• It would be great if there was a group email for all of the members on one team. Currently, it is easy to send emails to everyone in a wiki (using the group email address for everyone in the wiki), but not to the members in a project's team (there is no group email address for everyone on a TEAM within a project). I would like my students to be able to send emails to everyone in their team without having to enter in each username separately.
  • Google Groups Beta combines e-mail distribution with a rudimentary wiki. Running a regular e-mail newsletter with links is the only positive (not passive) way I know to propel readers on to the wikispace, and it works a treat. Having the two together is irresistable. New projects will therefore go to Google Groups Beta. But wikispaces is much smarter and more developed in the pages and files department than Google Groups are ever likely to be. So first prize would be to have a decent e-mailing-to-list facility in wikispaces. - dominic dominic Oct 18, 2006
  • I really agree. As a very new user, I have invited a lot of people to join, but would like to be able to send messages around them easily to encourage them to actually contribute.- guest ( guest ( Nov 24, 2006
  • I agree. This seems to me to be a much needed - Klein46282 Klein46282
  • I wholeheartedly agree. I have a very recalcitrant group of users that I'm trying to get to use a wiki for minutes and document collaborating. I also am looking for a way to archive discussions, create a chronological structure so we don't end up with a lot of "crossed in the mail" items, and also have a record of (and improve the likelihood of the right people getting the right info) who got what. I started using Google Groups for this piece, but I see the advantage of combining this piece with the wiki. All the pieces are covered now by the "discussions" tab, EXCEPT being able to e-mail a post to people. To have any hope of getting people on board I'm going to need to e-mail them stuff that links to the wiki. Otherwise I keep having to e-mail them and they don't have any reason to use the wiki. So, for example, I could post a proposal to my discussion page and simulaneously send it to the people I've invited to join my wiki who haven't yet; and if they reply, it gets posted in the discussion as well as going to everyone via e-mail. I'm not sure how I'm going to get them to go the rest of the way, but at least they are half-way there and we have the chron record. - JoelW JoelW Mar 6, 2007
  • A definite must have to get people using this brilliant technology. I am stuck with trying to get folk who are so use to MSOutlook and emails they don't bother unless pushed to a discussion that is on the wiki. The big issue is that authenticated feeds cannot be read by MSOutlook2007 and Wikispaces does not Monitor (email) discussions, only page edits. We definitely need the option to be able to push discussions via email. - Tomt2U Tomt2U Jul 26, 2007
  • I definitely agree with the comment above and see the same problem with my community. I think this is a critically need! - johnfb johnfb Aug 22, 2007
  • Yes, yes, yes. When you're working with others who aren't used to using a wiki and you're trying to get them to adopt a new way of sharing information, email is a key (and often necessary) hook.
  • Yes, please, I'd like to be able to email members and all the reasons above apply. - bastiani bastiani Sep 26, 2007
  • I am currently set up to receive "space wide" email notifications of any changes made to the space. If someone reverts to a previous version of the page, I am still emailed about the change but there is no indication that the only change was a "revert to" page. Please provide a "REVERTED PAGE" note in the notification email when the page has been reverted. [[1205340976]]
  • I think it is essential that we have the ability to email to our members on our wikispaces. Can you please advise how long it will be before this feature is added. Thanks
  • If you use e-mail subscription to a page it could be useful not to receive any change automatically. So, could it be possible to include an option to save a page without sending e-mail notification about that change? - JulenIturbe-Ormaetxe JulenIturbe-Ormaetxe Oct 8, 2008
  • * Ditto the need to email your wiki group, but make this a feature that is managed by administrator.- kenergy kenergy
  • How about a way to send email to regular emails? or vice versa? - Adam_BPC2013 Adam_BPC2013

Quote original message on reply

  • A way to quote original messages on reply would be very nice. As it is, it's quite hard to figure out what some of the replies I receive mean... especially if they come a week later and I've forgotten the original message. - chandler-parker chandler-parker Dec 7, 2007
  • *I agree. I'm always forgetting what I'm saying to someone because they usually respond the next day. squiggle13
  • Let me add a strong second to this one! Highly desirable for responding to student emails :). As a workaround, i've been copying/pasting the original and adding a ">" character at the beginning of each line of the original message. Works, but time-consuming. --MrCreamer
  • I agree that this would be a useful feature! - - MissVernon MissVernon

