Sonya Van Schaijik
Sonya is the founder #TeachMeetNZ Project. Her role in is to provide overall management to the project, train the team leaders via google + hangout and support discussion between the teams. Sonya will work closely with the Team Leaders and share all she knows about facilitating online discussion. In 2014 Sonya launched the one off national #edbooknz project and the focus was the product. With feedback from the team, in 2015 she launched the process of learning.


Sonya Van Schaijik
My learning during the efellowship 2011

TEACHNZ Sabbatical 2013


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Sharing 2011

Diploma of Teaching
National Diploma of TESSOL
Advanced Diploma of Teaching
Post Graduate Diploma of Education

Prior to working at Newmarket, Sonya Van Schaijik was a Senior Teacher in a Samoan Bilingual Unit. She has been a Director of Religious Studies in Catholic Schools. She also spent a short time with the Ministry of Education as an ESSOL Verifier.
Sonya began her professional career in the 1980s as a primary school teacher in Christchurch New Zealand. She has taught part time at the University of Auckland in ESOL and in ICT. Most of her early career was in Catholic Schools both in Christchurch and in Auckland and in all areas of learning.

In 2011, Sonya was awarded a CORE Education e-Fellowship.
In 2012, Sonya won a TEACHNZ Sabbatical. She will continue her investigation in 2013.

Sonya has presented at national and international conferences on language and education, with a focus on first language maintenance. She has a working understanding of global citizenship with her involvement with Netscape's Pilot School Project on cybersfafety.
SuperClubsPLUS was evaluated in NZ primary schools in the first half of 2010 by Netsafe on invitation from the Ministry of Education. Newmarket primary school in Auckland was one of 23 schools that participated in the 6 month evaluation programme. Sonya has gained her Super Teacher Award in Superclubsplus.

Her areas of passion include: global education, bilingualism, bilingual education, language rights and the environment.

Additional research interests are staff learning, hyperconnectivity, collaborative learning and critical and qualitative research methods.

Sonya is a self confessed geek and enjoys investigating new tools for learning. She was part of the Sustained ICTPD Cluster from 2009- 2010. During this time she developed the Newmarket School's online area for learning using wikis and blogs. The learning framework she uses is SOLO Taxonomy so she is always questioning the completed product and knows that the real learning takes place in the process. When working with children and teachers in an online environment Sonya consciously uses her learning from Superclubsplus about online respect and cybersafety. At this stage in her school Sonya is overseeing the trial of mobile technology and is working through the various challenges associated with implementing this new tool. Newmarket School also use and Virtual Learning Network with staff.

Research Advisory/Consultancy
Sonya has been an advisor for the Auckland University Graduate Diploma of TESSOL. She has been involved with TESSOLANZ and Ulimasao Bilingual Teachers Association and was on the conference steering committees for both associations. She often is asked to speak to the parent community about the importance of first language maintenance.

Sonya has co published one refereed academic article.
Tuafuti, P & Vaitulutulusinaolemoana, P & Van Schaijik, S. (2011) Raising Pasifika children’s achievement and literacy levels: Assumptions and risks. (Click here to download- Read on Hekupu website.)
She has recently had an article published on TKI that involved 'Orgainising and taking part in a global forum' by children and a teacher from Newmarket School.

Digital Footprint
http://www.ulimasao.blogspot.com__ -Personal and professional blog
http://www.bilingualaotearoa.wikispaces.com__ -Community wikispace for Pacific Island Languages
http://www.newmarket.wikispaces.com__ -School wiki farm -Superclubsplus school site ULEARN 2010 presentation -Culmination of SustainED ICTPD Cluster presentation 2010 -Presentation to Auckland Catholic Director of Religious Studies on Cybersafety and Superclubsplus 2011 My slideshows - Myportfolio Learning Network of TICAL community -Snapshot for learning on TKI Facebook Ted Profile
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