikispace) that other people have information I'm missing, and they might not be able to contact me when they want to add that.
  • I'm behind this - in fact, I made a similar request for guests with "read only" privileges last week! Now that we're got something to show, I'd like to show parents and colleagues what these students have worked so hard to build. - Raabster Raabster Apr 30, 2007
  • After a week working with middle-school students, I would like the ability to withdraw certain privileges from them, such as changing assigned passwords or usernames, or accessing certain pages, or limiting their privileges for email or discussions if they ignore site rules (consequences). I find that this control is imperative for this age level.- Raabster Raabster May 1, 2007
  • Me too. I am interested in building a single site that can be used by people both external and internal to the organisation.- markfoden markfoden May 18, 2007
  • Agreed. I'd like to be have certain areas that only I (organizer) can edit. For example, I could put navigation links on the home page to my course syllabus, course outline and assignments. If that were possible, I could put essentially my entire course on this and ditch the Dreamweaver and FTP approach I've used for years. Who needs Blackboard? This could be collaboration at it's best. - commprof commprof Jul 18, 2007
  • Me too.
  • Yep - i need ability to assign edit privileges to some members, and withold them from others. Thanks. - davecostenaro davecostenaro Jul 26, 2007
  • I can't emphasize how important this feature is to me. Right now I am trying to choose among several Wikis and quite frankly this is the make or break feature for me. I would like to have some pages that everyone can read, but only I can edit and some pages that only a particular class can edit. I can't believe that this isn't generally available. The usefulness of such a Wiki would go up exponentially. - cytuser1 cytuser1 Aug 19, 2007
  • Count me in on this! Some WIKIs have this (TWIKI, e.g.). That way you can have more than one group working on the same problem without (easily) peeking at others.
  • i agree... i want students to be able to edit their own page but only view other students' pages on the same space... i am teaching the students about being responsible internet users, but would like to control their access to others' work when needed.- Michael-P Michael-P Sep 10, 2007
  • I am currently developing a guide page but unfortunately if I put free editing everyone would mess around with the pages. There should be organizer, and probably be easier. - fyrevortex fyrevortex
  • I agree with all above. Just wanted to add that without the ability to make individual pages private or public, there is little reason for me to pay for upgrading to the paying subscription level. Turning off ads are nice, but not essential. I would like to be able to add a page where I can post semi-private information for members without limiting access to the rest of the website to the public.
  • I'm already a paying user and am getting requests from members to have variable editing and visibility privilege levels. They are waiting to hear if this will be happening and are advocating relocation, which I definitely do not want to do. Help! - bdwc bdwc Jan 6, 2008
  • I WAS very surprised that I couldn't set different permission levels for each member. Now I will have to create a 2nd Wiki than having one....bummer!!!
  • For individual pages, I would like to be able to make them no-write and no-read. Only members with the correct permissions could even read these pages. For example, this way I could have a private "todo" page that only moderators could read.
  • I agree that group permissions are necessary for classroom administration. It is very cumbersome to have to set up separate wiki's for each group or project, for each class, in order to keep students from editing one another's pages. And "read-only" access for members for individuals pages within one wiki would be very helpful.- mcavadias mcavadias Apr 4, 2008
  • Definitely we need the ability to set page-level security (public/protected/private)! My small organization is trying to use our wiki as our public web site, and we need the ability to have some pages visible to the world, and some only visible to our members. We're just starting to explore the wiki, and it looks like this issue is a make-or-break problem for my members. - hvw hvw May 13, 2008
  • I'm sure I saw somewhere that within a single class you could have a username for each student so that you knew who had left which message. I can't find how to do that now, can you point me in the right direction? It would help curb inappropriate messages.

Template Editing Restrictions

  • In addition to the "Page-Group Permission Levels" discussion, I would like to see the ability to "lock" members of a certain lower level from editing templates or aspects of templates. Currently I have created a "student page" template that includes all the information I need as the teacher-facilitator to monitor, print, link, etc., but my students (grade 9) sometime inadvertently and sometimes intentionally DELETE coding or links. This is frustrating and time consuming to correct. If the edits done by the coordinator(s) was un-editable by other members, this wouldn't happen (or at least wouldn't happen often). - Raabster Raabster May 17, 2007

Page Views

  • Similar to MediaWiki, I would like to have wikitext or code that allows me to add a page views counter at the bottom of each page of the wikis (e.g. This page has been accessed ?? times). I find that most stats counters look rudimentary/unprofessional. Currently, these are our only option. - rdbreu rdbreu Jun 26, 2007 I'll second this one - jim-holland jim-holland Aug 21, 2007
  • (would be helpful for teachers): A tracker of when users (not just unique visitors, but actually members of the wiki) view the pages (and not necessarily edit them)-- this would help with seeing who did their reading assignment, and find out how much it is getting used in general


  • Often my window doesn't open wide enough and cuts off the Save button. I'd love to have you move the Save button to be the first button in the editing bar. Kids miss it, too, with disastrous results.


  • Index files included on pages as part of page contents, so searching for a term in a file name returns the page in the search results. - jayf64 jayf64 Aug 2, 2007
  • When I search other wiki sites, I'd like to see the search results come up in chromnological order. This would eleviate wikis that are no longer in use. - Shettsrc Shettsrc Oct 23, 2007
  • The content in the HTML should also come up in the search. I have lots of tables and they aren't searchable. (- JHJ JHJ Nov 10, 2007)
  • Clicking on a search result should take you to the search word. Currently only takes you to the page where the word appears, not to the word.- wcoates3 wcoates3 Mar 4, 2008

Video Uploading

  • I love the layout and clean orderly placement of tools and menus in Wikispaces. The only thing forcing me from using Wikispaces rather than the competition (the sandwich guys) is the ability to upload and embed video files from our computers. We use the wiki as a means of building personal portfolio's of our work in Communications Production which includes demonstrations of our finished video works. From an educational perspective, it's very painful uploading video to a secondary site like Youtube or Google Video. Sites like Youtube and Google Video are typically blocked by school servers, unaccessible from our school networks. This means the video option for Wikispaces is useless for most schools. For our class to make the move to Wikispaces for portfolio's, we would require video uploading and hosting.
  • Actually video uploading would make it lag, unless it is made into flash... And that would cost a lot. - fyrevortex fyrevortex
  • use to convert video(up to 100mg) from another format to flash. This site is free.- lazz04 lazz04

Ad-Revenue Sharing

  • An option to leave Google Ads turned on, but to share the revenue with the space administrator. This would attract people who presently use Google Adsense on their sites, but who would prefer a wiki interface for its ease of editing or to make the content editable by a community. "Protected" access would still be available as an option. - rgonzale rgonzale Nov 16, 2007
  • I would like that. :) - fyrevortex fyrevortex

Sign On Page Customization

  • For private spaces, the ability to customize the sign on page is needed. At a minimum, the option to include the site description and an image on the sign on page would be a great help. JUSTIFICATION: Users may find private wiki sites through Google and may want to know more about the site before joining. Similarly, private site organizers generally don't want inappropriate users requesting to join their sites, due to a misunderstanding of the site's intent. - shufnagel shufnagel Jan 7, 2008

