Site copier

  • We need to be able to move a site over to a different wikispace like does.
  • I have a game wikispace and it's popular and if it gets blocked i want to be able to copy it over to a new wikispace.


  • It is difficult to sent email to members that is more than a few sentences. Please make the message box bigger! - yedwab yedwab Feb 19, 2013
  • Also, for larger wikis, organizers ONLY should have the ability to email ALL members of a wiki. Currently there is a limit to how many can me "messaged" - JWLibrarian JWLibrarian Apr 14, 2013


  • All the help tutorials are written for a person creating a wiki. I have a wiki and 255 members. I would like to grow my members, but they need help. They get confused about how to join the wiki, how to create an account, and how to edit. I would like a video that took them through all the steps WITHOUT EVER discusing creating a new wiki. That will only confuse them. - yedwab yedwab Sep 7, 2012

Viewing other Peoples Wiki Pages

You Should Be able to look at other teams/peoples wiki spaces, and not have to be a member of there group.
This would make it easier for people to know what the need to improve their wiki space.

Possibility to switch off alert about redirection

Alerts about redirection of a page distract readers (and now cover a part of a banner). It would be nice to be able to disable this message (like the invitation to join the wiki).

Email lists

I want to see a wikispaces e-mail address attached to a wikispace (e.g. for to which every member of that wikispace can e-mail in order to reach all members of the group. Working on group project now via wikispaces requires me to set up a separate e.g. google groups account in order for the same group to be able to mail with each other. Please add this feature!!

  • For larger wikis such as mine this would create total anarchy, however, it would be nice for organizers (at least) to be able to message the entire membership. - JWLibrarian JWLibrarian Apr 14, 2013
  • Your idea would work if we could create "Project" groups that could email one another within each "Project" - JWLibrarian JWLibrarian Apr 14, 2013


Would love to see the implementation of a feature that would allow users to earn badges based on activity within a wiki -- some badges might be automatic (for example: earned for certain number of edits), while others might be "given" by the wiki moderator (or teacher) or by peers within the wiki. This suggestion is coming from an educator and is based on badge examples from Edmodo, Foursquare, Huffington Post, and the Mozilla Badge project.
  • I second this, it would be great and more fun for members. - danmccrea danmccrea

  • Third! - JWLibrarian JWLibrarian Apr 14, 2013

Member profile search

  • It would be an enormous improvement to integrate in the search function an option to search through the profiles of the members of the wiki. This would allow organisations to use wikispaces as a member database, where members could post their skills and interests.
  • I second this - JWLibrarian JWLibrarian Apr 14, 2013
  • I agree with this request. It is really frustrating not having the possibility to search through members. It would make things much quicker in many circumstances, also to support students. - vallasara vallasara

Better Feature Request Tracking

  • I love wikis, but I'd never use one to track feature requests like this. getsatisfaction or uservoice are great alternatives. - noe.nate noe.nate
  • I am sort of enjoying it - JWLibrarian JWLibrarian Apr 14, 2013

Link to TOC Sections

  • I'd like to be able to create wikilinks to specific TOC headers within a page rather than just to the top of a page (i.e., the whole page), so you can jump right to the section of interest. This is a standard capability of other wikis I've used. - noe.nate noe.nate

Tapping the Family History market with a GEDCOM Import wizard.

I believe there is a vast untapped market for Wikispaces, which - with just a little bit of programming wizardry - could easily attract you a significant new user base.

I use my own Wiki to document and organise my family history. I have a page for each person, but also for each place, source and so on. I can leverage the full power of Wikispaces to embed not only photos but interactive maps, Streetviews of locations, and even digital book-readers. Wikispaces really is perfect in my view; much nicer and more flexible than any of the existing dedicated services or genealogy-website-building tools. Family history researchers, by their nature, tend to search the web a lot, and contact each other a lot, and through my Wiki I've already heard from quite a few people and had a lot of compliments on the site, including one person who has followed my lead and just set up her own Wikispaces Wiki for her own family history.

You could attract a lot more of this market by writing and including a GEDCOM Import wizard, and making it freely available to new or existing users. Almost all modern researchers keep all their records in the GEDCOM text-based format. It ought to be relatively simple for your coders to write a parser which would read through an uploaded GEDCOM file and automatically create pages (which can then be further fleshed out by the users), with key details ("Born in XXXX", "Married XXXX", "Died in XXXX" etc) being entered as bullet points at the top of each page in a standardized manner, appropriate tags added automatically, and all these pages hyperlinked automatically as well. (You would certainly need a user option to exclude living persons).

Do this and I believe you will attract a bunch of new users, who will themselves draw in even more new users, and a reasonable proportion would be willing to pay for the privacy, customization and file-storage perks that don't come in the free version.

If you wish to pursue this and would welcome user feedback, please feel free to contact me.
- dbhb dbhb

Code Widget

Would you mind adding the ability to specify the width and height of the code widget and automatic overflow in both directions? - StPendl StPendl May 12, 2011

Sort Wanted pages by number of links

Some Wanted pages are more wanted than others. If the Wanted pages tab simply had a column with a count of the number of links asking for the page, then it would be easy to sort the list to work on the Most Wanted pages first.


I would love is if we could like talk to other people and friends that you know has a wiki space we won't be able to chat or share comments with other friends.

Chatting with people

I wold like to be able to chat with the other people on my page when they are online. We could chat about our discussion instead on waiting for a message for 5 or so minutes. - KelseyPerez KelseyPerez

Awesome idea! - JWLibrarian JWLibrarian Apr 14, 2013

Hiding from search engine robots

Table of Contents

I would like an easy way to add the robots.txt or meta tag to keep the wiki page hidden/unindexed from robots please.

