February 2007

Spell Checking

If you use Firefox 2, you'll notice that the built-in spell checker now operates in our visual editor. Mis-spelled words will be underlined in red. If you don't use Firefox yet, we recommend it. http://www.getfirefox.com/


We have some extensive help available for you on our help pages: http://www.wikispaces.com/help+index
Even better, it's all wikified so if you see something you want to change or add, you can do so. It's a virtuous cycle.
Some highlights:
  • Instructions for all Wikispaces features
  • Video tutorials
  • Extended help for advanced features like anchors, images, RSS includes, themes and wikitext
  • Special answers and tips for teachers
  • A running list of all the changes we make to Wikispaces
  • and much more.

August 2006

Email Notifications

You can now tell Wikispaces to send you an email every time a specific page changes, or every time any page in a space changes. It's easy:

  • Go to the page you want to watch, or click 'Recent Changes' to see changes for the whole space
  • Click on the 'notify me' tab
  • Click on the 'Monitor this Page' or 'Monitor this Space' button

Note that you need to have confirmed your email address by clicking on the link we sent you on signup. You can resend this email by clicking on 'Settings' at the top of the page when you're signed in.

YouTube Video

Want to put the latest YouTube clip on your space? You know you do:

  • Go to http://www.youtube.com
  • Find the video you want on your space
  • In the "About This Video" box, select and copy the text in the URL or Embed box
  • Go to the page on Wikispaces where you want to put the video
  • Click "Edit this page"
  • Click the Embed Media button (it looks like a little TV)
  • Paste the text you copied into the "Source" box
  • Click OK
  • Click Save

Gabbly Live Chat

Putting live chat on your Wikispace:

  • Go to http://www.gabbly.com
  • Fill out the form and copy the text in the box
  • Go to the page on Wikispaces where you want to put the live chat
  • Click "Edit this page"
  • Click the Embed Media button (it looks like a little TV)
  • Paste the text you copied into the "Source" box
  • Click OK
  • Click Save

June 2006

Changing your space colors
  • Go to your space
  • Click "Manage Space"
  • Click "Look and Feel"
  • In the Colors section you can click "Pick color" next to any of the options to get a nice color picker to use.
  • You can also revert to the defaults if you find you've picked colors you don't like.

Pre-Made Themes
Tired of how your wikispace looks? We think you'll like the "Bubble" theme, with smoother rounded corners and control over menu background colors. If simplicity's your game, try out "OneBox" where the left menu has been removed completely and put at the bottom of each page. Click on Manage Space, then "Look and Feel" then "Change or make a new theme" to switch to a new theme.

Themes for Private Label
Private Label users can apply one theme across all of their spaces or allow themes to be customized for each space individually. They can also allow stylesheets and colors to be customized in each space.

April 2006

Usage statistics

Ever wonder how much traffic your space gets? From where?
  • Go to your space
  • Click "Manage Space"
  • Click "Usage Statistics"
  • You'll get a set of pretty graphs showing edits, views, messages, and visitors over time.
  • Want the data behind the graphs? Just click the "download as CSV" links to get it.

Updated help

In recent days we've updated our help section to give you more, well, help, and more information about us. Additions include:
  • Updated content in the main instructions
  • A new features list
  • A collection of quotes by our members about Wikispaces
  • More member contributed translations
  • An updated about page

March 2006

Spell checking with Google toolbar

To check and correct the English spelling of text in a wikispace page:
  • Go into Text Editor mode
  • Place the cursor in the page
  • Click on the spell check icon on the Google toolbar
  • The page will turn blue and all incorrectly spelled English text will be red
  • Click on a red coloured word and a small drop down window with correct options will appear
  • Click on the correct option, and the red coloured word will be substituted by the chosen option (which will be displayed in black coloured text that is formatted bold and underlined
  • Complete the correction of any other red coloured words.
  • Click on Preview to check that the wikitext formatting is OK
  • Click on Save
The Google toolbar can be downloaded as a plug-in to your browser from: http://toolbar.google.com

Do more with RSS feeds

We've added more power to our RSS-in-a-page feature. Now you can control how much of an item description to show and print the date the item was posted. We've also made the feature work better with ATOM feeds. Take a look at all of the options: http://www.wikispaces.com/wikitext+rss

Images in the left menu

Want to spice up your space? The 'Navigation' section is a wiki page like any other, supporting all Wikispaces features including images and tables. Click on the 'edit navigation' link and add a photo or image using the visual editor.