Join Simplification

  • Remove item #4 "Make a space?" from the join screen. Question #4 confuses novice wiki users, who don't have a clue what "Make a Space" means. Currently you are presenting two disjoint concepts ("How to join" vs. "Do you want to make a new space", which can confuse novice users. JUSTIFICATION: a wiki should be as simple as possible for the novice user. - shufnagel shufnagel Jan 7, 2008
  • If you wish to give the "Make a Space" option as part of the join process, it be better as part of the follow on screen, after the join step is completed. The "Make a Space" option should include an explanation for the novice user, why they might want to "Make a Space" - shufnagel shufnagel Jan 7, 2008
  • I am creating a wiki that will be worked on by a dozen or so fairly unsophisticated computer users. We are already having sign up problems. I send them an email invitation, they respond and when they add username, email address and password and hit save, they are presented with a Wikispaces page--not my page!! This is confusing. Unless they know to click the name of the wiki in the left hand column, they are lost--especially since the name of this wiki is "NOSF" which is an acronym that may not necessarily mean anything to them. - folkdawg folkdawg Jan 29, 2008

Quote original message on reply

  • A way to quote original messages on reply would be very nice. As it is, it's quite hard to figure out what some of the replies I receive mean... especially if they come a week later and I've forgotten the original message. - chandler-parker chandler-parker Dec 7, 2007
  • *I agree. I'm always forgetting what I'm saying to someone because they usually respond the next day. squiggle13
  • Let me add a strong second to this one! Highly desirable for responding to student emails :). As a workaround, i've been copying/pasting the original and adding a "&gt;" character at the beginning of each line of the original message. Works, but time-consuming. --MrCreamer

Turn off ability to send messages

  • As a teacher of middle schoolers, it would be nice to be able to disable the access to messenging as many students abuse this and there is no way to monitor it!
  • Instead of a way to turn it off, I'd like to see a way to monitor it. As educators, we are responsible for what our students say online... we really need a way to monitor when needed. - chandler-parker chandler-parker Dec 7, 2007
  • I also have middle schoolers, and believe wikispaces' relatively-protected e-mail is a wonderful, highly motivating feature for kids. :) Upon receiving a complaint about offensive messages sent privately, I've been handling the situation according to usual discipline protocol. Regarding offensive messages broadcast to all space members, I cover the undesirability of doing this in my lesson sequence (spam, netiquette, etc.). I also point out that permanent records are available of the messages sent. And I have emailed offenders privately (who are typically unaware of what they did to broadcast the message in the first place). It WOULD be great to have the ability to deactivate a student user's email to a particular Space, for either motivation or discipline. But since it is possible for users to send and receive email regardless of the particular wikispace they are visiting, as long as they are logged in (a good thing), I don't know how you could implement such a feature without creating an underclass of wikispace citizens (e.g. a "Students" group). To me that brings in administrative concerns and is probably NOT a good thing. --MrCreamer
  • I have recently experienced an issue with someone finding a student in a private site and messaging them with inappropriate content. As with many other education-based sites, the teachers I am working with are requesting the ability to change the options of all student accounts simultaneously. Although receiving a vulgar message from outside of our site can become a teachable moment, schools teacher should have the option of blocking all outside messaging as well as monitoring internal messaging.

Use template feature like MediaWiki instead "embed media"

NoWiki Tag

  • Enormously useful, at times. - Derik Derik Jul 18, 2006


  • Tables: It would be good to have a way of adding rows to tables in the visual editor, or a way of combining two existing tables. Also straddling of columns within a row (or rows within a column) would be useful. It would also be nice to be able to adjust the column width by dragging. It would be nice to be able to define cell padding and line thickness/visibility. Can I use Html tags for these formatting wishes? - Lucy Lucy Feb 13, 2006
  • Tables or some form of page layout control would be great. Even something as simple as MSword or frontpage/dreamweaver would be great, with ability to merge cells, resize, generally control layout and placement would be a really useful addition. - kcasar kcasar May 13, 2006
  • Being able to align the tables themselves would be quite handy. I've got a long list that will have a few tables in it by the time it's done, and having the tables auto-align left even though they're part of a list looks nasty. Centre alignment would look much better for such tables, and right-alignment would only be natural to have as well. - KasiTL KasiTL
  • Cellpadding for tables. Another argument for supporting HTML? I am very impressed with wikispaces as far as it goes -- I was delighted to see support for tables. But when I tried making one, it saves in an unreadable format due to the lack of cellpadding. See example at - EricMartz EricMartz Sep 30, 2006
  • I agree about being able to add rows/columns to existing tables. I tried using the code that Wikipedia uses to build a table, and it was unfortunately not supported. - buglady buglady Jan 26, 2007
  • I would also like to be able to support colored columns.- BulldozerBegins BulldozerBegins Apr 11, 2007
  • More table options, e.g. cellspacing, cellpadding, cell colors (perhaps wikicode support) - Drizzt Drizzt Sep 21, 2005
  • Width and height for tables/columns/rows/cells would go a really long way toward making this usable.- IkDeimos IkDeimos May 21, 2008
  • Cell padding would be very much appreciated. The gridlines are way too close to my text for comfort. - spadequack spadequack Aug 15, 2008
  • Background color in cells would be useful. - JulenIturbe-Ormaetxe JulenIturbe-Ormaetxe Oct 8, 2008


  • Be able to paste a "print screen" screenshot directly into the Wiki Page. My wiki will have documentation and instructions on how to perform tasks. Being able to put screenshots without have to first create a file and then upload it would be extremely helpful. That would very much facilitate the Wiki to be an online documentation manual :). - charlton charlton 3/23/07
  • The ability to assign horizontal and vertical space around a picture, so there's some distance between text and picture. - mhuenemoerder mhuenemoerder Jun 14, 2007
  • Multiple Deletion of Images: - fyrevortex fyrevortex
  • A new application within WikiEditing (Is that what it's called?) that includes a drawing pad which can be easily drawn on to display figures instead of going back to paint, drawing, saving it, uploading it, then inserting it inside. Handy. - icevortex icevortex
  • Copy/Paste Image Icon
&gt; It would be nice to simply just copy and paste an image icon instead of going into the embedded code each time to copy and paste it.
&gt; Could this be fixed? - Shettsrc Shettsrc May 9, 2008