Under wiki Information there is a setting for allowing search engines. Unclick this and robots.txt will set for you. - DaleDe DaleDe Feb 17, 2011

Navigation widget addition.

I would like to see a sort option in the navigation widget that would sort entries by number of views. There is an option to truncate the number of entries listed but it makes no sense since the list is always sorted alphabetically. You only get the first of the alphabet. Why would anyone only want to see a list that only includes A-C for example?
- DaleDe DaleDe Feb 17, 2011


I would like to invite editors with various disabilities to contribute to my wiki, but I am concerned about accessibility. I have one blind user and, for example, the menu of wiki pages is well down the text-only page, which means the user will need to use a reader to scan through much of the page searching for the menu. Is Wikispaces compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)?

TOC of *other* pages

Expanding the TOC widget to have it show the TOC of a different page would allow a very easy nested folder structure!

Full statistics, ala awstats

I would like to be able to collect more information about visitors, such as ip addresses, country of origin, number of visits per visitor, time on site, and so on. Awstats makes a good template for what I am looking for.

More ways of displaying statistics

The graphs are difficult to read--tables would be nice. Also, if we could get cumulative counts for the month, instead of trying to count it up from the graphs, that would be great.

I have a small suggestion for the stats page, to put in the list of
> possible improvements (and taking only a moment to do, probably).
> When I want to view prior months data, I click on the drop-box. The
> order of the months in the drop box makes me need to move my mouse to
> the very bottom of the list if I want to view the previous month. It
> could just as easily be at the very top of the list, requiring a much
> shorter mouse-trip. Also for the first time user, ‘Set Dates’ on the
> button was not intuitive. I changed the month and discovered that I
> had to click Set Dates to make it display. Until I tried it I figured ‘set dates’
> was going to give me something else (like perhaps the ability to set a
> range of dates). Suggestion: change it from ‘Set Dates’ to ‘Refresh
> for Chosen Month’. Or something like that.

Grouping wiki members by their country of origin

We have set up a European Higher Education Term wiki. This is primarily intended for discussions of new and existing terms, which means that it would be useful to filter members by their country of origin in the List Members page, and also when sending group mailings to wiki members. Pages can be filtered using tags, surely it should be technically possible to introduce a new field in the member profile for country of origin, and to offer the option of filtering member lists on this basis?
Nigel Hillen
The Netherlands

A la carte services

I'd like to be able to have a custom domain, but don't need things like SSL, privacy settings, etc. I can't afford $20 a month for that feature though. What about an option to get each of the features a la cart, rather then by the package?

Iphone app
I would love the possibility to search my wiki with an app on my iphone. Since I am not a genius, maybe someone has already build such an app or is it possible to provide one? - yvsetten yvsetten

iPhone app-- I second that request! Thanks for considering the possibility.

PLEASE! - JWLibrarian JWLibrarian Apr 14, 2013

Individual stats

So it could be possible to track and display stats for individual users (this is something a teacher would like to do with his students).

​ (user: wierddudee
Friend requests
We should be able to add friends to our spaces so we can sent pm's quicker and find wikis quicker.


Emails tied to accounts

For teachers and tech types it would be nice to have two emails to tie to an account. One for home that travels with you and one for your current school or if you travel between schools you might like to have 2 e mails to access your account.


IT would be nice if we could add our spaces to Goggle webmaster tools, but it seems I can't use either verification method. - dqbiggerfam dqbiggerfam


pagelist submenu should always have delete

when you are on the "Pages" page of managing a wiki, you are able to delete redirects for entries where Revisions=1. If Revisions=0, you only get "redirect" and "lock". Please add "delete" to the menu, it's a bit misleading.

could someone take a moment to explain what it means when a redirect has a revision of 1? - chinarut chinarut

Accounts -

I would love to see Wikispaces be part of the Google Apps for EDU market place. Imagine being able to give all of your students wikispaces accounts with 1 push. With all of the great resources out there teachers and students need a common place to access all of these.

Hit Counter

  • An option to see how many page visits your wiki has. Simple.
  • I would like to see more stats information than just the hits--the ip addresses, countries--more like awstats.

Word Count

It would be good to know the total number of words in my entire wiki.

Message Request:

Just as you provide an option to send a message to all the members of a wikispace, it would be nice to have the option to send a message just to all the organizers.- mbeinhorn mbeinhorn

Ability to search for a user

It would be great to have a search field in the Members area so we could search for a user.

Allow removal of private message feature for student accounts during bulk user creation.

How to add an anchor

I have created an anchor on the page, but I try to create a link to it from a place on the same page, it does not work. Has anyone else been sucessful at adding an anchor to your page? If so, how did you do it?
  • When I create a link to an anchor, in the first time I save it, it doesn't work: the anchor's name strangely appears in the top of the page I want to link. Then I delete that it and do it all again, and then it works... but it's boring that we must create the link two times.


