Since 1957 I have been active in civil rights, anti-war, anti-nuke, environmental and labor struggles in the U.S., as well as in Latin America, Russia, and France (where I am based). I am co-founder of the Praxis Research and Education Center and the Victor Serge Library in Moscow, Russia which this year is publishing a Russian translation of ecosocialist Jonathan Neale's STOP GLOBAL WARMING! (See our site at ) I am best known as translator and prefacer of Victor Serge’s novels. Today I devote myself to writing, and ecosocialist organizing an an international level.
My message: ‘If there remains a single chance for humans to survive capitalism's economic and ecological crisis, it would entail the emergence planetary movements, a world-wide general strikes aimed replacing the competitive profit system with a a green cooperative commonwealth through a planetary network of producers. Today, the Internet makes this old Internationalist's dream an actual possibility.'
Please check out my book 'Beware of Vegetarian Sharks ! Radical Rants and International Essays (Illustrated)' available on Amazon (free downloads available at