Discussion Areas

  • discussion areas for a whole site (not just one page) and chat areas. - Marc Marc
  • I agree, I've improvised one for now but it would be nice to have the real thing - Zikes Zikes Sep 10, 2005
  • I think the approach to discussion in wikispaces of limited use. I would like to have the discussion area include in the bottom of the actual page, instead of hidden on another page. When using discussion as a cooporation tool, I would like to post something in a page, and then have people discussing it right below. - jenspoder jenspoder
  • An optional list comments embedded directly in the page, rather than having to click on the 'comments' link. See: - jbyers jbyers Oct 15, 2005
  • A way of adding post-it style comments directly to the page, (they could be marked by a mini yellow square that could be clicked on to expand or would be expanded automatically when the page is being edited). This would really help collaboration as well as being vital for educational use (e.g. when you're correcting a piece of writing). - Lucy Lucy Feb 11, 2006
  • Preferably away of switching off the discussion area feature completely (perhaps in 'manage' for the wikispace) as, like the posters above, I find the feature redundant. You put your comments on the bottom of the wiki page - keithpeter keithpeter Aug 17, 2006
  • I LOVE WIKISPACES, so thanks :-) But I do find having a discussion board for each page redundant and confusing. It's difficult to direct members to post on the appropriate board. I wouldn't want to turn off the discussion feature entirely, but I would really love the ability to turn it off for a single page, or pages of my choice. By the way, for me this is a critical feature, but I thought it best to add my two cents to the Discussion Area category. - CTP CTP Aug 17, 2006
  • Email notification for page comments added to pages that you've edited (or maybe originated). This should be a site-wide option you can turn on and off. - thomasafine thomasafine Oct 26, 2006
  • Subscribe function - ability to subscribe and unsubscribe to threads. - jadarite jadarite May 9, 2007
  • This is related to discussions, sort of. For some things, the discussion area doesn't serve my needs. What would be REALLY great is if an email sent to would get sent to all my members. Then we could converse about site-wide issues off-line. Shouldn't be hard to implement - you could use your database to rebuild an email aliases database once every couple of hours or so. - thomasafine thomasafine Oct 26, 2006
  • Email notification for comments in addition to messages; see [[message/view/home/48193|]]
  • I would like to be able to move a discussion to the appropriate page within the wiki. Many times users will post a question/discussion item on the main or welcome page when it would better belong with another page within the wikispage.
  • I also vote that there should be a way to turn off discussion areas (ideally at the page level). - jskater jskater Sep 30, 2007
  • It would really help to be able to delete old/misposted threads entirely, since some of them accidentally get posted to the wrong page. - abbyKaplan abbyKaplan
  • Regular visitors may go to "Recent Changes" then on to that Discussions tab to contribute to current interactions on all topics across the site. Ditto the requests above to have, at least, a toggleable option so that a discussions notification tool emails users when comments change.- bdwc bdwc Jan 10, 2008
  • I have a discussion for my whole wiki, but I would still like tabs on each page that will lead there, otherwise no one will notice it. - vallabwiki vallabwiki


  • Ability to integrate blog entries older than the last 30 displayed in the drop down. - AndyMc AndyMc
  • A Way To Archive Page Information I would love to have a way to archive the information on the pages like blogs have - by month would be fantastic! After a while there is just too much information on a page, but if it's something you still want to have available to students for reference, you don't want to delete it. - cpaliotto cpaliotto


  • When clicking on a link in searching, it goes to that page and put focus the line with the search world or one line line above or or closet heading or space lines. This will improve the search much without changing GUI. - klasbricks klasbricks Jun 6, 2006
  • Page search button behind normal search so user not get right pages when searching and get right spot. maybe a text called option behind search button and click on that expand and get next,prev and marked like firefox page search. - klasbricks klasbricks Jan 22, 2006 An extra thing which should make it better then firefox and google toolbar is search next on all pages so it goes as normal page search jump to next word. On last world on a page it take next page from search list and go directly to first world on that. - klasbricks klasbricks Jan 22, 2006
  • I would find it useful to Search within my own Spaces. Currently the choice is the current space or all spaces. A third choice - 'my spaces' - would save me time - I currently have to enter the same query into the spaces of which I am a member. - cbrain cbrain Jan 26, 2007

RSS feeds

  • RSS feeds have options of day="10" which filter out all older entries. - klasbricks klasbricks May 26, 2006
  • Make a syndicate by grouping many rss feed togher and let the result be sorted togher by date this should be great for making on list of blog entries for the hole group but title needs to be in beging of each row syntax [[syndicate start options which is same for all rss feeds]] [[syndecate end]] There is maybee some easy use service on internet to gain same thing? - klasbricks klasbricks May 26, 2006
  • To show links in include
  • To all the logo, descrition,links to the space insteed of the - klasbricks klasbricks Jun 16, 2006
  • Hard line breaks in RSS feed should be respected by the parsing engine. - romzombie romzombie Jan 24, 2007
  • With Yahoo pipes you can combine feeds, filter, sort and more. So why reinvent the wheel here? - jfp jfp May 27, 2007

Full User Changes

  • Ability to see all of your changes and posts, not just the recent ones. Added for - kanmicha kanmicha


  • Often my window doesn't open wide enough and cuts off the Save button. I'd love to have you move the Save button to be the first button in the editing bar. Kids miss it, too, with disastrous results. (~su02420 ~ ~ ~)


  • I'd love to have access to raw log files related to my space. At the very least, access to the referers, and stats for each referer would be a tremendous help.
  • I can see how many times a page has been accessed, but I wish I could see how many times a file has been downloaded. This would be very informative. - mhorton mhorton
    • I would like to second this request! i think this would have a good home on the "list and upload files" page, with an extra column for "downloads", and a clicky-link at the bottom to "download data in CSV". - dfolkins dfolkins

Support for Opera and Safari

  • I'm sure this was on the wish list previously but I can't find it now -- adding a notification that Wikispaces does not support Opera is hardly a fulfilment of the feature request. I prefer Opera and I have other people in my group who also prefer opera to the other browsers. Please, please, please can we get support for visual editing in Opera soon?
  • I don't use the Visual Editor much, but I, too, use Opera. - amoebios amoebios Apr 13, 2007
  • I'd also like to see support for Safari - Kalriem Kalriem Aug 24, 2006
  • wysiwyg support for safari - jesse jesse
  • Historically, Opera and Safari haven't supported visual editing in the way we need. This is changing - Safari 3 will probably have the features we need, and Opera 9 may as well. We'll be considering Safari first as we see many more users on this browser. - jbyers jbyers Oct 12, 2007
  • Many people use Safari-Many people are migrating from Linux and Windows to Mac, and use Safari at first-They may use firefox, but Safari is still used. Opera too-It is the fastest browser, according to my friend William. Many people would use it in the future. - fyrevortex fyrevortex
  • Safari 3 is working okay form me using the visual editor. It still is not WYSIWYG, but the toolbar basically works. Hopefully, this gives the developers the foundation they need. - crysnrob crysnrob

Export to PDF

  • Export to PDF (or other format) option for a page - ansell ansell Jul 4, 2005
  • (seconded by JonWang per jbyers); and - liblamb liblamb
  • One feature that became "the runner" here (Vienna) amoung my fellow students is the possibility to create PDF files from wiki pages. (See for example Essay: The OMK in the EU., this is for example an essay for our study written collectivly by 3 students. Altough its german you can see the concept, click on top the red text above, it will create a paper you can hand your professor.) This feature got tremendous enthusiasm amoung all studend-groups I tested it upon. It allows collective-creation of paper far more easier and far better qualilty, than with ms word, where in the end the singular parts get pasted together. It works over Latex, the wiki enginge creates a .tex from the wikitex, which is translated to pdf with pdftex. I use a title page written in latex on wiki, I see that is nothing you can do with non-enigeers, but creating other titel pages in wikitext would be just as nice. Maybe with a option-click window, if you want a table of contents, what to write in headers/footers and where to put the page numbers. (which would create a simple .tex header for the page) (PS: What I miss most from our inhouse wiki engine is the WYSIWYM editor, it aways take a time and costs some effort to teach non-technical students the basics of wikitext.) --- Axel1 Axel1 Apr 24, 2006
  • Note to Ansell, JonWang, Axel1: Adobe Acrobat can easily convert ANY web page to a PDF file. Educational version not bad, expense wise. --MrCreamer