Update statuses

  • I would be like to see what other people are doing and tell them what i'm doing

  • I think that the mail section should have a search bar, so then you can look for a specific one. Also, there should be a trash, then if you accidently delete something, you can get it from the trash.- Proof_That_This_Is_Real Proof_That_This_Is_Real
  • I think that it would also be nice if you could delete sent messages. I also second the above. - trekkie0 trekkie0
    • I second this. I have a ton of sent messages and would love to delete them
    • i third this beacsue i want to be able to delete sent messenges.
  • I would like to be able to select people among the members to whom I wish to send a message and not to be obliged to sent a message to all the members or to only one, or to type their names in the box; so I suggest to add to the list of members a place to tick in order to select the members to whom to send a message. Thank you for considering the wiki development. pmmayor

Who's on Right Now

  • I would like to be able to see who was online now in my group.
    • I second that! - Raabster Raabster
    • I'm thirding this! - desolato desolato
    • I think it'll be a great idea, too! - mkamijo mkamijo
    • That is a great idea
    • Great for checking which students are making the most of your wiki
    • Yeah, that would be great. There's this which shows how many people are logged on. - Matthew3311999 Matthew3311999 Dec 4, 2011

Pages with in Pages

  • I think that it would help if we could have pages with in pages. We use wikispaces for our class. It would help if we could have a pages called notes. Then have a page foreach chapter with in the notes page. That way the wiki isn't full of 20+ indivudal pages.
  • I couldn't agree more. - mkamijo mkamijo

User Time Logged On

  • I would also like to add that I'd like to see "time logged on" because some of my students are logging onto the site, but they aren't contributing or they're using the email for personal reasons.- Raabster Raabster May 1, 2007
  • I second this - amysaundersbigelow amysaundersbigelow
  • I'll definitely agree with this. I would really like to know exactly when my pupils are accessing their homework exercises. 1191111282
  • I'd also like this. It's very usefull, specially with homework tasks.- profeSusi profeSusi Mar 24, 2008
nt behind them, when only one person is the vandal ;-) - mikro2nd mikro2nd Feb 23, 2006
  • It'd be really useful for me too. Sometimes my students are logged on but not doing their tasks. - mkamijo mkamijo
  • I agree--more statistics in general, but this would be very informative.

  • I would like to request the ability to change an history entry which has been entered as guest to a valid user name, If the signed in member has the same IP address as the guest entry then the user can change this. if it is different then I would need to be verified by the help admin - infotaker infotaker
  • May be a security issue, force sign out, force sign in, (force logout, logoff, login) when some members of my space forgot to do it in an Internet Cafe. See also the discussion at [[]] Thanks. Marco - MarcoRudin1961 MarcoRudin1961 Nov 21, 2006

Hide from Recent Changes

  • Ability to hide your space from the whole site's Recent Changes page - ansell ansell Sep 11, 2005
  • Wipe history or only show it to organizers, higher rankings, ... - fyrevortex fyrevortex

Export content to work off-line

  • A limitation to usability is not being able to export the wikispace to work on it off-line (then replace the changes to the site). Often a good time to work on documentation is while on travel, which doesn't always allow a network connection. Saving individual pages as text is OK, but far from optimal. stg_mgr 1/31/07
  • YES - sometimes I need to make a change on all pages. Would be great to download the whole space, make all changes (i.e. apply a script to change a company name) and upload space w/ changes. - sdix sdix May 24, 2007
  • YES! - being able to mirror my wikispace on my own computer, and thus work on it whilst offline, would at least triple the ease and efficiency with which I could maintain my site. I would use wikispaces a LOT more if this was possible. See the Unplugged feature of Socialtext. - gus gus Aug 23, 2007
  • YES - better integration with TiddlyWiki (used in Socialtext Unplugged) would really help me. - GregWolff GregWolff Oct 21, 2007

HTML importer

  • if you really don't want to allow embedded html: if you paste html from another source it looks nice in the editor, but after saving, you end up with a mess - pannous pannous Feb 9, 2006
  • There might be a very good reason why HTML is not allowed, but whatever the reason, reconsider it. I've spent hours trying (unsuccesfully) to make pages look visually appealing and functional for something that would have taken 5 minutes in HTML. I dont know how things work on wikipedia and other wiki systems, but the code system now is ridiculous if you want to have any control whatsoever. Maybe an option HTML for advanced users, and the current code system for people who don't know HTML. If some one could even give me a good explanation of WHY even basic HTML is not allowed, it might put my mind at rest...- JohnMazz84 JohnMazz84 Mar 24, 2006
  • Count mine as another vote - properly formatting a table seems to require HTML, even if it would be more difficult to edit later - techmonk techmonk
  • I'm also having trouble editing. HTML support would help. - kohlgill kohlgill May 8, 2006
  • Count me in, either HTML support or a more capable system for page layout formatting and tables would do wonders for me. - kcasar kcasar May 13, 2006
  • HTML support where you can just type in HTML into the text editor is a must have and would sort out a lot of the styling issues mentioned elsewhere on this page (eg, image captions, text alignment). - matthewoliver matthewoliver Jul 12, 2006
  • I'll add my $.02 worth--this would be a really nice feature. Perhaps something similar to your "code" bracketing tags, like an "html" bracketing set. You could "punt" on most formatting requests on this page and just tell folks to do it in HTML, which many if not most of us know.- pherold pherold
  • yes, yes yes. It would be different if wikitext was as widely documented and flexible as html (as much it pains me to say so), but so far either wikitext can't support the page layout options that make for great web design, or the documentation is just difficult to find. there's lots of great things a non-techie can accomplish with automatic html generators out there, but because the wiki doesn't support html, the functionality offered by this code can't be used. and isn't the whole point to create a powerful, easy-to-use interface?- greatrivercitynetwork greatrivercitynetwork Aug 26, 2006
  • add in my support for this feature. other than text alignment and tabel layout, what would really help with readability of my pages is the blockquote tag or something that has a similar function.- ryusen ryusen Sep 20, 2006
  • Embed media is fine, but if you want to modify and re-use a bit of embedded code, you have to start from scratch. Also, an embedded media key ID is not very meaningful for maintenance purposes. Editable markup would be just the job! - Barry_Desborough Barry_Desborough Dec 22, 2006
  • Re. my preceding comment, extending the 'media' markup to include content="{markup}" might be the way to go. It wouldn't cause problems with existing content. - Barry_Desborough Barry_Desborough Dec 23, 2006
  • Yes. Add HTML support for tables, or simply improve the table controls provided. This is a much desired feature.
  • I second this - hayesp hayesp
  • I couldn't agree more -- the ability to use HTML in the text editor is a must. I didn't realize that I couldn't add HTML in a page until recently and it's making me regret my decision to use wikispaces. The only other wiki I've used extensively before is pbwiki and that platform allows you to use HTML tags within the text editor.
  • I couldn't have said it better myself than kcasar did, "...either HTML support or a more capable system for page layout formatting and tables." It's a sad comment that there are whole wikis on your system full of hacks and workarounds just to achieve basic page layout. - josh_manley josh_manley