Turn off ability to send messages

  • As a teacher of middle schoolers, it would be nice to be able to disable the access to messenging as many students abuse this and there is no way to monitor it!
  • Instead of a way to turn it off, I'd like to see a way to monitor it. As educators, we are responsible for what our students say online... we really need a way to monitor when needed. - chandler-parker chandler-parker Dec 7, 2007
  • I also have middle schoolers, and believe wikispaces' relatively-protected e-mail is a wonderful, highly motivating feature for kids. :) Upon receiving a complaint about offensive messages sent privately, I've been handling the situation according to usual discipline protocol. Regarding offensive messages broadcast to all space members, I cover the undesirability of doing this in my lesson sequence (spam, netiquette, etc.). I also point out that permanent records are available of the messages sent. And I have emailed offenders privately (who are typically unaware of what they did to broadcast the message in the first place). It WOULD be great to have the ability to deactivate a student user's email to a particular Space, for either motivation or discipline. But since it is possible for users to send and receive email regardless of the particular wikispace they are visiting, as long as they are logged in (a good thing), I don't know how you could implement such a feature without creating an underclass of wikispace citizens (e.g. a "Students" group). To me that brings in administrative concerns and is probably NOT a good thing. --MrCreamer
  • I have recently experienced an issue with someone finding a student in a private site and messaging them with inappropriate content. As with many other education-based sites, the teachers I am working with are requesting the ability to change the options of all student accounts simultaneously. Although receiving a vulgar message from outside of our site can become a teachable moment, schools teacher should have the option of blocking all outside messaging as well as monitoring internal messaging.
  • I'm also a teacher. I'm trying to use a WIKI for the first time but I am really nervous about the ability to send private messages. I teach grade 3-5 and I think my parents will be detered from allowing their child to participate for this very reason. I went in to each account and turned off private messaging but nothing is stopping them from going in and changing the setting.
  • I teach grades 9-12. I manually have to login as each student before they begin the process of using the Wiki to disable any messaging except messages between them and me. I teach four subjects, and I do not have time to monitor private messages on top of the regular Wiki work. This is a case of one or two apples spoiling it for the whole bunch, because I wish that we could use the messaging inside the Wiki, but due to the aforementioned metaphorical apples it is not feasible. - MissVernon MissVernon