Plans w/ 3 spaces

  • I think there are probably a number of members like me who are starting to get serious about Wikispaces and would love to get a break on multiple spaces. One possible solution would be something like a 3-for-2 Plus plan or Super Plan. One space for work, one for family/community/fun, and one private space for personal use. Over time these bundles could be adjusted based on user feedback. I find that when editing stylesheets one really needs a second (private) space, or otherwise you are developing code on a live public space, which is not normally recommended. Thanx. - BaltoCo BaltoCo Jun 27, 2007
  • I second that request. Alternatively, instead of having separate spaces, a solution might be to allow separate permissions to co-exist within the same space. E.g.,:
    1. when editing a page, it would be great to be able to override the space's permission setting and choose whether the page is visible by the public or only members. Any private pages wouldn't appear in any lists when the user doesn't have access (e.g., Recent Changes), nor could they be visited by url. This way, one can jot down some private notes ; or
    2. allow special "[private]" tags to wrap around sections of content that should only be visible to members. A page can then have private content intermingled with public.

Hierarchical Page Structure

  • I would like to have my pages form a hierarchy. I have one section with about 8 tutorials. Each tutorial is a series of several pages. I would like those pages to for a hierarchy (actual directory structure physically). For example:
    • JPA Tutorials
      • Tutorial 1: Getting Started
        • Setup
        • First Tests
      • Tutorial 2: Complex Relationships
        • Setup
        • First Tests
&gt; As it is, I end up with really long page names to make sure one page's name doesn't step on the other. In the above example I end up with:
    • JPATutorials
    • JPATutorial1GettingStarted
    • JPATutorial1Setup
    • JPATutorial1FirstTests
    • JPATutorial2ComplexRelationships
    • JPATutorial2Setup
    • JPATutorial2FirstTests
&gt; Thank You! - BrettSchuchert BrettSchuchert Sep 26, 2007
  • This feature would be amazing. I use a wiki to keep my coursework from school organized, and to be able to create "sub-pages" would open up the possibility to keep things even more organized. - BBAksquires BBAksquires Apr 1, 2008
  • I'd also like to save my pages into folders, because I'm a teacher, too. So, I could define the hierarchy of my site pages. Something like this: Is it possible? Soon?? - MariaJesusR MariaJesusR May 10, 2008

Code with automatic linebreak

i often end up searching for alternatives to the [[code]] tags, because it lacks linebreaks, leading to a "stretching" of the page. Scrolling sideways is just too unusual and uncomfortable.
- amoebios amoebios Dec 1, 2007

Edit Page Widget

  • It would be nice to quickly insert the "Edit This Page" link anywhere on the page and the enter the edit mode at that "anchored" "edit This Page" location. This is especially helpful if your page is very long (like this one) and you need to edit just a section without having to scroll through the entire page to find the location you want to edit. 1204835599


  • It would be nice if you could eliminate the discussion tab on some pages.


  • An 'auto-link' option. By this I mean, when on, proceeding (or even better during) a page edit, the text is scanned for phrases that match existing page names under the current space and auto-magically turned into links. - stephencarmody stephencarmody Mar 24, 2006
  • I use the non-visual editor, so there all you have to do is put double square-brackets around the word to link it. But I do agree that it'd be nice to have some kind of auto-link option - not important, but nifty. Maybe some kind of sub-option so that it only links the first occurance of any individual page name (so you don't have fifty billion links to your "flowers" page). - ElementalKnight ElementalKnight Apr 16, 2006
  • Ability to use WikiWords as automatic links as a configuration option - this would make autolinking easy and allow for 'collisions' in Ward's sense - keithpeter keithpeter
  • When "Create a Link" dialog appears add a new option for Page Name "New Page..." - allow selection of template at this point, then the page is created - easier for administrators to set up specific formats for new pages - mikewebsxs mikewebsxs
  • WikiWords (or CamelCase) as an option for links. - jtuttle jtuttle
  • something that comes up each time you save a page saying something like " you have 'x number' of words on this page that are identical to the titles of other pages on this site. Please select which of the following words you would like to convert into links." Then a list of the words would appear, and there would be two additional buttons for 'none' and 'all'. (I don't know who wrote that, but it's a good idea. - Jbw1291 Jbw1291 Jul 1, 2005)
  • I'd love a link-checker. My space links to many external webpages, and it'd be great to be able to test whether or not they are dead. (Or perhaps you could just point us to a good outside service.) - jamescthedestroyer jamescthedestroyer Dec 21, 2007

Calendar feature

  • It would be great for those of us teaching as a team to be able to maintain a group calendar so we know what each of us is doing within the curriculum at any given time, e.g., field trips, guest speakers, practice examinations, large projects, etc., etc.
  • SOLUTION - all organizers get a google account, create a shared calendar, and embed it; benefit is that all private email between organizers is archived by google - including chats. Worked well for my site: (go back to May 2007). - Raabster Raabster Aug 2, 2007
  • I second the need for a calendar feature. I host a wiki which is currently using the google calendar widget. However, most of the users aren't too tech savvy, and many members have expressed frustration about editing the calendar. They are reluctant to join Google, and even more reluctant to learn to navigate google's features on the heals of learning wikispaces. It would be easier for everyone if we could edit our calender the same way we edit the rest of the wiki -- on the site itself. - genna genna Aug 5, 2008
  • Yes, having a calendar that a member can edit, or having permission levels option, would be nice. I believe this is a feature already on the PBwiki site. Having to use Google or whatever widget is a pain, needing to always leave the wikispace to make changes. Also, the graphic layout is not the same as on Google, not as wide of cells.- bobbykey bobbykey Sep 6, 2008bobbykey

Image file reduction

  • It would be handy if the list files showed the sizes of uploaded files to help target images etc that need reduced to shorted the download times of the page. regards - hambudge hambudge Sep 6, 2006

Free Space Calculation

  • Is there a way to determine how much space you have used and how much you left? - shotthings shotthings Oct 6, 2006
  • It would be good so we can track which files are taking up lots of space while the little ones don't take. - fyrevortex fyrevortex

Random page function

  • It would be nice if I could add a link that would go to a random page on my wiki in the naviagation section. - bmeaker bmeaker Oct 14, 2006

Spreadsheet integration

  • Can we have excel sheet integration and also can we display word,excel,ppt on this page where can can write?
  • I've love to see a "gadget" to embed Google Docs (doc, spreadsheet, presentation) - chinarut chinarut Jun 23, 2008
    • workaround: take a screen snapshot of your spreadsheet and embed the image (example)

Comment Text

  • I'd love to have some sort of way to insert hidden 'comments' as you can in MediaWiki, HTML, ect that will show up when you edit a page, but not on the regular display of the page. - InShaneee InShaneee Mar 24, 2007 Echo. - Mgaut051 Mgaut051 Jun 26, 2007
  • [[comments]] ... [[comments]] : Allow someone to hide the typed text just putting it as a comment. This way we dont need to delete some incomplete text we are writing but still we dont want to show. Thanks! - beco beco Aug 15, 2006