More page types

  • More page types (blogs, calendars, table sheets)
  • Awesome idea! It would be more than a normal average wiki! More schools would use it! :) - fyrevortex fyrevortex
  • Without making your product as confusing as jotspot's, I would really like you to add new features to the site, that would make wikispaces more usefull for my team (we use it as an intranet). These would be: A simple blog template, A calendar template and some kind of template that would enable you to do simple budgets and stuff (something like jotspot tracker jenspoder jenspoder
  • A guestbook would be useful - daryush daryush Aug 6, 2006
  • A page showing broken links/pages that haven't been edited/created yet would be useful - Mikebloke Mikebloke Dec 28, 2006
  • Yes, a calendar! We're documenting a joint project for a university class and putting deadlines on a calendar would be wonderful. - STLovett STLovett Mar 18, 2007

Page Renaming

  • It would be nice if, when renaming a page, it is possible to optionally make the system rename all the references to the old page name - something it now only warns it won't do. - rsrado rsrado


  • Backup only selected files / pages. useful if you have a lot of files and only want to backup the new additions.
  • Import Backup / Restore wiki to a specific state. - amoebios amoebios Dec 20, 2006

Referring page link

  • Even just when editing and creating pages it's nice to be able to have a link back to the referring page. If you're deep in the wiki the only way back - that I can see - is to start over from the top. Not good. For me this is a critical oversight. - jgates513 jgates513 Nov 17, 2006
  • A smart "back to previous page" link: [[]]

Page Views

  • Similar to MediaWiki, I would like to have wikitext or code that allows me to add a page views counter at the bottom of each page of the wikis (e.g. This page has been accessed ?? times). I find that most stats counters look rudimentary/unprofessional. Currently, these are our only option. - rdbreu rdbreu Jun 26, 2007 I'll second this one - jim-holland jim-holland Aug 21, 2007
  • (would be helpful for teachers): A tracker of when users (not just unique visitors, but actually members of the wiki) view the pages (and not necessarily edit them)-- this would help with seeing who did their reading assignment, and find out how much it is getting used in general


  • Index files included on pages as part of page contents, so searching for a term in a file name returns the page in the search results. - jayf64 jayf64 Aug 2, 2007
  • When I search other wiki sites, I'd like to see the search results come up in chronological order. This would eleviate wikis that are no longer in use. - Shettsrc Shettsrc Oct 23, 2007
  • The content in the HTML should also come up in the search. I have lots of tables and they aren't searchable. (- JHJ JHJ Nov 10, 2007)
  • Clicking on a search result should take you to the search word. Currently only takes you to the page where the word appears, not to the word.- wcoates3 wcoates3 Mar 4, 2008
  • When clicking on a link in searching, it goes to that page and put focus the line with the search world or one line line above or or closet heading or space lines. This will improve the search much without changing GUI. - klasbricks klasbricks Jun 6, 2006
  • Page search button behind normal search so user not get right pages when searching and get right spot. maybe a text called option behind search button and click on that expand and get next,prev and marked like firefox page search. - klasbricks klasbricks Jan 22, 2006 An extra thing which should make it better then firefox and google toolbar is search next on all pages so it goes as normal page search jump to next word. On last world on a page it take next page from search list and go directly to first world on that. - klasbricks klasbricks Jan 22, 2006
  • I would find it useful to Search within my own Spaces. Currently the choice is the current space or all spaces. A third choice - 'my spaces' - would save me time - I currently have to enter the same query into the spaces of which I am a member. - cbrain cbrain Jan 26, 2007
  • The Navigation bar listing spaces to which one belongs is a great help. Wouldn't it be great to be able to search over that same domain? This could already be done with Google Advanced search, I believe, but not easily. - tloughran tloughran
  • Search Comment Text I put a substantial investment in logging comments. my comments are quite rich in meta-data. Right now I cannot search my comments. Please search this text too. - chinarut chinarut Jun 23, 2008
  • Wildcard search and searching terms that are part of a word. Although mentioned somewhere I find no way to search with wildcards (*) or for parts of a word. (For working in German this is essential as here terms can be linked to form chain words.) This takes away a lot of the potential power of searching as it makes searching a failure unless you hit the very exact phrase. Next on the list is giving live hints to search as soon as you start entering a term. Next is expanding search to synonymic terms,.... - time3 time3 dec 27th 2010

