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Wikispaces Campus integrates with popular services like Blackboard, Moodle, and Google Apps for seamless cross-campus projects, university-wide collaboration, class Web sites, and more.

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Wikispaces Campus starts at $1,000 / year for 100 users.

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What is Wikispaces Campus?

Wikispaces Campus is a secure, dedicated wiki environment — like a clone of, but with your organization’s DNA mixed in. You get unlimited wikis (and everything you need to manage them), plus tools to integrate the site with your other systems and support your users.

How does Wikispaces work?


Your admin dashboard lets you

take full administrative control

Your dashboard gives you simple controls for site permissions, look and feel, custom domain, and more.


Adjust your permissions and

make a safe site for students

Determine who sees content and how they use it with site-, wiki-, page-, and file-level permissions.

Unlimited Wikis

With unlimited wikis you can

create wikis for every occasion

Add new wikis for every class, every event, every meeting, and every project.


Use multiple authentication sources to

integrate with Moodle, LDAP, and more

Turn on integration, and users can log in with their existing usernames and passwords from Google Apps, Blackboard, Sakai, and beyond.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited storage makes it easy to

share files, docs, and videos

Make a valuable shared resource by uploading the files and documents that everyone always needs.


Set up wiki templates to

use great wikis again and again

Why reinvent the wheel? Turn successful wikis into templates and share best practices year after year.


...and more!

  • Visual editor
  • Bulk user creator
  • Unlimited pages
  • Widgets
  • Customizable themes
  • Email notification
  • Editable navigation
  • Page templates
  • Tags
  • Full-text search
  • Custom domains
  • WebDAV

What can I do with my Wikispaces site?

Student Portfolios

Each student cultivates a unique online space to showcase their best work, and teachers assess performance as it progresses.

Professional Development

Education professionals come together to plan events and share best practices in a flexible, accessible, easy-to-update online resource.

Project-Based Learning

Student groups collaborate on projects that address real-world questions, and share their findings with a real-world audience.

Student Assignments

Teachers post homework, group work, and classroom goals, and update them throughout the term in real time.

Curriculum Planning

Classroom schedules and lesson plans can be tweaked from any computer or mobile device — and reused and re-purposed from term to term.

Distance Learning

Students and teachers share a flexible educational space that’s accessible anytime from anywhere in the world.

Why choose Wikispaces Campus?

Easy to set up

It all starts with a no-obligation, full-featured, 30-day trial. Right away, you can set up integration with many popular systems, including Blackboard, Google Apps, Moodle, and Sakai. You can even enable multiple authentication options to essentially automate user management.

Easy to use

With the push of a button, you can start creating new wikis. The visual editor on those wikis will let users easily add links, text, images, video, and other media to create dynamic, great-looking wikis. Your site also comes with unlimited storage, so they can upload and share as many files as they need.

Easy to manage

As site activity picks up, you can return to your administrative dashboard to manage all your wikis and users, and to update your site-wide settings. You can even promote another user to Site Administrator and share the responsibility for your site.

Who uses Wikispaces?

Millions of individual teachers and students, and tens of thousands of educational institutions use Wikispaces:

Birmingham Public Schools UMass Lowell William & Mary University of Queensland University of West Georgia University of Ottawa, Faculté des sciences de la santé University of San Francisco Technische Universität München Providence College Middlesex University
Georgetown Columbia Arizona State University William & Mary Harvard School of Public Health
City College, CUNY University of San Francisco Technische Universität München University of West Georgia Michigan State College of Education
TAFE NSW — Western Sydney Institute The University of New South Wales California State University, Long Beach UMass Lowell Middlesex University
University of Regina Minnesota State University Moorhead Providence College University of Queensland Ohio Wesleyan University
IT University of Copenhagen University of Alaska Fairbanks Center for Distance Education Laboratory Sciences at Simmons College University of Ottawa, Faculté des sciences de la santé Harvard Ebert Lab

What our users are saying.

Being able to embed files, links, html coding, videos and other media so easily has meant that Wikispaces has made a great home for me on the Internet. Wikis can be slowly built up and added to from humble beginnings and grow into something quite wonderful.
— Martin Burrett
Our Wikispace allows my students to have a 24/7 learning environment, and it is being used as such which is an exciting thing to see.
— Craig Kemp
Witnessing the pairs work in class and then communicate using email, wiki discussions, and wiki mail to collaborate with classmates outside their class was invigorating. It also generated conversations about History class outside the walls of my room. It fully utilized the purpose and design of Wikispaces and the outcome was better than I had anticipated.
— Larry Bruce