Page Ratings

  • It'd be great to have a 5-star rating system on pages that users can click to modify. - Mgaut051 Mgaut051 May 31, 2007
  • Seconded. In addition to user rankings (and some way to access/sort by ranking), I'd suggest including "most viewed" pages. I'd like to do a wiki for student book reviews and allow the students to rank the books like movie reviews get from 1 to 5 stars. - Demetri Demetri Nov 26, 2007
  • This option would be useful for work with my students. I would like students to be able rate posts in our discussion. Top-rated posts should float to the top of the list.
  • I completely agree. This is exactly what I need. I found an external place that seems to provide a service that we can add on to the wiki but i have not been able to implement it yet.- dapul dapul

Image Sizeing

  • Rather than trying to drag an image to a specific height or width, it would be really cool to have the popup Image Properties box include an entry field in which a size in pixels, centemeters, or inches could be entered. Well, at least pixels. - jmac jmac Jun 27, 2007
  • Or a flash editor that pops in after you double click the picture. - fyrevortex fyrevortex

IRC Links

  • Linking to some other services than http, like ftp, irc, etc. At the moment I'd like to add an IRC link with the format
  • I agree. It'd be a cool feature... - Gaming4JC Gaming4JC May 8, 2008

Features for Documenting Application Software

  • - Solinges Solinges Mar 11, 2008
  • Interface in other languages (Spanish in particular)
  • There should be an option to make the wiki available to view for registered users, and pages only available to specific users. I use my wiki for documenting an application software and I dont want everybody in the world to view it, only my customers. Even more, I want to put some documentation specific for certain customers wich evidently should be only available to them (i.e. registered users)
  • Certain blocks of text should be available for specific users

User info boxes

Such as on Wikipedia. For example here on my Wikipedia user page. It's just an idea. - Crash_Underride Crash_Underride

My request is about title and Home:

For example:This wikispace, , please list the words EMHS to the last of the title.not the beginning of the title.I also hope the title of Home is not Home,i can add words all by myself.That will help clawler to clawl your site.Thank you!

Page List:

Put the "jump to" buttons on the top of the page as well as the bottom.

List / Directory Navigation:

  • For wikispaces with hundreds of Pages/Files, it can be quite slow using First/Prev/Next/Next to move through screen after screen of listing until the required entries are reached. The Jump to A-Z feature is of limited value when most Pages/Files start with one of just a few letters. Could a field be provided to enable Jump to Item Number #####? This could also be used for the Directory of 20,000 wikispaces (why doesn't it have 'Jump to A-Z'?). - colincairns colincairns
  • I'd also like to save my pages into folders. So, I could define the hierarchy of my site pages. Something like this: Is it possible?

Not Accepting:

Maybe some wikis are private or are for school-And random people just pop in and want to join. Wouldn't a "Not accepting members" be better? - fyrevortex fyrevortex (If this idea is wrong please say so. This just came up from the top of my head.)

Upper Navigation:

Ever felt that your left navigation was out of space? (Not necessarily). Well, there could be a upper navigation, on top of page. And then you could customize a drop down menus. Many wikis need this. Organization in Wikispaces. Better than Google Groups. (Well, Wikispaces is already better than Google Groups, but I bet, by 2009 many needed features would be out) - fyrevortex fyrevortex

Unused Files:

Have a tab, similar to the one on the page list, that lists the files that are not linked anywhere on the site. This could reduce the amount of unnecessary content stored on your servers.

Members Only Lock

You know the "locked" only for organizers (administrators)? Now it should also come with members only lock. Only members inside the wiki can edit. Maybe theres some pages that need member edits, but not with guests messing it up, while guests can contribute to another page. What about it? Now there would be locked for organizers, and lock for members too. Wikispaces comes one step further. - fyrevortex fyrevortex &amp; - icevortex icevortex