Join Simplification

  • Remove item #4 "Make a space?" from the join screen. Question #4 confuses novice wiki users, who don't have a clue what "Make a Space" means. Currently you are presenting two disjoint concepts ("How to join" vs. "Do you want to make a new space", which can confuse novice users. JUSTIFICATION: a wiki should be as simple as possible for the novice user. - shufnagel shufnagel Jan 7, 2008
  • If you wish to give the "Make a Space" option as part of the join process, it be better as part of the follow on screen, after the join step is completed. The "Make a Space" option should include an explanation for the novice user, why they might want to "Make a Space" - shufnagel shufnagel Jan 7, 2008
  • I am creating a wiki that will be worked on by a dozen or so fairly unsophisticated computer users. We are already having sign up problems. I send them an email invitation, they respond and when they add username, email address and password and hit save, they are presented with a Wikispaces page--not my page!! This is confusing. Unless they know to click the name of the wiki in the left hand column, they are lost--especially since the name of this wiki is "NOSF" which is an acronym that may not necessarily mean anything to them. - folkdawg folkdawg Jan 29, 2008
  • I agree. - JWLibrarian JWLibrarian Apr 14, 2013


  • Ability to integrate blog entries older than the last 30 displayed in the drop down. - AndyMc AndyMc
  • A Way To Archive Page Information I would love to have a way to archive the information on the pages like blogs have - by month would be fantastic! After a while there is just too much information on a page, but if it's something you still want to have available to students for reference, you don't want to delete it. - cpaliotto cpaliotto


  • I'd love to have access to raw log files related to my space. At the very least, access to the referers, and stats for each referer would be a tremendous help.
  • I can see how many times a page has been accessed, but I wish I could see how many times a file has been downloaded. This would be very informative. - mhorton mhorton
    • I would like to second this request! i think this would have a good home on the "list and upload files" page, with an extra column for "downloads", and a clicky-link at the bottom to "download data in CSV". - dfolkins dfolkins

Sort by User

  • I'd like to be able to sort the history listing by user. I'm a teacher and want to be able to quickly see the input that a particular student has made.
  • It would also be useful to sort by user in the "Recent Changes" so input by a user could be observed wiki-wide. - devinhess devinhess

Export to PDF

  • Export to PDF (or other format) option for a page - ansell ansell Jul 4, 2005
  • (seconded by JonWang per jbyers); and - liblamb liblamb
  • One feature that became "the runner" here (Vienna) amoung my fellow students is the possibility to create PDF files from wiki pages. (See for example Essay: The OMK in the EU., this is for example an essay for our study written collectivly by 3 students. Altough its german you can see the concept, click on top the red text above, it will create a paper you can hand your professor.) This feature got tremendous enthusiasm amoung all studend-groups I tested it upon. It allows collective-creation of paper far more easier and far better qualilty, than with ms word, where in the end the singular parts get pasted together. It works over Latex, the wiki engine creates a .tex from the wikitex, which is translated to pdf with pdftex. I use a title page written in latex on wiki, I see that is nothing you can do with non-enigeers, but creating other titel pages in wikitext would be just as nice. Maybe with a option-click window, if you want a table of contents, what to write in headers/footers and where to put the page numbers. (which would create a simple .tex header for the page) (PS: What I miss most from our inhouse wiki engine is the WYSIWYM editor, it aways take a time and costs some effort to teach non-technical students the basics of wikitext.) --- Axel1 Axel1 Apr 24, 2006
  • Note to Ansell, JonWang, Axel1: Adobe Acrobat can easily convert ANY web page to a PDF file. Educational version not bad, expense wise. --MrCreamer
  • Hello MrCreamer, Acrobat will only print the one page. I think what JonWang is referring to, is printing the whole wiki NAVIGATION Tree to PDF like does. This would be a wonderful NEW feature and so desparately needed.
  • Add Navigation (TOC tree).
  • This would be an excellent feature.
  • Definitely add this feature. Here's how does it
  • I see that this feature made it onto the site, and I love it! Now could I have a choice of orientation between Portrait and Landscape? I have some tables with too many columns for Portrait. Thanks, Kent H. Pryor - khpryor khpryor

Plans w/ 3 spaces

  • I think there are probably a number of members like me who are starting to get serious about Wikispaces and would love to get a break on multiple spaces. One possible solution would be something like a 3-for-2 Plus plan or Super Plan. One space for work, one for family/community/fun, and one private space for personal use. Over time these bundles could be adjusted based on user feedback. I find that when editing stylesheets one really needs a second (private) space, or otherwise you are developing code on a live public space, which is not normally recommended. Thanx. - BaltoCo BaltoCo Jun 27, 2007
  • I second that request. Alternatively, instead of having separate spaces, a solution might be to allow separate permissions to co-exist within the same space. E.g.,:
    1. when editing a page, it would be great to be able to override the space's permission setting and choose whether the page is visible by the public or only members. Any private pages wouldn't appear in any lists when the user doesn't have access (e.g., Recent Changes), nor could they be visited by url. This way, one can jot down some private notes ; or
    2. allow special "[private]" tags to wrap around sections of content that should only be visible to members. A page can then have private content intermingled with public.

Random page function

  • It would be nice if I could add a link that would go to a random page on my wiki in the naviagation section. - bmeaker bmeaker Oct 14, 2006
  • I, also, would really really like this. Especially if I could add a widget to link to a random page out of a set of pages with a specified tag!

Page Ratings

  • It'd be great to have a 5-star rating system on pages that users can click to modify. - Mgaut051 Mgaut051 May 31, 2007
  • Seconded. In addition to user rankings (and some way to access/sort by ranking), I'd suggest including "most viewed" pages. I'd like to do a wiki for student book reviews and allow the students to rank the books like movie reviews get from 1 to 5 stars. - Demetri Demetri Nov 26, 2007
  • This option would be useful for work with my students. I would like students to be able rate posts in our discussion. Top-rated posts should float to the top of the list.
  • I completely agree. This is exactly what I need. I found an external place that seems to provide a service that we can add on to the wiki but i have not been able to implement it yet.- dapul dapul

Features for Documenting Application Software

  • - Solinges Solinges Mar 11, 2008
  • Interface in other languages (Spanish in particular)
  • There should be an option to make the wiki available to view for registered users, and pages only available to specific users. I use my wiki for documenting an application software and I dont want everybody in the world to view it, only my customers. Even more, I want to put some documentation specific for certain customers wich evidently should be only available to them (i.e. registered users)
  • Certain blocks of text should be available for specific users

Page List:

  • Put the "jump to" buttons on the top of the page as well as the bottom.

