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Interface I enjoy:

This is the home page for the Yahoo! search engine. While a lot of the news articles they post are absolute garbage, I could care less about American Idol and what celebrities are doing, I do enjoy the actual interface. There are always four main news articles posted on the main site with a small picture that is blown up and shown when the cursor is above one of the four thumbnail pictures. I also enjoy the navigation menu on the left, I often use the weather and sports tabs, and occasionally others. I also really enjoy the links towards the bottom pertaining to a particular sport. I usually use them to read articles about professional sports teams and Maryland athletics.

Interface I don't enjoy:

I think most people will agree with me on this one. Where to start, The search button is hidden on the left, why do I have to go to a search menu to search for emails?. I virtually never use the buttons at the top of the interface and rarely on the right. How about adding some buttons that I would use more often. The go to button is not useful, who memorizes email numbers to search for them... Overall not that many options on what to do with email like Gmail, such as Folders such as sent mail should be one click away, instead we have to click folders then select the one we want. Lastly it is not interface related but, it is unreliable and very slow at times.