February 2006

Deleting and renaming files

To delete or rename a file in your space:

  • Make sure you are an organizer of the space
  • Click "Manage Space"
  • Click "List Files"
  • Click "delete" or "rename" next to the file you want to delete or rename.

HTML backups

You can download wikitext or HTML backups, which include the images and files in your space, in the "Manage Space" area. You can download wikitext backups or HTML export in zip or tgz format.

January 2006

Deleting and renaming pages

Deleting and renaming pages is fairly simple to do in Wikispaces but given the nature of a wiki, it's important to understand what happens when you do delete or rename a page.

To delete or rename a page in your space:
  • Make sure you are an organizer of the space
  • Click "Manage Space"
  • Click "List Pages"
  • Click "delete" or "rename" next to the page you want to delete or rename.
When you delete or rename a page. you will be taken to a page that lists all pages that have links to the page you are deleting. This is to help you avoid leaving dead links that lead to the old page scattered around your space.

Renamed pages retain their history so that you can still revert to previous versions if neccessary. Deleted pages show up in recent changes lists as deleted and unavailable.

Quick links in the visual editor

Our visual editor lets you write and format pages without having to remember wikitext markup. But sometimes, you might want to drop in a link to another page really quickly without going to the link dialog. You can make a link in the visual editor by just wrapping words in square brackets e.g. [[hello]] just like in the plain text editor. Save the page, and voila - a link to the "hello" page in your space.

December 2005

Upload Your Files to Wikispaces

We now support uploading any type of file, not just images, to Wikispaces. Share any type of file with your group directly through Wikispaces. We virus scan every file to help keep everyone safe.

Use the "Upload Files" link under "Manage Space" or use the new image and file handling feature described below.

Image and File Handling

You can now upload and insert images and files into your pages using a nifty visual interface.

While editing any page in the visual editor, click the Add Image button in the toolbar. It looks like a little box with a tree in it and it's the third button from the right. This will bring up the Image and File section to the right of your editor.

You can now see a thumbnail of each image in your space as well as all of the files you have uploaded. Double click any image or file to insert it into your page. You can also upload images and files from here and insert external image links.

November 2005

Promote your Wikispace with a badge - Want to put a link from one of your other websites or blogs to your Wikispace? Well dig this:

  1. Go to your space
  2. Click "Manage Space" in the left hand side menubar under the "Actions" section
  3. Click "Space Badges" under the "Space Promotion" section
  4. Follow the instructions on that page to put any of the three types of badges on your website or blog.

Changing your space's license - Ever notice that at the bottom of each page in your space it says "Contributions to yourspace.wikispaces.com are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.0 License." What the heck is that all about?

That text specifies what license your space is provided under. That is, it specifies how others are allowed to use the content in your space. We've now given you the ability to select the license you want applied to your space.

You can change the license for your space as follows:

  1. In the "Actions" section of the left hand bar, click "Manage Space"
  2. Under the "Space Settings" section, click "Look and Feel"
  3. Under the "License" section you'll find what you need.

You can choose between six types of Creative Commons license, the GNU Free Documentation License, or specify no license at all.

Adding members to your space - Since we added the concept of protected and private spaces to Wikispaces, you need the ability to specify who is a member of your space.

To add a member to your space

  1. Go to your space homepage (e.g. http://yourspace.wikispaces.com/ )
  2. Click on "Manage Space" under the "Actions" section in the left menu bar.
  3. Click on "Members and Permissions" under the "Space Settings" section
  4. Under the "Invite a New Member" section, enter either the Wikispaces username or the Email Address of the person you wish to add to your space. (Note: If you are unsure whether the person you wish to invite already has a Wikispaces account, or if you are unsure what the person's Wikispaces user name is, enter an email address that you know belongs to the person.)
  5. The person you invite will receive an email notification and once they accept, they will be a member of your space.
  6. You will then be able to manage their membership status on your "Members and Permissions" page.