Not Accepting:

  • Maybe some wikis are private or are for school-And random people just pop in and want to join. Wouldn't a "Not accepting members" be better? - fyrevortex fyrevortex (If this idea is wrong please say so. This just came up from the top of my head.)
  • I created a wikispace for final versions of presentation content, and explicitly stated that it was available for free use but there is no reason to join as I remain sole author. People continue to pester with requests to join the space mainly so the links appear in ther left side links, so perhaps a feature that would allow themt to "follow" or "bookmark" a space so they have easy access. - cogdog cogdog Oct 29, 2007


  • An option to create an account where only you can edit it, and invite specifically listed members to view and edit it as well.
  • Ability to move a selected block of text to a new page (select it, click a button, give it a name, and voila - new page - VoodooPad for Mac has this) - jesse jesse
  • recent logins box - jbyers jbyers Mar 17, 2005 it would be nice if this were also listed by space -- a login indicated if the user authenticated and visited the space. Recent visitor I guess. (- ghouse ghouse
  • Popular Pages - Option to display the popular pages from the past 30 days, or from all time. This way if a page was popular months ago, the use can have the option to only see recent popular pages. - ghouse ghouse Jun 7, 2005
  • Space control of meta tags (per - queenloana queenloana)
  • Float the up and down so that it is always on the screen. - ansell ansell Aug 29, 2005
  • Random Space Feature to highlight a space - msbluebells msbluebells Sep 11, 2005 (as opposed to the Space of the Monthpage that is already available - ansell ansell Sep 11, 2005 I was thinking of having both. - msbluebells msbluebells Sep 12, 2005i
  • A list of recent changes to your star/watched pages - ansell ansell Sep 20, 2005
  • Easy way to link to edit pages ( e.g. [[@pagename|edit]] is much nicer than a link to [[]]|edit ) - joeljunk joeljunk Sep 26, 2005
  • Can accepted editing users be added by a e-mail domain, rather than specific e-mail ( * ?
  • Could we have 'Location' and/or 'Language' properties for spaces, and the ability to filter by them, please? - NeilSunderland NeilSunderland Oct 23, 2005
  • Can the [[toc]] tag pick up the title field from RSS fields? - NeilSunderland NeilSunderland Oct 27, 2005
  • password protect backup ZIP file with login password (optional) - joeljunk joeljunk Jan 5, 2006
  • Ability to add new pages to a space via email, like Backpack. When I send a long email to my students, I want to be able to cc: the course wiki and have each new message appear on its own new page. - nbr nbr Feb 25, 2006 (PS It occurs to me that I could sort of work around this by using the mail-to-Blogger feature of my Blogspot blog and adding the auto-import wiki text at the end of the message.)
  • Make the file list page faster and easier to navigate, much like the picture placement tool in the editor (thanks, droffarc) - jbyers jbyers May 12, 2006
  • Who is online: I would like to put in a list of member's names who is online at that time in wikispaces! ;) - beco beco Aug 20, 2006 Yes please! However, I don't want to know EVERY wikispace member online, just the members for my wiki...- RaabeDoyle RaabeDoyle Apr 30, 2007
  • Email rate-limiting for space change notifications. If I didn't log in to survey the changes announced by the first two emails, I'm probably busy or sleeping and the next fifteen won't do any good. Reset the squelch when I log in. - Myself Myself Mar 18, 2007
  • Ability to have a built-in mailing-list (for newspapers and stuff)
  • A badge that shows all of a member's public changes (similar to the space badge, but for all pages) proxied from - leighblackall leighblackall by - jbyers jbyers Nov 10, 2005
  • For my space, I'd like to set up a clear, standardized format for usernames—showing first and last names—that would be as easy as possible for users to remember and to type in. At the moment, the best I could do would be something like JohnSmith, which would allow users to log in all in lowercase, without punctuation, while making the users' real names pretty clear. It would be ideal if the username could be John Smith. If it's a hassle to allow usernames with spaces, could you convert spaces typed when logging in to underlines, so could have the username John_Smith but just type in john smith? - dtronvig dtronvig May 3, 2006
  • Also, have a place besides the sidebar where all pages are listed and easily accessesd.
  • it would be neat to have an address book so that i can select the names of who i want to message. there are over 50 members and not all of them need all the messages. i also forget the username they often have as they are using the a mix of christian name, surname and numbers. if i could simply scroll down the list of page members it would make life much simplier.- Michael-P Michael-P Sep 10, 2007
  • The ability for the author to edit his/her own history comment later if they forgot to include something.
  • It would be nice to clear your history once in a while... I wrote this article and then thought that other people could steal it then publish it for money... I deleted it, but then had the space-Guess how they sold it? Going to history, copying it, selling it... -Fyrevortex
  • "Edit" action on pagelist - amoebios amoebios Dec 10, 2007
  • Better support for OffByOne. - amoebios amoebios Dec 17, 2007
  • Add please a pligg service .
  • Please add a mobile version of wikispaces to work on mobile phones. It would be very handy to view and edit wikispaces on the go with a mobile phone. - johndickinson johndickinson Oct 7, 2009
  • The ability to "lock" multiple pages at one time. My students usually have to complete their wikis on a deadline. I would also be nice to set a certain date/time to lock down edits on a page.
  • Ditto on the mobile version.