Discussion Areas

  • I would like to be able to move a discussion to the appropriate page within the wiki. Many times users will post a question/discussion item on the main or welcome page when it would better belong with another page within the wikispage.
  • Allow users to edit their own discussion posts. - robjoyce robjoyce
  • Add the wikitext photo tool to allow easy image insertion in the discussions. - robjoyce robjoyce
  • I would LOVE to be able to put videos / pictures in the discussion area so my students can watch a video and respond to that possible? I tried to embed a video from Teachertube, but it just posted the URL. Any suggestions?!?
  • I think the approach to discussion in wikispaces of limited use. I would like to have the discussion area include in the bottom of the actual page, instead of hidden on another page. When using discussion as a cooporation tool, I would like to post something in a page, and then have people discussing it right below. - jenspoder jenspoder
  • A way of adding post-it style comments directly to the page, (they could be marked by a mini yellow square that could be clicked on to expand or would be expanded automatically when the page is being edited). This would really help collaboration as well as being vital for educational use (e.g. when you're correcting a piece of writing). - Lucy Lucy Feb 11, 2006
  • I LOVE WIKISPACES, so thanks :-) But I do find having a discussion board for each page redundant and confusing. It's difficult to direct members to post on the appropriate board. I wouldn't want to turn off the discussion feature entirely, but I would really love the ability to turn it off for a single page, or pages of my choice. By the way, for me this is a critical feature, but I thought it best to add my two cents to the Discussion Area category. - CTP CTP Aug 17, 2006
  • This is related to discussions, sort of. For some things, the discussion area doesn't serve my needs. What would be REALLY great is if an email sent to would get sent to all my members. Then we could converse about site-wide issues off-line. Shouldn't be hard to implement - you could use your database to rebuild an email aliases database once every couple of hours or so. - thomasafine thomasafine Oct 26, 2006
  • Email notification for comments in addition to messages; see [[message/view/home/48193|]]
  • I would like to be able to move a discussion to the appropriate page within the wiki. Many times users will post a question/discussion item on the main or welcome page when it would better belong with another page within the wikispage.
  • The same as above, please! Before my wiki begins to grow! - ennioT ennioT
  • When I or others include a URL in an a message, I would like others who read the post to be able to link to it (e.g., the way that you can link to URLs in Word documents. I also agree that there should be a way to turn off discussions for certain pages and a way to move a discussion message to a more appropriate page in the Wiki. - JBMarshallUPRCayey JBMarshallUPRCayey Sep 27, 2009JBMarshallUPRCayey
  • threaded discussions - yes please. hypertext discussions - yes please. - djhb djhb
  • Allow a user to become a moderator for instance to edit and omit inappropriate language in posts other than their own, without deleting the post entirely.
  • Provide a WYSIWYG editor - yedwab yedwab Aug 31, 2010 Second that user : camillenapierbernstein
  • I need a way to show a kind of "aggregate discussion board" (or at least overview of links to all discussions) across pages. Many members who do not subscribe to all discussion posts or posts for a specific page (the majority) are never aware of most of the discussions taking place. Perhaps an idea to have a "Discussion" item in the Manage Wiki in the content section, just like you already have for Pages, Files, and Tags.- ademoor ademoor Mar 5, 2011
  • The "Discussion Area" widget shows the current posts. This is great, as it really helps visibility by embedding the discussion forum in the page it is about. However, if a user wants to start a _new_ post, she first has to go to the main discussion page, then click New Post. This extra step is unclear for many users. I now have to manually include a link called "New Post" outside the widget and link it to the discussion page. It's a lot of work if one has many pages to process, and doesn't look as nice. It should be really easy for your developers to include a link to the discussion page _within_ the widget and link it to the discussion page.- ademoor ademoor Mar 5, 2011
  • It would be great if there were some way to change the discussion forum header for all pages, not just one page at a time.
  • I would really like to see better editing options in the Discussion areas. The New Page editing is great - so why do you need to stick to the text tagging for discussions?
  • Maybe have a way to export the discussion into something... My school discussions are AWESOME and I would love to have them offline on record on my computer. Maybe even export to HTML. - Adam_BPC2013 Adam_BPC2013
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I need to add multiple comment boxes to a wikipage. There is no pure HTML code out there only javascript.
  • Please, please, PLEASE give us the option of threaded discussions where students' replies can be recorded directly beneath the post they are responding to because it will help us with recording artifacts to show students collaborating through technology. - MissVernon MissVernon
  • PLEASE give posters the option to edit their posts. Writing is a process, and as an English teacher I am expected to teach revision. Unfortunately, that is impossible on the Wiki in the discussion forum. - MissVernon MissVernon
  • I would also love to be able to indent within the discussion forum, since students will be tested on their ability to write narratives that include dialogue on the PARCC (Common Core) tests. I e-mailed support yesterday about this very issue, and I have yet to receive a response. Therefore, one thread is locked at this time and unusable on my English II Wiki. - MissVernon MissVernon
  • I second the request for ways to export the discussion into something tangible we can keep as an artifact. - MissVernon MissVernon


  • Preview option for messages - as one can use wikitext in them, in would be nice to be able check the formatting before posting. - phaedrus phaedrus Aug 5, 2005 Seconded - NeilSunderland NeilSunderland Feb 12, 2006 Thirded - MissVernon MissVernon
  • In the absence of a 'Preview' option, the ability to edit your own messages after you've posted them - NeilSunderland NeilSunderland Feb 12, 2006 I agree both,preview option & Edit your own messages - JuliusVerrazzano JuliusVerrazzano Agree: using a WYSIWYG editor for Discussions also, as requested by yedwab early, should cope with both problems - ElweEwing ElweEwing

