Catherine Ousselin
Mount Vernon High School
314 North 9th Street
Mount Vernon, WA


French teacher, Technology Consultant for World Language teachers
MA - French - University of Kansas
BA - French - University of Kansas
Languages spoken: French, Spanish, Italian, German

Teaching experience:

Mount Vernon High School - French I-AP / Spanish I

Central Kitsap High School - French I-AP / Spanish I

Graduate assistant - University of Kansas - 1998-2001. Levels 100-200 Honors

Current roles:
Past-President for the WA/AK/BC/AB chapter of the AATF

Blogger for the AATF local chapter and for the AATF Commission on Technology

Social Media Manager for the AATF National

Grand Concours / National French Test administrator for the chapter
French club advisor
District digital literacy coach
Tech trainer and workshop provider
Webmaster for my curricular and professional sites

Moving to the Pacific Northwest from the Midwest (Minnesota, North Dakota, Kansas) marked a major shift in my life and my activity interest. I enjoy running, biking, skiing, and hiking in the Cascade Mountains. Walking along the beach in British Columbia and in Bellingham never ceases to amaze me in terms of sealife and marine ecology. Mostly, though I am a geek and a nerd. On the geek side, I adore all gadgets and technology. An avid blogger and Web page designer, I am often found with a gadget or computer close by. My passion for exploring the Web tools available for WL learners and educators keeps me up late at night. Along with the geeking comes the Literature fantatic. My dedication to books and reading amazes and thrills my less-than-enthused students.

My realms / domains! / AATF WA/AK/BC/AB
Twitter: @catherineku72
Google+: Catherine Ousselin
Facebook: /aatfrench
Pinterest: American Association of Teachers of French