Space-Wide Search and Replace

It would be fantastic to be able to do a global search-and-replace across all of the pages in my space.
- gmennie gmennie May 2, 2008

Embeddable Database

I would like to see a database widget that could be embedded into a page. This would allow users of a site to leave contact information, such as their Twitter or Skype accounts. I run the GoAPES wikispaces at and have environmental science teachers from around the world who visit the site. I thought it would be a great idea to create an embedded login and contact form, so that if teachers wanted to collaborate with each other environmental science teacher, they could look up other teachers contact information, or leave their own. It would also be great if the database widget could be secured from the general public, i.e. only approved site members could login to the database, and the site administrator would have the ability to delete records and permissions. - tcooper66 tcooper66

Bulk Page Creating

I have a situation where I want to run a summer camp off of a wikispaces site. However, to make pages for each of the campers, I have to go one by one and make page after page. It would be great if there was a feature that allowed you to make pages in bulk. You could specify a page name, and an unique identifier to assign (such as 1,2,3,4 or a,b,c,d) and you could specify how many pages. The end result would end up with as many pages as you need, all named individually. You would end up with a list of pages such as
- jacobw4 jacobw4
  • I would like this as well, since I something have to make over 10+ pages a time for all the scripts.. - desolato desolato

Export Metadata

The current backup does not include metadata such as tags and comments. I'd like to create software to process backup files which includes the pages, files, tags, and comments until a full API is released. - chinarut chinarut Jun 23, 2008

Add-to-the-page box

Wikispaces seems to be missing the one feature that I use the most with students. That is the ability to easily add an "add to this page" box. I use the aniweb version of Swiki (Squeak Wiki--see Swiki Documentation) One of it's nicest features is the "add to the page box" that is created by just starting any line with a + sign. The box can have several "flavors":
Just an Add to the Page box that posts the new content above it so the box moves down the page.
Add to the page box that posts the new content below it so the box always stays in the same place
Add to the page box that puts the user, date, and time at the top of each entry
Add to the page box that puts a horizontal line between each entry
These are counted as page edits so the user is always tracked. However, there are no risks of editing collisions. I've used this for various people to take notes in a meeting, for students to comment on each other's work, for teachers to comment on student's work, etc. It's very useful and makes it much faster to comment on numerous pages rather than having to edit each one.- dvfincher dvfincher Sep 30, 2008

Selecting Specific Dates in Manage Space

I work within the Manage Space pages to evaluate course discussions. To use Member Statistics, I must select a month for those statistics or the whole year. Sometimes I want to look at usage stats for member use that occurs over a three week period at the end of one month and at the beginning of another month. To see the members' work, I now must look at the whole year. Checking the whole year often gives me much more usage information than I want to see. It would be very nice, if when we are working within Manage Space and in the Statistics section, that we could select a specific From date and a specific To date for which to examine those statistics. - D_Morton D_Morton Oct 10, 2008

Show Member Statistics for just Discussion Items
I would like to be able to view individual member usage for those members who only use a discussion feature during a given time period. Currently, if members have not made any page edits, then they do not show up in member usage at all even if they have contributed hundreds of discussion items on the discussion pages. Maybe you could add additional Member Statistics choices and make it so that we can just search for discussion or just search for page edits. - D_Morton D_Morton Dec 22, 2009

RSS Feed

  • To have text removed in beginning of a channel and in description could it says the description management the space. - klasbricks klasbricks Jun 16, 2006
  • Could we have an additional, simpler feed of recently-changed pages, that only includes a page once even if it has been edited many times, and that links to the page itself rather than a differences report? - NeilSunderland NeilSunderland Aug 5, 2006 I second this! It is a right pain to edit a page 4 times and see every diff listed as a separate link. - PaulGear PaulGear Apr 19, 2008
  • A big fix that needs making is fully-qualifiedlinks in the RSS text. I link to the feed from my web site, and because the text contains relative links, they refer to non-existent pages on my site rather than to the correct pages on - PaulGear PaulGear Apr 19, 2008
  • I would love a RSS for terms recently entered in the search box, for most recently clicked page(s), and recently used tags. And I echo the above requests.
  • How about a way to encapsulate video and audio for podcasting into itunes... now that would be a fantastic addition (see - forensicked forensicked May 28, 2008
  • RSS feeds have options of day="10" which filter out all older entries. - klasbricks klasbricks May 26, 2006
  • Make a syndicate by grouping many rss feed togher and let the result be sorted togher by date this should be great for making on list of blog entries for the hole group but title needs to be in beging of each row syntax [[syndicate start options which is same for all rss feeds]] [[syndecate end]] There is maybee some easy use service on internet to gain same thing? - klasbricks klasbricks May 26, 2006
  • To show links in include
  • To all the logo, descrition,links to the space insteed of the - klasbricks klasbricks Jun 16, 2006
  • Hard line breaks in RSS feed should be respected by the parsing engine. - romzombie romzombie Jan 24, 2007
  • With Yahoo pipes you can combine feeds, filter, sort and more. So why reinvent the wheel here? - jfp jfp May 27, 2007
  • Have some control over exporting feeds have an option to drop changes less than 20 charters - klasbricks klasbricks Jun 3, 2006

Creating Templates
I would like to be able to use templates across the various wikis that I've started. I have 4 different English 10 classes, each with its own wiki. I'd like to just create an assignment page once, then apply the template to all the wikis instead of having to create a new page, then copy and paste everything every time I want to make the same page on a different wiki.