Threaded Discussion

  • The discussions work well but adding threads would make them better. Within a discussion the ability to respond to a post so that your response appears below the original post (indented) would keep the discussions organized and not just a long list of posts. - orangejer orangejer
  • I second the request for a threaded discussion. My high school students are collaborating with a college class through the discussion pages, and the college students have said they wanted the ability to reply to individual posts (like a normal discussion thread!) rather than have to post one long post at the end.
  • I also would like to see a treaded discussion option. When discussing any topic, it is sometimes difficult to see who is discussing which topic without a visual organizer. If one individual only wants to reply to another individual specifically, without the entire group having to read it, would be of great benefit due to the more direct communication. That being said, having a possibility to discuss any topic is an excellent addition to every page but enhancing the communication between members on that page makes for more effective use of time and clarity of reponse.
  • I agree this would be extremely helpful. I am glad to see we can now have discussions displayed at the bottom of each page, but would be nice to read a teaser of the discussion (not just its title), and have a threaded discussion, perhaps with a window to prompt people to add their views (similar to at the bottom of a number of blogs).
  • yes please!!!!
  • yes, please!
  • I also have teachers (who are loving wikispaces, by the way) that would love to see a threaded discussion option.
  • THREADED DISCUSSIONS, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!! Students would be able to respond to each other's posts in a much more organized manner. Right now, one has no idea who is "responding" to whom.
  • Second all these requests! - camillenapierbernstein camillenapierbernstein
  • Thirding all these requests! - MissVernon MissVernon
  • Please add a threaded discussion feature!!!!!!
  • I would also love a threaded discussion feature. I am adding a page for a college professor who wants week 1 discussion questions, week 2 discussion questions etc.... The only way to do this right now is to have separate discussion pages for separate wiki pages, and have students find the appropriate pages themselves, but this will only confuse new users (and as it's a college class, there will be tons of new users who only use the page for one of their many classes, they're not going to want to have to learn a new system). People are used to a forum setup, where you can have separate topics listed and multiple discussions in each topic. - MrMeDaniel MrMeDaniel
  • I am in full support of a threaded discussion. I was anticipating to use wikispaces as a collaborative class project tool. Allowing threaded discussions would make the student collaboration much more successful and organized.

Signature on posts in discussions

  • To have signatures on the bottoms of posts like on forums? - rayZ66 rayZ66

Cut Down on Spam Emails

  • Allow only the organize(s) to send email to the entire space, Make it an option control by the organizers to allow members to send email messages to all members (- styleapple styleapple Nov 16, 2008)

Spam Filter on Email

  • I'm a member of a lot of fun spaces, but some of the members send a whole lot of spam emails, chainmail, and things like that. I don't want to leave the spaces or kick off the members, so a feature I'd like in the email is a spam filter. You can enter the users you don't want to recieve emails in your inbox from, and have a spam folder you can empty with one click. - julio3000 julio3000

Discussion Tab Post Editing and Simple Spell Checker

This relates to the Free version. Would it be possible to add the ability to "Edit" posts on Discussion Tabs? At present we can only delete and replace or double-post. Also a simple spell checker would be very helpful. - Al-T Al-T Seconded - User: MissVernon

Ability to archive and backup Discussion groups

  • Currently I don't see any possible way for me to backup or export the discussion threads on my wiki. - GPSFix GPSFix Oct 22, 2009]
  • Seconded - MissVernon MissVernon


  • I get notifications of discussions from various wikis. However, the subject does not indicate from which wiki, e.g. "Wikispaces: Monitored Discussion: "Vertaling"". This means I cannot automatically have these notifications labelled and archived by my mail client. My request is simple, please indicate in the subject _which_ wiki the message is from, e.g. "Wikispaces _virtacs_: Monitored Discussion..." - ademoor ademoor Mar 15, 2011

Editing Posts

Is there a way for a person to edit their discussion posts?
- emptyness1 emptyness1
Ditto I really want to edit my discussion posts.
i think you can edit your post just clik on edit at the top if you want to edit your post! it really works!
No. You can edit pages, but not posts. - MissVernon MissVernon

Copying Pictures
I have to copy-paste a lot of word files into professors' lecture notes, it would be great if I could copy and paste the pictures into the lecture notes as well, and it would make it much easier to convince other professors to give it a try if they could easily do this themselves. - mrmedaniel mrmedaniel

Ability to our own delete posts on any wiki?

I think that we should be able to edit and preview our posts. But more importantly, we should be able to delete our own posts, even if it says only Wiki Organizers can delete them. Sometimes the organizers don't listen, so I think it would be best if we could have the ability to delete our own posts. That's be rather helpful, in case a mistake or something is made, and we don't have the preview or edit option. Also, the text box for entering new posts shouldn't have the text as big, as it gets annoying to look at and type in. - VentriloquistMajora VentriloquistMajora Dec 17, 2011

Ability to have the discussion tab on the sidebar again?

As if the old changes weren't horrible enough... now this site is an ugly mess. Anyhow, I'd like it if we were able to have the discussion link on the sidebar again. I don't like having to go to the page top, it's confusing now. It took me awhile - too long - to find my discussion page. - VentriloquistMajora VentriloquistMajora Jan 9, 2012

I agree. The pages are confusing and students are having a difficult time figuring out what to click on. The discussion tab was a simpler and easier to navigate. trucs et astuces