  • Naming images on upload instead of just having the name that comes from the filesystem - ansell ansell Oct 22, 2005
  • Wikitext in edit comments would be cool. - Jbw1291 Jbw1291 Jul 8, 2005 I think this should be moved one step higher in criticality since it can be impossible to know what somebody has changed on a page - not all the changes are of obvious nature - wikiwill wikiwill Jan 15, 2006
  • Wikipedia has a feature where you doubleclick a page and you are taken to the editor for that page. This is a nice feature for lazy edirots like me, and I think it would be a very easy one to add. - Jbw1291 Jbw1291 Jul 1, 2005
  • Ability to move a selected block of text to a new page (select it, click a button, give it a name, and voila - new page - VoodooPad for Mac has this) - jesse jesse
  • recent logins box - jbyers jbyers Mar 17, 2005 it would be nice if this were also listed by space -- a login indicated if the user authenticated and visited the space. Recent visitor I guess. (- ghouse ghouse
  • A wiki tag for addresses, that turns the address into a link to a map of that location, e.g. at google, yahoo, or mapquest. - mcjamison mcjamison Mar 20, 2005
  • Popular Pages - Option to display the popular pages from the past 30 days, or from all time. This way if a page was popular months ago, the use can have the option to only see recent popular pages. - ghouse ghouse Jun 7, 2005
  • Space control of meta tags (per - queenloana queenloana)
  • Copy and Paste support for Microsoft Word documents. Trying to Wiki my docs and there are some quirks when pasting (the line-feeds need to be erased are re-entered in the wiki editor, otherwise the page is truncated). - donpedro donpedro I believe this issue has been fixed with the newest release - chorizo chorizo Dec 19, 2005
  • Cleaning the code when copying text from Microsoft Word. Many times there is a lot of code that is absolutely innecesary - JulenIturbe-Ormaetxe JulenIturbe-Ormaetxe Oct 9, 2008
  • Preview option for messages - as one can use wikitext in them, in would be nice to be able check the formatting before posting. - phaedrus phaedrus Aug 5, 2005 Seconded - NeilSunderland NeilSunderland Feb 12, 2006
  • Float the up and down so that it is always on the screen. - ansell ansell Aug 29, 2005
  • Random Space Feature to highlight a space - msbluebells msbluebells Sep 11, 2005 (as opposed to the Space of the Month page that is already available - ansell ansell Sep 11, 2005 I was thinking of having both. - msbluebells msbluebells Sep 12, 2005i
  • A list of recent changes to your star/watched pages - ansell ansell Sep 20, 2005
  • Marker for minor edits - ansell ansell Sep 21, 2005 Second this suggestion. I use RSS feeds to display changes to the wiki on another site. It would be nice if I could filter out minor changes. - nbr nbr Jan 22, 2006 I third this suggestion. At the very least, perhaps an option to filter out null comments - these are basically minor edits in my wiki. - chinarut chinarut Jun 23, 2008
  • Have some control over exporting feeds have an option to drop changes less than 20 charters - klasbricks klasbricks Jun 3, 2006
  • Easy way to link to edit pages ( e.g. [[@pagename|edit]] is much nicer than a link to|edit ) - joeljunk joeljunk Sep 26, 2005
  • Can accepted editing users be added by a e-mail domain, rather than specific e-mail ( * ?
  • Could we have 'Location' and/or 'Language' properties for spaces, and the ability to filter by them, please? - NeilSunderland NeilSunderland Oct 23, 2005
  • Can the [[toc]] tag pick up the title field from RSS fields? - NeilSunderland NeilSunderland Oct 27, 2005
  • Guests can create new pages - beco beco Oct 29, 2005]
  • password protect backup ZIP file with login password (optional) - joeljunk joeljunk Jan 5, 2006
  • It would be lovely to be able to draw a simple diagram in a wiki (just freehand black and white would be enough, but something like would be fantastic) - Lucy Lucy Feb 11, 2006
  • Ability to add new pages to a space via email, like Backpack. When I send a long email to my students, I want to be able to cc: the course wiki and have each new message appear on its own new page. - nbr nbr Feb 25, 2006 (PS It occurs to me that I could sort of work around this by using the mail-to-Blogger feature of my Blogspot blog and adding the auto-import wiki text at the end of the message.)
  • Make the file list page faster and easier to navigate, much like the picture placement tool in the editor (thanks, droffarc) - jbyers jbyers May 12, 2006
  • Who is online: I would like to put in a list of member's names who is online at that time in wikispaces! ;) - beco beco Aug 20, 2006 Yes please! However, I don't want to know EVERY wikispace member online, just the members for my wiki...- RaabeDoyle RaabeDoyle Apr 30, 2007
  • I'd kind of like to see the ability to upload texts, like Elven, onto the wiki.- Kalriem Kalriem Aug 24, 2006
  • Multiple userids for a single email (Mark Epstein)
  • Page with a list of the spaces redirects - Mikebloke Mikebloke Dec 28, 2006
  • Email rate-limiting for space change notifications. If I didn't log in to survey the changes announced by the first two emails, I'm probably busy or sleeping and the next fifteen won't do any good. Reset the squelch when I log in. - Myself Myself Mar 18, 2007
  • In the absence of a 'Preview' option, the ability to edit your own messages after you've posted them - NeilSunderland NeilSunderland Feb 12, 2006
  • how about ability to tweak google ad keywords - my space on induction cooking has an awful lot of ads for industrial induction systems for melting metals, not exactly what the readers of the wiki would be looking for. If I could get some cooking related ads there, you'd probably see more responses to the ads - colinyoung colinyoung
  • Also, how about setting the country of origin, so the ads refer to something I can actually buy. It's ok if they ship stock though. - Mallington Mallington Oct 10, 2005
  • Ability to have a built-in mailing-list (for newspapers and stuff)
  • A badge that shows all of a member's public changes (similar to the space badge, but for all pages) proxied from - leighblackall leighblackall by - jbyers jbyers Nov 10, 2005
  • For my space, I'd like to set up a clear, standardized format for usernames—showing first and last names—that would be as easy as possible for users to remember and to type in. At the moment, the best I could do would be something like JohnSmith, which would allow users to log in all in lowercase, without punctuation, while making the users' real names pretty clear. It would be ideal if the username could be John Smith. If it's a hassle to allow usernames with spaces, could you convert spaces typed when logging in to underlines, so could have the username John_Smith but just type in john smith? - dtronvig dtronvig May 3, 2006
  • An "undo" button in the visual editor would be very helpful for those unexpected events, making cleanup easy. - ckendall ckendall May 31, 2006
  • Multiple "undo/redo" in visual AND text editor. It's very valuable feature and it's already in almost wiki on the market. - nickzam nickzam Mar 3, 2007
  • Also, have a place besides the sidebar where all pages are listed and easily accessesd.
  • it would be neat to have an address book so that i can select the names of who i want to message. there are over 50 members and not all of them need all the messages. i also forget the username they often have as they are using the a mix of christian name, surname and numbers. if i could simply scroll down the list of page members it would make life much simplier.- Michael-P Michael-P Sep 10, 2007
  • The ability for the author to edit his/her own history comment later if they forgot to include something.
  • Common wikitext footers for all pages in a space - jbyers jbyers Apr 17, 2005
  • It would be useful if we could set various permissions to access different pages at different levels so that pupils could upload personal work like agreed tracking grades to a private area for guidance teachers. - hambudge hambudge Oct 29, 2007
  • I created a wikispace for final versions of presentation content, and explicitly stated that it was available for free use but there is no reason to join as I remain sole author. People continue to pester with requests to join the space mainly so the links appear in ther left side links, so perhaps a feature that would allow themt to "follow" or "bookmark" a space so they have easy access. - cogdog cogdog Oct 29, 2007
  • It would be nice to clear your history once in a while... I wrote this article and then thought that other people could steal it then publish it for money... I deleted it, but then had the space-Guess how they sold it? Going to history, copying it, selling it... -Fyrevortex
  • "Edit" action on pagelist - amoebios amoebios Dec 10, 2007
  • Better support for OffByOne. - amoebios amoebios Dec 17, 2007
  • Add please a pligg service .
  • Also - Line and paragraph break options. For ease of reading and formatting I always use a big spacing (eg Word's +0.6pt) for paragraph breaks and small spacing for line breaks - the HTML and options are ideal for this so can we have a way of forcing, eg use or which seems to be the convention. At the moment wikispaces provides a single line spacing that is readable for large amounts of text but not so good for visual organisation. I guess this then moves into whether you could have a basic wiki display settings control box to change line spacing and other font characteristics without delving into .css (I can just about cope with the css but I'd rather not spend time on code if I'm tinkering with the appearance) - chrisrust chrisrust Jan 22, 2007
  • Yeah, i've been playing around for ages assuming that i'm stupid and couldn't figure out how to insert tabs and spaces. It took a while for me to conclude that perhaps that feature wasn't available. It's driving me nuts. - HarryG HarryG Jun 2, 2007
  • Anchor format: Anchor use is important. It's fairly easy to use now. But for many people, it should be EASYER, else they won't use it. Can you make a function to insert Anchor like insert link, imagine to insert achor from different page. Then user slect page's name, anchor's name from drop menu instead of typeping the stuff
  • Helpful Buttons for Text Editor: i.e. having an editor that accepts both wikitext and has buttons to automatically add the wikitext markers around the text. e.g. if i want to embolden the word "shoe", click the bold button and have it automatically add "shoe." - emorymed emorymed Mar 11, 2006
  • pre tag, as opposed to just monospace (tt) formatting - jbyers jbyers May 3, 2005 (c/o presto)
  • Customizable Code Formats: In other words, the ability to customize the lexer to create a new format for a specific programming language, specifiable by [ [code format="SomeLANGUAGE"] ]. - bshipps64 bshipps64 Feb 28, 2006
  • When more than one space is entered after a word it disappears. Ability to put multiple spaces after words or a tab function would make it possilbe to better align words designed to stand out or mark sections on a page - DPater DPater Jan 28, 2006
  • The horizontal line should be aligned to the left and not to towards the center. It looks weird like that. (We should at least be able to align it to the left.) - pyxis pyxis Sep 3, 2006