Collapsable Navigation

I'd like to have an easy-to-use collapsable navigation menu on the left bar to simplify organization of wikis with hundreds of pages. Needs to be simple for new users to add new pages to the collapsable menu tree. A few people have come up with code to create collapsable menus using embedded widgets, but the code gets lost easily when going back in to edit, creating a jumbled mess of the menu. - openspecadmin openspecadmin Jun 16, 2010openspecadmin

Code Widget

  • My Wiki has lots of code fragments for users to copy. A copy to paste buffer button would be a great help. - Smacker Smacker Aug 6, 2010


  • I'd like to be able to search within the help files
  • Video tutorial for my users: My users get lost just in trying to create a wiki spaces account and join my wiki. It would be great if I could point them at a video that would help them with this first step!- yedwab yedwab Feb 1, 2011

Meeting Ground

I would like to know if there is anywhere where a person could meet and talk to new people about wikispaces. And if not, could one be made?
Thanks, - emptyness1 emptyness1

Tag Management Functions

On 2/16/2011 [at] 4:25 PM [Wikispaces time], Paul Beaufait wrote [emphasis and clarifications added]:

...I'm working on a collaborative book project, using tags to help categorize and organize contributions.

However, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to alphabetize built-in page tags in Wikispaces, and Wikispaces don't seem to organize page tag displays automatically in any way other than order of application.

… [What I was asking about was auto-alphabetization or drag-and-drop reorganization of tags on individual pages. I have added wording in square brackets to my previous inquiry (2/16/2011 4:25 PM, ...) to try to clarify that point. {PB, 2/16/2011 5:13 PM)}]

... [W]ould you please consider the following:

1. Automatic alphabetization of [page] tags [in on-page displays] after saving (Details and Tags),
2. Drag and drop functionality [in on-page displays of Details and Tags] for putting existing page tags into a desired order other than alphabetization, and
3. Preference settings enabling wiki organizers to choose between 1 and 2 above.

(PB, personal correspondence to

A co-editor of the book suggested in a background message to me that if all three of the above are not readily feasible, then the second feature I proposed, namely, "2. Drag and drop functionality" for tags in on-page displays (PB, 2/16/2011, above), would serve as an interim measure of tag management improvements.

Thank you again for your consideration. - ltdproject ltdproject Feb 18, 2011

filter on pages and files without a tag - BobbinWorker BobbinWorker Feb 1, 2012

Nav Bar Tag Management

Hi WikiSpaces people -
I really like the new nav bar you introduced. The drag n drop is very nice.
Feature suggestion: it’d be awesome if I could drag a page from “All Pages” on to a tag in order to add that tag to the page. Your new ability to use tags to organize pages is great, but it is really clunky to have to edit each page to add the tag(s).
- brianbartell brianbartell May 4, 2011

Widget enhancement to "Contents of a Wiki Page" widget

It would be really cool if your "contents of a wiki page" widget had an
option to make that section/widget expandable, like with a plus sign or
something. Also, the initial display (expanded, hidden) should be settable.

You guys should probably use something other than a wiki page for feature requests...this doesn't seem very efficient to me. Something like JIRA would work better.

- charlesbradley charlesbradley May 27, 2011

Tracking User Logins

I'd like to be able to see when/how often user login to my wikispace page. I'm an educator and I'd like to track and monitor how much my students look at my pages. I'm not too interested in watching how often and what they edit, just how often they visit the page.

Knowing who's on line in a specific wiki

It would be interesting to have a tool that tells us who is actually logged on a specific wiki when we access it.
user: mh.thibault

More Sophisticated Export
I think it would be neat to be able to export a group or cluster of pages rather than the whole wiki or a single page. This would be useful in situations in which someone wants you to save some data in a specific place (like on a work hard drive or something), but you still want to initially create and organize the data on wikispaces. Then you could just export the linked HTML pages and they would work offline on the hard drive. I'm not sure exactly how this feature would work. Perhaps you would select a main page you want to export and then the linked pages would be displayed, the user would then check the other pages they wanted to include in the export. Or perhaps the user would select a main page, and then a cluster of pages would automatically be suggested that are associated with this page. Something like that. . .
- azim58 azim58 Oct 25, 2011azim58

Ability to rename “Projects”
Give users the option of changing the name of “Projects” to something else. We use this area for journals, and it would be easier for our students to find on the page if we could just call it “Journals” instead of "Projects." It's for a quarter-long class and students only use the wiki 3-4, so it’s difficult for them to remember how to get to the wiki, much less where to go once they're on it. The more intuitive we can make it for them, the better. Thanks. [user paulalsrhs]

"Like" or vote for page.

It would be a nice way to encourage participation that is not to intimidating for users. I think this could be rolled in with the "Badges"idea, and would go a long way towards adding some fun to the wiki.
- danmccrea danmccrea

Email Editor

  • Better editor for email support normal editing formats, e.g. bold, bullets, indents, ... - yedwab yedwab Apr 11, 2012
  • Make the input box for entering messages bigger or least expandable so that I see a message that is longer than a few lines - yedwab yedwab Apr 11, 2012
  • Make it easier to send an email to a large subset of the members (20-30), but not all members
  • It would help to have more group-recipient options for email, such as sending to all organizers, all members of Project X, etc. - Togusa Togusa Dec 8, 2013
  • More important, having an interface that will allow for selecting or searching for recipients from the valid / current user names would really help (as others have noted in several places on this page and elsewhere in these suggestions pages). - Togusa Togusa Dec 8, 2013

More tutorials

  • Add more tutorials including having one on simple page editing and one on the use of dicussion tabs.- yedwab yedwab Apr 11, 2012