To accept membership to a space

  1. You will receive an email that notifies you that you have been invited to join the space
  2. If you don't already have a Wikispaces account, you'll need to create one, so go to http://www.wikispaces.com/user/join and create and account
  3. Once you have an account, go to the space you were invited to, or any page on Wikispaces, and you'll see a notice at the top of the page saying "You have been invited to join <spacename>. Click here to accept or click here to decline". Click the link to accept. You're now a member of the space.

October 2005

Making your space private - Want to make your space private so that it can only be seen and edited by you and your colleagues? No problem.

  1. Go to your space
  2. Select "Manage Space" on the left hand side of any page
  3. Before you can make your space private, you have to upgrade your space so under "Space Settings" select "Subscription"
  4. Click the "Upgrade" button in the "$5/month or $50/year" column
  5. Your space will be upgraded and you will have 30 days free to try things out. You will want to return to this page before your time runs out and make a payment
  6. Follow the link to the Members and Permissions page below the table or go back through "Manage Space" and under "Space Settings" select "Members and Permissions"
  7. Under the "Space Permissions" section, click the "Select" button in the "Private" column of the table
  8. Your space is now private and you can go ahead and invite people and manage members on the Members and Permissions page.

Making Payments - There are three ways to make payments to Wikispaces.

  1. Recurring Monthly Payment: If you have a PayPal account, you can sign up for a recurring monthly payment and we'll automatically bill you $5 each month.
  2. Prepay for a Month: You can buy a month of time for your space using a credit card or a PayPal account for $5.
  3. Prepay for a Year: You can buy year of time for your space using a credit card or a PayPal account for $50.

Once you have upgraded your space you can make any of these types of payments as follows:

  1. Go to your space
  2. Select "Manage Space" on the left hand side of any page
  3. Under "Space Settings" select "Subscription"
  4. Under "Payment Information" click on one of the three buttons and follow the instructions to complete the forms.

September 2005

The sidebar navigation menu - Each space now has a navigation bar in the side menu. It's just like any other wiki page meaning you can put in links, headings, images, lists - anything that can be on a normal page. The only difference is that bulletted lists will not have bullets displayed in order to preserve space. It's a nice way to have a common menu across all the pages in your space. Let us know if you come up with any novel ways to use it.

Advanced Search Looking for more power in your searches? Try our advanced search features listed at help in the search section. You can look for "exact phrases", use a wildcard*, or +require or -prohibit a term.

August 2005

Spread the word about your wiki - just click on the 'Invite Friends' link on the bottom of every page in your wiki. You can quickly send an email invitation to your friends to come join your community.

RSS Feeds For a few weeks, we've had a stealth feature in Wikispaces that lets you include RSS feeds in wiki pages. You can use this feature to keep a news feed or set of del.icio.us links right on your page. Take a look at wikitext rss for more details.

July 2005

Want an easy way to see how a page has changed? Sometimes it's hard to keep track of the changes made to your pages. Wikispaces is the first wiki to offer a visual history of every page. We give you a snapshot of each set of changes so you'll know if a visitor changed one line or the whole page. Click on 'show options >>' and 'history' on any page and you'll see what we mean.

Pretty background colors are now yours to choose for your space. Click on 'Special Pages' in your space, then 'Edit Space Settings'. You can pick any color using HTML color codes.

Speaking of colors, you can now put source code in [[code]] blocks and we'll colorize it. A list of supported languages and examples are on our wikitext code page.

June 2005

Sick of our little bonsai tree logo? You can change the logo for your space - visit http://spacename.wikispaces.org/space/edit (change spacename to your space's name) and upload a new logo. You must be signed in as the creator of the space.

Make sure your space is listed in our site directory. Go to http://[myspace].wikispaces.org/space/edit, enter a description, and your space will be automatically listed at http://www.wikispaces.org/space/directory.

RSS / XML feeds are a great way to keep track of what's happening in your spaces. To monitor all changes in your space, pick 'Page Edits and Messages' from the list of feeds under 'RSS / XML Feeds' in your space. You can monitor your feeds from just about any feed reader, like Bloglines, Thunderbird, Firefox, and even My Yahoo!'Bloglines, Thunderbird, Firefox, and even My Yahoo!'