Our philosophy at Wikispaces is that the best way to build communities and content on the Internet is in the open. We let anyone create a space, share ideas, create content, and discuss their interests with others.

To help further the creation of open content, Wikispaces has a few standing policies:

  1. For public spaces, we encourage use of a Creative Commons license to ensure that contributions remain free for all to share in the future.
  2. Anyone can edit any page in our public spaces. To prevent spam and abuse, you must be registered to create new pages and spaces. We think this is a reasonable tradeoff toward keeping vandalism down.
  3. All content is available via the web, through APIs, and as archives in text form (see Backups section in help). Your content is never locked into Wikispaces.

* There will always be a few pages that are protected in public spaces, but we hope this number stays small.