Reposition the Actions menu

I think the action menu can be moved to setting, or some where else. The upper left of a page is the most eyes catching position. Please left this area for the Navigation bar - rcfee rcfee
  • Second the motion. The Navigation bar should be in the top left. - pyxis pyxis Sep 3, 2006
  • I agree - in a paid-for space you can control this by customising your Theme and that was the first change I made, moving it to bottom left. I would also prefer the "manage space" option to be hidden from non-editors, at the moment you can hide the whole of that section or none of it - chrisrust chrisrust Jan 22, 2007

Display Resolution

  • Please support 800x600, right now the width of the editing page is too big for my display, so I have to use scroll bars within scroll bars to get around and it is pretty frustrating. Wish I could afford a new laptop, but we're not all Gates. :-} - raould raould


  • Have option to remove small icons on actions bar and editbars - klasbricks klasbricks Jun 24, 2006
  • Option to upload a own favicon.ico or could icon space be resize to 16x16 pixels favoicon, this could be a paying features.
  • Custom icon for tab (i think it is favicon.ico). Have this as a site dependent setting like the logo - ansell ansell Sep 12, 2005
  • Would like to have an animated favicon in my cazania wikispace like this : _Cazania_animated_favicon1.gif in - irismeister irismeister Nov 27, 2006
  • Use the logo as favicon.ico - fyrevortex fyrevortex
  • Please allow us to use a custom favicon! :) - Gaming4JC Gaming4JC May 8, 2008

Look and feel

  • Make tabs stay still when choosen different tabs. - klasbricks klasbricks Jun 24, 2006
  • It would be nice if the "EDIT THIS PAGE" button have the contour colour equal the background colour (Manage spaces / look and feel / Background Color), not allways green as it is now. It does not fit well in my blue page. :) Thanks, - beco beco Jan 15, 2007
  • Other option is that the button "EDIT THIS PAGE" in "bubble theme" could be like the "original theme", i.e., silver... That match better with all colours - but green is hard! :)... Thanks. - beco beco Jan 17, 2007

Different Pages Different Layouts (no-fee edition)

  • Okay i would like to be able to have a different layout on different pages... AKA: one page has the 'bubble theme' another has the 'OneBox theme'. This would make it so that people could make "wikis" In "Wikis"(or just ad that feature :-) ) - ateamrocks ateamrocks
  • Control over header and footer for branding purposes - scanR scanR
  • I think they need a better selection or at least allow a bit more editing of the given layouts... please? - Gaming4JC Gaming4JC May 8, 2008

Threaded Discussion

  • The discussions work well but adding threads would make them better. Within a discussion the ability to respond to a post so that your response appears below the original post (indented) would keep the discussions organized and not just a long list of posts. - orangejer orangejer

Control-Z or Undo
The one thing that drives me crazy is that I can't undo with Control Z. In typing a normal document, I might use Control-Z 30-40 times and so I am always using it to no avail. It would be great if you would add that feature.

My wiki is used for some basic Mac OS help, and it would be useful to be able to type (or paste in) the symbol for the Max OS Command key (the one that looks like a splat). If you're on a Mac, the splat can be typed using the Wingdings font and typing the letter Z. Could you add that to the special characters panel, please? - hbelow hbelow Apr 9, 2008

Cancel image &amp; file upload

I've been caught out once of twice uploading a large file which I realise after starting will take along time to upload (my upload timing is capped at 128kb). I've also been in a situation uploading a small file which seems to freeze. The only I've found to stop it from attemping to upload is by exiting (by saving) a page being edited. There is currently no way of cancelling a partially completed upload. It would be good to have this.
- sablyth sablyth Apr 23, 2008

Graphic Boxes for INCLUDE PAGE: reduce size?

Not really a feature; not really a bug. An annoyance, I suppose.
I have been stop-gapping some formatting by use page includes, but the “include page” graphic that appears is surprisingly large and (apparently) not size-adjustable. Is there any way to modify this? It would be great if I could get it to appear almost character-size instead. - hcraft hcraft May 1, 2008

Space-Wide Search and Replace

It would be fantastic to be able to do a global search-and-replace across all of the pages in my space.
- gmennie gmennie May 2, 2008

Embeddable Database

I would like to see a database widget that could be embedded into a page. This would allow users of a site to leave contact information, such as their Twitter or Skype accounts. I run the GoAPES wikispaces at and have environmental science teachers from around the world who visit the site. I thought it would be a great idea to create an embedded login and contact form, so that if teachers wanted to collaborate with each other environmental science teacher, they could look up other teachers contact information, or leave their own. It would also be great if the database widget could be secured from the general public, i.e. only approved site members could login to the database, and the site administrator would have the ability to delete records and permissions. - tcooper66 tcooper66

Bulk Page Creating

I have a situation where I want to run a summer camp off of a wikispaces site. However, to make pages for each of the campers, I have to go one by one and make page after page. It would be great if there was a feature that allowed you to make pages in bulk. You could specify a page name, and an unique identifier to assign (such as 1,2,3,4 or a,b,c,d) and you could specify how many pages. The end result would end up with as many pages as you need, all named individually. You would end up with a list of pages such as
- jacobw4 jacobw4

Full History

I am a researcher experimenting with wikis as a means to model one's life. For this model to be complete, I need access to the full history of my wiki. Right now I do not have such access. I can see this as a 2 phased approach - chinarut chinarut Jun 23, 2008
  1. see an option in my preferences to "enable full history" (or just enable full history globally)
  2. Wikispaces API - (i've requested edit rights to add a history API as well)

Export Metadata

The current backup does not include metadata such as tags and comments. I'd like to create software to process backup files which includes the pages, files, tags, and comments until a full API is released. - chinarut chinarut Jun 23, 2008

Search Comment Text

I put a substantial investment in logging comments. my comments are quite rich in meta-data. Right now I cannot search my comments. Please search this text too. - chinarut chinarut Jun 23, 2008

Text Color

It would be much easier to use the "text color" edit if it offered specific, discreet colors to choose from. Under the current system it is difficult to reproduce a given color elsewhere in the page (obviously, I'm not CSS sophisticated). Also using the color text process can impact other aspects of the text, size, spacing....(- ELRaish ELRaish Jun 29, 2008)

Quiz Button / Widget

  • Integration of a quiz-builder into Wikispaces would truly graduate Wikispaces from Web 2.0 to eLearning 2.0, not to mention the claim, "Wikispaces - The First Quiz-Enabled Hosted Wiki for Educators". As an instructional designer and educator, such a wiki would be a dream come true for me. You could implement this functionality by first incorporating a 'Quiz' button or widget in the Editor bar. On clicking this [Q] feature, a pop-up window could be opened, offering the following 2 simple formats: (a) MCQ - single-select (b) MCQ - multiple-select. On selecting a format, the following text fields could be displayed: (a) Question statement (b) 2-5 answer options with indicators for correct answers. On completing these fields and pressing OK, the question with stem and options could be inserted on the page (like a table) with 'Submit' button and a border. When learners takes this quiz, they just click radio-buttons/check-boxes and press Submit. Feedback could simply be visual; just 'check-marks' against all correct answers. Learners can compare their responses with the checked options and remediate. An attempt on integrating a quizzes into wikis has recently been made at __ I believe Wikispaces can do much better.- prakashbebington prakashbebington Jul 3, 2008

