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collecting coins, especially errors and varieties since 1968. While i am almost entirely self taught, i learned alot from the late Pete Bishal. i spent untold hours talking to him. I really miss he and terry armstrong.
collecting vams since 1988, dealing in errors and varieties since 1988. offered a job as ANACS variety go-to guy december 2002 but couldn't put me on full time due to budget constraints. Continued as a dealer. Replaced jeff oxman as the attributor for PCI's signature series in 2007. Contracted by ICG fall 2008 to be their vam attributor(but have done little with me since). am a rabid cherrypicker doing all series from flying eagle and indian cents, 2c, 3c,seated coinage, barbers, 21st century coinage, dollars from trade to present and foreign doubled dies. I have over 5,000 foreign doubled dies and was going to do a cherrypickers guide to foreign doubled dies but i have picked myself into a corner. now i may have to do them by country.
i am married to my college sweetie, barbara(affectionately known as duckgirl) who doesn't stay out of my way, but actually encourages me in my numismatic pursuits. she has no jealousies about my cherrypicking and dealing, has seen me at work and has full confidence that i know very well what i am doing. In fact, she bought me a 5-45x infinitely variable zoom trinocular scope and a 8.0 megapixel cannon rebel.
I love baseball and can still throw a nasty forkball, love pitching , shortstop and second base. Was an exceptional college softball player. have a really warped sense of humor, am a vegan vegetarian and love thai, indian, and middle eastern food. I have met so many great people through vams and errors and varieties. i often get to enjoy my favorite foods with them after chasing my favorite coins.
I love sharing knowledge and can often be found at my table teaching anyone who wants to know about how coins and errors are made.I'm pretty active in the seventh day adventist church so you won't find me at any shows or doing business from sundown friday to sundown saturday.