Stephanie Sandifer

Houston, Texas, United States
Author of Change Agency blog and the recently published book: Wikis for School Leaders
Educator, Author, Edublogger


Stephanie Sandifer is an educator with nearly 20 years of experience educating children and adults at all levels. As a K-12 and college-level educator she has over 16 years of experience in the classroom — face-to-face and online in virtual school settings. Additionally, she has 10 years of experience in leadership roles that encompass a wide range of school administration and curriculum/instructional leadership including the development, delivery & facilitation of professional development.

Driven by a desire to be creative and innovative in her role as an educator, Stephanie has continuously worked to stay current with emerging technologies and their applications in the classroom and in administrative/leadership activities. She has always made use of the newest technologies to enhance and support instruction & learning in her classrooms, in collaborative professional work, and in all professional development activities that she has developed & facilitated.

As an educator who enjoys sharing with others, Stephanie began exploring the use of blogging as a tool for connecting and communicating with others in March of 2006 when she launched the Change Agency blog. From there she has explored the use of wikis, social networking, and other Web 2.0 tools to develop a Personal Learning Network of hundreds of other educators who share her curiosity and passion for learning.

Stephanie lives in Houston, Texas, and works from home as an online educator, author, professional development provider, and consultant. She shares her life with three young children, a very supportive partner, two yellow labs, and two cats.