Configurable Signature Link

I'd like to be able to configure the link that my signature contains. I have a user page on my space and would like to make my signature link to the user page rather than my official www non-wiki user page. Being able to configure this per-space would be awesome. - thomasjack thomasjack Jul 21, 2008

Spam Filter on Email

I'm a member of a lot of fun spaces, but some of the members send a whole lot of spam emails, chainmail, and things like that. I don't want to leave the spaces or kick off the members, so a feature I'd like in the email is a spam filter. You can enter the users you don't want to recieve emails in your inbox from, and have a spam folder you can empty with one click.
- julio3000 julio3000

personolised space choice

I have a personolised wiki used for fun, games, jokes and lots more. So i think wikispaces could have different background themes, more updated edit tool bar. But for people who don't want all this and like a more formal space could just leave it how it is???
i put this on discussion, but people with teacher wikis didn't seem to like it, so they don't need to have it.
and maybe a new wikispaces logo...
- david65 david65

Title customization

Currently title is wikispacename >> title. But there should be option to customize it, like wikipedia says title - wikipedia - the free encyclopedia.
title is important because it is what displayed in google search engine results.. So little descriptive title is must to make users click the link, provided title is not misleading to attract more people. Give it high priority as this will make more people click link in google search results. regards - tichwhack tichwhack Sep 5, 2008

:I want to add description like "the free encyclopedia" common to all pages of my own wiki in wikispaces. Currently title is least descriptive and users are unable to make sense of title when shown in search results. myWikiName >> pageTitle >> myWikiDescription would help improve traffic to my wiki from search engines. - tichwhack tichwhack Sep 25, 2008

Selection of multiple (pages, users, discussions)

Space organizers should be able to select multiples, either pages, users, discussions, or anything else that may have multiple parts, by way of checkboxes. There should be a choice to select all of the items or to go through the list to select several of the items and then the organizer would be able to perform the same action of all of the pieces which he or she has selected at once. Trying to delete one hundred users become very tedious. Trying to delete 5,000 different discussion posts is even worse. Having a feature in which we could select all or some or deselect those items would save a lot of time instead of performing an action on just one item and then having to wait for the page to refresh each time.- D_Morton D_Morton Sep 11, 2008

Interface Language Options

I teach Spanish, and while my students write in Spanish, I'd love to see ALL the miscelaneous text provided by Wikispaces also in Spanish so my students have to interact with the language fully. Can I choose a language for each of my class spaces, please? - duronioj duronioj Sep 14, 2008

Add-to-the-page box

Wikispaces seems to be missing the one feature that I use the most with students. That is the ability to easily add an "add to this page" box. I use the aniweb version of Swiki (Squeak Wiki--see Swiki Documentation) One of it's nicest features is the "add to the page box" that is created by just starting any line with a + sign. The box can have several "flavors":
Just an Add to the Page box that posts the new content above it so the box moves down the page.
Add to the page box that posts the new content below it so the box always stays in the same place
Add to the page box that puts the user, date, and time at the top of each entry
Add to the page box that puts a horizontal line between each entry
These are counted as page edits so the user is always tracked. However, there are no risks of editing collisions. I've used this for various people to take notes in a meeting, for students to comment on each other's work, for teachers to comment on student's work, etc. It's very useful and makes it much faster to comment on numerous pages rather than having to edit each one.- dvfincher dvfincher Sep 30, 2008

Private and Public Pages within Protected Spaces

Within a protected space, it would be very useful to be able to change the permission of some pages to private status, so that only members could view and edit certain pages. I understand that it would be possible to establish a second wikispace and make it private, but that can be very awkward for a variety of reasons. One motivation for this request stems from a need to respect journal policies. For example, many peer-reviewed, professional journals (such as the AAAS Science Magazine) will usually not permit posting of a manuscript submitted for publication on a publicly readable website. On the other hand, the sharing of a prepublication manuscript among members of a limited group (such as collaborators, colleagues, or a limited group of scientists who are members of a wikispace) may be allowable, just as presentation of unpublished data at a conference for other scientists. Different journals have different policies on embargoes of manuscripts submitted for publication. For example, Nature is far less restrictive than Science, but this is not the place to elaborate on such differences.

Already, certain page options are distinguished by status. For example, only organizers can edit locked pages; members cannot. Similarly, there is already an option to restrict discussion postings to members (although they are publicly readable.) This feature would be a slight enhancement in that only members could read and edit private pages and their associated discussions, whereas nonmembers could not. - mbeinhorn mbeinhorn May 20, 2008

That is a very good idea... Member-Only pages would elevate Wikispaces' popularity to... *Looks up towards the sky* From awesomeness to extreme awesomeness... - rekhyt rekhyt

I would absolutely love this feature, for the same reasons that mbeinhorn mentioned. I'd like to share general features of my research freely, but maintain a private area for in-progress work and embargoed manuscripts. - thomascarroll thomascarroll

Add my vote to this feature, for all the above reasons (mutatis mutandis for our circumstances). - Tanuki Tanuki Sep 11, 2008

It´s a must !!! I need a way to edit a page, leave it unfinished and not visible in the wiki, at least by common users. - solinges solinges

Selecting Specific Dates in Manage Space

I work within the Manage Space pages to evaluate course discussions. To use Member Statistics, I must select a month for those statistics or the whole year. Sometimes I want to look at usage stats for member use that occurs over a three week period at the end of one month and at the beginning of another month. To see the members' work, I now must look at the whole year. Checking the whole year often gives me much more usage information than I want to see. It would be very nice, if when we are working within Manage Space and in the Statistics section, that we could select a specific From date and a specific To date for which to examine those statistics. - D_Morton D_Morton Oct 10, 2008

Long captions please!!!

Hi! It would be really great to be able of writing long captions for each image breaking the text into many lines, and possibly managing font size, style etc. another nice feature i use on Wikipedia is "image gallery", say <center><gallery>image: etc... </gallery></center>, which makes orderer rows of 4 images without overlapping the text. it looks like this:

please! thanks!- Tetraktys Tetraktys Oct 15, 2008

Searching all spaces of which one is a member

--The Navigation bar listing spaces to which one belongs is a great help. Wouldn't it be great to be able to search over that same domain? This could already be done with Google Advanced search, I believe, but not easily. - tloughran tloughran

Is there a way to chat through the wiki? [user:adl] - guest ( guest ( Nov 5, 2008

Force HTTPS option

could we have a setting somewhere under 'manage space' to force all connections to that wikispace be over made over HTTPS. - james-royal-lawson james-royal-lawson Nov 14, 2008

Cut Down on Spam Emails
Allow only the organize(s) to send email to the entire space, Make it an option control by the organizers to allow members to send email messages to all members (- styleapple styleapple Nov 16, 2008)

How To Delete Un-wanted Mail
Go into your mail, then click the little white box beside who sent you the mail and then click the delete button at the top.
That is how you delete un-wanted mail.!!!

File Sharing

I use wikispaces for my classroom. It would be helpful to have file sharing capability so I can share my activities with other teachers. - blamore blamore Nov 19, 2008